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Graveyard Information

Templecorran Old

County : Antrim

Denomination :

Graveyard Name : Templecorran Old

Civil Parish : Templecorran

Town / Townland : Forthill

OS Reference : J448936

Other Information : This graveyard sits at the southern end of the village of Ballycarry looking directly the townland of Forthfil and parish of Templecorran which down Main Street It is in the Scottish settlers and their descendants preferred to call Broadisland It is dominated by the cruciforrn and roofiess remains of the old parish church Extensive foundations were dug out of the graveyard and adjoining Plelds early in the last century suggesting that a considerable religious house stood here in former times The graveyard has been used by all denominations but Presbyterians predominate The Presbyterian baptismal register begins in 1832 and the Church of Ireland began each of their registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials in 1848 All stones with dates of death prior to 1900 have been copied. The Ordnance Survey Memoir written in 1839 contains a list of surnames which appear on stones in this graveyard Some of these nwnes are no longer to be found They are ACKIN, ADRAIN, BLACK, COCKTRY, GILES, KER, McELWAYNE/ McELWAYEN, MARTIN, NOTMAN, RAMSAY, TEMPLETON, THOMPSON, WALKER, WILLIAMS and WILLIAMSON However some have reappeared on errections since that time (eg ADRAIN) Some others which we would have expected to see on the surveyors' list are not included (The list appears on page 73 of OS Memoir for the Patish of Templecorran, edited by T E McNeill, published in 1971 by Queen's University, Belfast).

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