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Graveyard Information

Lissan RC

County : Londonderry

Denomination : Roman Catholic

Graveyard Name : Lissan RC

Civil Parish : Lissan

Town / Townland : Tullynure

OS Reference : H803831

Other Information : A number of factors converged during the summer of 1984 which led me to undertake the task of transcribing the gravestone* inscriptions in the above graveyard: a) the weather was perfect for outdoor activity, b) I had the time to spend, c) the graveyard had been better cleaned up than I had ever seen it, d) numerous new gravestones were being erected sometimes involving the removal was the year of the blessing and dedication of the extension to the graveyard, f) other individuals and groups are undertakings similar projects throughout Northern Ireland with the encouragement of the Public Record Office in Belfast. Erection of the old chapel, St. Columbkille's was begun about 1803 in the center of the present graveyard, a half acre plot of land given for that purpose by the Right Honourable John Staples P.C. with a donation of ten guineas. It is possible that the land had been given a few years earlier since the oldest gravestone inscriptions Row J, No. 6 indicates that Daniel Donnelly was buried there in 1797. For the record we note that Father Bernard Muldoon was Parish Priest at the time. For some time prior to this, Catholic burials had taken place in the Church of Ireland graveyard at Churchtown in the area to the left of the front walk. A worthwhile project would be to have all the gravestones in that graveyard transcribed also. However, many of the older stones have been removed or are no longer legible. A survey taken by John Bleakley, December 4th, 1826 states that the prevailing names on tombstones in the Parish Churchyard (at Churchtown) at that time were: Wilson, Conyngham, Custre, Logan+, McGlone+, Hutchinson, Donnelly+, Doris+, McKernan+, Mullon+, Conlon+, McCann+, Connelly, Kirgan, McGill. Those marked "+" are Roman Catholics. I am sure that a number of inaccuracies and omissions have crept into this transcription due either to the poor condition of the stone or to not taking sufficient time to decipher the script. I would appreciate these mistakes being brought to my attention that I may correct them later. Please note that for the sake of clarity, I have made several additions to the text. These additions are to be found in parentheses. While I have attempted to be accurate as to dates etc., they may not always be expressed in the same form as on the gravestone; e.g. February may appear as Feb. etc. I conclusion, I wish to express my sincere thanks to Miss Una McCann for her unfailing enthusiasm in helping me to complete the task, especially when the time ran short and interest flagged. Without her assistance, the task would not have been completed. Father Charles McCann Assistant Pastor St. Jerome's Church Hyattsville Maryland, USA October 10, 1984 *I have chosen the word "gravestone" throughout since many of the stones are not "head"stones, some are "foot" stones, others are flat slabs. Observations: 1 It is unfortunate that greater effort was not made over the years to keep the graves in proper alignment. The system of numbering which I have introduced cannot be completely accurate and is often arbitrary. However, it may be of some help to a stranger trying to find a gravestone quickly. It would be helpful in erecting future gravestones, even at this late stage, that where a doubt exists as to the exact location of a grave, that the benefit of the doubt be given in favour of the straight alignment with existing gravestones. 2 In preparing the wording to go on a gravestones, as a record of history for future generations, it would be helpful to include a) the townland, b) the names of all those who are known to have been buried at that location and c) their relationship to each other. This would be in addition to any other personal information a family might wish to include.

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