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Graveyard Information

Mourne Pres

County : Down

Denomination : Presbyterian

Graveyard Name : Mourne Pres

Civil Parish : Kilkeel

Town / Townland : Magheramurphy

OS Reference : J304144

Other Information : The church ison the north-west side of Greencastle Street, Kilkeel, in the townland of Magheramurphy and parish of Kilkeel The first minister (Rev Charles Wallace) in Mourne was ordained in 1696 but he was ordained to a congregation at Ballymageough which was amalgamated in 1720 with one at Derryoge A new thatched meeting-house was then erected behind the site of the present church and was replaced by a new building In 1831, though another stone built into the present Church is dated 1756 Further improvements took place in 1887 and 1933 There is no old marriage or burial register and the baptismal register only goes back to 1840 The other congregation, known as Kilkeel Presbyterian Church, also has only a baptismal register and it dates from 1842 It has no graveyard and the separate one behind the church which is still extant has no stones earlier than 1865 The graveyard extends on all sides of the church and most of the stones are clearly readable However, the ground is rough and several of the stones are in densely overgrown enclosures The oldest stone in the graveyard dates from 1793 and all with dates before IS65 have been copied There are no old memorials in the church.

County : Antrim

Denomination : Presbyterian

Graveyard Name : Loughmourne Pres

Civil Parish : Carrickfergus

Town / Townland : North East Division

OS Reference : J404942

Other Information : This is 4 miles north of Carrickfergus and on the east side of Carneal Road A covenanting meeting house was established here in 1804 but the church is now associated with the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church It is a long low building at the foot of a slope, which is used as the burial ground The earliest date of death is 1808 (Stewart) All those inscriptions which record deaths before 1901 have been copied .

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