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Graveyard Information


County : Down

Denomination :

Graveyard Name : Knock

Civil Parish : Knockbreda

Town / Townland : Knock, Belfast

OS Reference : J382729

Other Information : This is in the townland of Knock and parish of Knockbreda, 100 yards north-west of the main Hillfoot road at the top of the hill The site is presumed to have been used in pre-Norman times and iron-age pottery was found nearby In 1306 Knock (known as Dundela) and Breda were the 2 churches of the parish, Knock being the principal one Breda fell into ruins soon afterwards and Knock was in ruins in 1622 and 1657, during which period the parish was united with Dundonald Although the church at Knock was again in use in 1733 it was inconvenient for the parishioners living at Newtownbreda and a new one was built there in 1737 Knock was then allowed to decay finally Walls were still standing a century later but these have now almost disappeared The graveyard has a strong embattled wall, which was repaired by Knockbreda vestry in 1832, and all was taken over by the Belfast Corporation about 1900 For further details see the Rev W P Carmody's " History of the Parish of Knockbreda ", Belfast, 1929 Knockbreda Parish Registers date from 1784 (baptism and marriage) and 1787 (burial) but it is not known whether the burial register included burials at Knock, or indeed if it included all demoninations buried at Knockbreda No separate burial register for Knock exists before it was taken over by the Corporation The oldest death recorded on a gravestone dated from 1647, and all with burials before 1900 have been recorded below In Memorials of the Dead (M D ), Volumes X and XI, 37 stones were copies, but the copies in the latter volume are abreviated and inaccurate Only 2 of those recorded are no longer extant, and all have been included in the material below Many stones are either face downwards or completely buried, and at least one has been broken up in modern times (Hamilton). The following inscriptions, additional to those in Vol 4, have recently come to light Two of the stones appear to be re-used, though whether by relations or not is uncertain In the case of O'Brien and another now illegible stone, the former lettering was filled in with plaster and the whole painted over Recently the plaster has begun to fall out (Compare the "Oliver' stone at Blaris, Vol 5, fig 2, though in this case both inscriptions are on the same side) Other partially buried inscriptions were uncovered with much help from the present caretaker, Mr John Williams.

County : Down

Denomination : Reformed Presbyterian

Graveyard Name : Knockbracken RP

Civil Parish : Drumbo

Town / Townland : Knockbreckan

OS Reference : J369682

Other Information : This is a mile East of Purdysburn Hospital Gates on the road from Purdysburn to Comber (ie a mile east of the Belfast- Saintfield Road) The townland of Knockbreckan is in the parish of Drumbo The Church has a stone inscribed "Erected AD 1806" ;but one head-stone is dated 1790 The graves behind the church are round a large mound which appears to consist of outcrop rock All stones with dates of death prior to 1865 have been copied. Here are recorded the inscriptions with deaths between 1865 and 1899, further to the main series in Volume 1.

County : Down

Denomination : Church of Ireland

Graveyard Name : Knockbreda

Civil Parish : Knockbreda

Town / Townland : Breda

OS Reference : J352702

Other Information : This is the townland of Breda and parish of Knockbreda to the west of Belfast - Carryduff Road Its is in fact approached from the old road from Belfast through Newtownbreda village to Liaburn All the older graves lie above the wall in the area around the church. Many of the older inscriptions have been recorded in Memorials of the Dead X1, the oldest dating from 1763.

County : Antrim

Denomination :

Graveyard Name : Knockans

Civil Parish : Finvoy

Town / Townland : Knockans

OS Reference : C952191

County : Londonderry

Denomination : Presbyterian

Graveyard Name : Knockcloghrim Pres

Civil Parish : Termoneeny

Town / Townland : Derganagh

OS Reference : H894978

County : Tyrone

Denomination : Baptist

Graveyard Name : Knockconny Bapt

Civil Parish : Carnteel

Town / Townland : Martray

OS Reference : H648589

County : Armagh

Denomination : Church of Ireland

Graveyard Name : Knocknamuckley CI

Civil Parish : Seagoe

Town / Townland : Ballygargan

OS Reference : J055532

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