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If you click on the different denominations on the right, you will see the map plotted with the distribution of graveyards for the denomination chosen. All the dots are linked to additional information about that graveyard. You can also view the map for the different counties by clicking on the counties above or the counties in the image on the right. Below each map is a list of all the graveyards plotted on that map (except on the maps plotted for 'all denominations').

Aghagallon Aghalee Old Ahoghill Old Antrim New Cemetery Antrim NSP Ardclinis Old Ballinderry Lower Moravian Ballinderry Middle Church Ballycarry NSP Ballyclare Cemetery Ballyclare RP Ballyclug Old Ballycor Old Ballykeel Ballylinny Old Ballymacaldrack Ballymartin Ballymartin Old Ballymena New Cemetery Ballymena Old Ballymoney Cemetery Ballymoney Old Ballymoney RP Ballynalargy Quaker Ballynure Old Ballypriormore Ballyvallagh gravestone Balmoral Cemetery Balmoral Friends Belfast City Cemetery Bonamargy Friary Bridge St, Glenarm Cairncastle NSP Camlin Old Carmavy Carrickfergus Congregational Clifton Street Clogh Mills RP Cloughmills RP Craigarogan Cranfield Crumlin New Crumlin NSP Culfeightrin Old Cullybackey Old Methodist Cullybackey RP Derrykeighan Old Diseart Doagh Dromain Drumadoon Drummaul Old Drumnakeel Dunaghy Old Dunluce Old Dunmurry NSP Friar's Bush Garvaghy Glenarm Cemetery Glenarm NSP Glore Glynn Old Gracehill Moravian Island Magee New Cemetery Kells Abbey Kellswater RP Kilbride Old Kilmore Kilmoyle Kilraughts Old Kilraughts RP Kilroot Kilrush Cemetery Kilwaughter New Kilwaughter Old Kirkinriola Knockans Knox gravestone Larne NSP Layd Old Lisburn Cathedral Lisburn Cemetery Loughguile Old Magheranagaw Mallusk McGarel Cemetery Millquarter Quaker Milltown Monkstown Muckamore Muckamore Nappan North Road Cemetery Old Congregation Portmore Racavan Old Raloo Raloo NSP Ramoan Old Randalstown Meth Rasharkin Old Rashee New Cemetery Rashee Old Shane's Castle Shankill Skerry Old Straid Con Templastragh Templecormac Templecorran Old Templemoyle Templepatrick Old Trummery Tullyrusk Umgall Victoria Cemetery Vow

Dot number Graveyard DenominationGrid Ref
1 No name given J12-88-
2 No name given Municipal D110050
3 Aghagallon J123643
4 Aghalee Old J128654
5 Ahoghill Old D050016
6 Antrim New Cemetery J167860
7 Antrim NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J151864
8 Ardclinis Old D272250
9 Ballinderry Lower Moravian Moravian J128677
10 Ballinderry Middle Church J152672
11 Ballycarry NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J447938
12 Ballyclare Cemetery J275904
13 Ballyclare RP Reformed Presbyterian J288914
14 Ballyclug Old D125010
15 Ballycor Old J298934
16 Ballykeel J471955
17 Ballylinny Old J290893
18 Ballymacaldrack D018187
19 Ballymartin J249859
20 Ballymartin Old J248858
21 Ballymena New Cemetery J110050
22 Ballymena Old D106035
23 Ballymoney Cemetery Municipal D948266
24 Ballymoney Old C949258
25 Ballymoney RP Reformed Presbyterian C945257
26 Ballynalargy Quaker Society of Friends (Quakers) J180637
27 Ballynure Old J316936
28 Ballypriormore D452008
29 Ballyvallagh gravestone J386951
30 Balmoral Cemetery J305709
31 Balmoral Friends Society of Friends (Quakers) J317707
32 Belfast City Cemetery J310730
33 Bonamargy Friary D127408
34 Bridge St, Glenarm D311151
35 Cairncastle NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J360075
36 Camlin Old J160767
37 Carmavy J212809
38 Carrickfergus Congregational Congregational J411875
39 City Cemetery Municipal J
40 Clifton Street J335752
41 Clogh Mills RP Reformed Presbyterian D070174
42 Cloughmills RP Reformed Presbyterian D069174
43 Craigarogan J269841
44 Cranfield J055853
45 Crumlin New J150774
46 Crumlin NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J154760
47 Culfeightrin Old D139398
48 Cullybackey Old Methodist Methodist D054058
49 Cullybackey RP Reformed Presbyterian D060056
50 Derrykeighan Old C963337
51 Diseart D166169
52 Doagh J262893
53 Dromain D373044
54 Drumadoon D172404
55 Drummaul Old J076943
56 Drumnakeel D161401
57 Dunaghy Old D094143
58 Dunluce Old C905409
59 Dunmurry NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J291689
60 Friar's Bush J335724
61 Garvaghy C985030
62 Glenarm Cemetery D306156
63 Glenarm NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian D308155
64 Glore D296132
65 Glynn Old J408997
66 Gracehill Moravian Moravian D074019
67 Island Magee New Cemetery J465975
68 Kells Abbey J141971
69 Kellswater RP Reformed Presbyterian J129980
70 Kilbride Old J248914
71 Kilmore D226237
72 Kilmoyle D043367
73 Kilraughts Old D017258
74 Kilraughts RP Reformed Presbyterian D016258
75 Kilroot J452896
76 Kilrush Cemetery J273645
77 Kilwaughter New D357006
78 Kilwaughter Old D356015
79 Kirkinriola D114068
80 Knockans C952191
81 Knox gravestone J349950
82 Larne NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian D395025
83 Layd Old D245289
84 Lisburn Cathedral J262643
85 Lisburn Cemetery J264635
86 Lisburn Friends Society of Friends (Quakers) Not plotted
87 Loughguile Old D068241
88 Magheranagaw J083646
89 Mallusk J286833
90 McGarel Cemetery D402033
91 Millquarter Quaker Society of Friends (Quakers) J011953
92 Milltown J307724
93 Monkstown J344857
94 Muckamore Society of Friends (Quakers) J166857
95 Muckamore J165848
96 Nappan D296227
97 North Road Cemetery J414878
98 Old Congregation Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J078909
99 Portmore J117682
100 Racavan Old D199054
101 Raloo J385963
102 Raloo NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J382963
103 Ramoan Old D101402
104 Randalstown Meth J081902
105 Rasharkin Old C974127
106 Rashee New Cemetery J272933
107 Rashee Old J273931
108 Shane's Castle J106883
109 Shankill J320750
110 Skerry Old D189089
111 Straid Con J336918
112 Templastragh D005442
113 Templecormac J173682
114 Templecorran Old J448936
115 Templemoyle J029953
116 Templepatrick Old J228859
117 Trummery J171623
118 Tullyrusk J213734
119 Umgall J253803
120 Victoria Cemetery J420887
121 Vow C915174
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