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Graveyard Information

Gillespie Monument

County : Down

Denomination :

Graveyard Name : Gillespie Monument

Civil Parish : Comber

Town / Townland : Comber

OS Reference : J460692

Other Information : OS 10 Grid Ref 460692 The monument is in the centre of Comber main square with a statue of General Robert Rollo Gillespie on top of a tall square pillar Below the pillar is a broader square base with the main inscribed tablets and the whole is on a stepped platform The tablets at the base are as follows:- [Front of base] Robert Rollo Gillespie, Major General and Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath; born at Comber AD 1766; after a brief but glorious career fell in battle before the force of Kalunga 24th October 1814 His last words were "One shot more for the honor of Down!" A monument at Meerut in the East marks the grave where his ashes rest A statue in the Cathedral of Saint Paul in the City of London voted by both Houses of Parliament, attests the gratitude of the nation His own countrymen, proud of the achievements which have shed lustre upon his native land with a few of his old companions in arms, have raised this column within that county which claimed his latest remembrance to perpetuate his memory at the place of his birth:- [Back of base] This tablet having remained blank since the erection of the monument in 1845, it seems fitting to the masonic body and townsmen of Comber to record on it that the brilliant reputation of Sir Rollo was most worthily maintained by his grandson Major General Robert Rollo Gillespie, CB, who for over 40 years served his country with the same bravery and fidelity as his illustrious ancestor and won distinction at the following places:- Reshire, Bushire, Koosab, Kolapore, Elmagfar, Tel-el Mahuta, Kassassin, Tel-el Kebir, Bikanir He died on the 17th Nov 1890 in command of the Mhow Division of the Benegal Army July 5th 1893 John Frazer, county surveyor; William Walker, architect; inspector [Right side of base On a background of crossed flags and canon, within a collar from which hangs the Maltese Cross of the Order of the Bath, the arms quarterly, Ist and 4th, a ship; 2nd and 3rd, three roses Crest:-a horses head Motto:-Auspice Deo] [Left side of base Masonic emblems:-at the sides, two pillars surmounted by a globe and in the centre, a hammer, nails, hand holding a plumbline, sixpointed star, triangle with squares on sides, sun, moon and stars, with the words "Sit lux et lux fuit" and "Audi, vide, tace"] [Front of pillar] Java, Vellore, Palimbang, Djoejocarta, Kalunga, Gillespie [Back of pillar] Banca, Batavia, St Domingo, Deyrah Dhoon, Cape St Nicholas, 1845 [Right side of pillar] Tilburon, St Lucia, Bizotton, Fort Cornelis, Port an Prince, Palmam Qui [Left side of pillar] Punjab, Sumatra, Bangalore, Waltervreden, Fort le I'Hospital; Meruit ferat.

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