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Graveyard Information

Drumbeg CI

County : Down

Denomination : Church of Ireland

Graveyard Name : Drumbeg CI

Civil Parish : Drumbeg

Town / Townland : Drumbeg

OS Reference : J306670

Other Information : The church and graveyard are just on the County Down side of Drumbeg bridge and the parish is in both counties Antrim and Down The site is mediaeval and we know that the church had been recently repaired in 1622 The present church dates largely from 1798 though the tower is older and the spire was rebuilt soon after 1831 The registers go back to 1823 but the oldest date of death on a stone is 1641 The graveyard contains the elaborate monuments of many commercial families and gentry of the Lambeg-Malone area There are a larger number of coats of arms in this graveyard than is usual in County Down These have been described without reference to colouring but using the standard reference books for help in identifying objects Copies of the tombstones appeared in Memorials of the Dead (M D), volumes VIII, IX and X, and many of these are invaluable as the stones are now lost Other copies appear to be inaccurate but the stones themselves may have been altered, All with any date prior to 1865 are included below The only memorials inside the church prior to this date are three which appear in Memorials of the Dead and when recorded there, were outside the Church These and three others on the east wall of the tower (outside) have been cleaned, re-cut and re-mounted There is also in the porch a stone inscribed "A Free House 1675" which came from a house built for travellers by John Stewart of Ballydrain to commemorate his, meeting with Ann Willson of Crogline, Dumfries-see the account in more detail given in the porch The bell is inscribed "W,P Wightman made mee, 1685". The main entries for Drumbeg Graveyard are in Volume 3 The LEGGE and STEWART memorial tablets have now been removed from inside the church and laid flat in the modern Legge enclosure This was to permit the building of a new vestry The Stewart tablets, formerly on the outside of the tower, have been transferred to the wall of this vestry, though the memorials inside the tower are unaffected.

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