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Graveyard Information


County : Down

Denomination : Church of Ireland

Graveyard Name : Inishargy CI

Civil Parish : Inishargy

Town / Townland : Balliggan

OS Reference : J621657

Other Information : This is on a secondary road crossing the Ards Peninsula, about two miles south of Ballywalter It is in the townland of Balligan and parish of Inishargy This church was built in 1704 to serve the needs of the parishes of Ballyhalbert, Ballywalter and Inishargy since the churches of the two former were in poor repair and old Inishargy church had been in ruins for many years It served the whole area till the 1843-50 period when new churches were built for Ballyhalbert and Ballywalter and a new parish was created at Kircubbin Inishargy church then decayed until 1966 when a careful restoration was undertaken The church registers survive dating from 1783 A short history of the parish was published by J C Beckett, C T Jackson and Lord Dunleath in 1967 The graveyard is very tidy but only contains eight gravestones and all these together with the memorials in the church have been copied below There is a large empty enclosure outside the east end of the church The oldest stone dates from 1802 and four are included in Memorials of the Dead, VII, pp 19-20 A brass tablet on the west wall of the church reads:- ""This brass commemorates the Priory of Saint Andrew of the Ards (commonly called the Black Abbey) founded circa 1200 A D for the brethren of the Order of St Benedict to which this church was appropriate The Priory was disolved after the Order issued in the 33rd year of the reign of King Henry VIII and this church was rebuilt in the year 1704 A D We laud and bless Thy Holy Name for all thy faithful servants who through the centuries have served Thy Church in this place We pray Thee help Thy servants whom Thou has redeemed with Thy Most Precious Blood make them to be numbered with Thy Saints in Glory Everlasting.

County : Down

Denomination :

Graveyard Name : Inishargy

Civil Parish : Inishargy

Town / Townland : Inishargy

OS Reference : J604648

Other Information : This is a graveyard beside Inishargy House on a hilltop in the townand civil parish of the same name The first record of the parish is that it provided part of the income of Black Abbey which was founded by John de Courcy in 1180 The Anglo-Norman graveslab from the site was transfered to Balliggan in 1966 The old church was probably built in the thirteenth century and was in ruins in the seventeenth A new church was built for the parish at Balliggan in 1704 and parish registers date from 1783 The graveyard surrounding the ruined church is very uneven and only three headstones survive One is so worn as to be unreadable (probably also Bailie) and the others are copied below .

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