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If you click on the different denominations on the right, you will see the map plotted with the distribution of graveyards for the denomination chosen. All the dots are linked to additional information about that graveyard. You can also view the map for the different counties by clicking on the counties above or the counties in the image on the right. Below each map is a list of all the graveyards plotted on that map (except on the maps plotted for 'all denominations').

Ardkeen Ardquin Baileysmill RP Ballaghanery Ballee NSP Balloo House Vault Ballyhalbert Ballyhemlin NSP Ballymacashen RP Ballytrustan Banbridge Cemetery Bangor Abbey Blaris Breda Castle Park Clandeboye House Clonduff Old Clonlea Clough NSP Copeland Island Graveyard Crozier Monument Banbridge Cuffie Gravestone Deehommed Donaghcloney Down Cathedral Downpatrick NSP Downshire Rd. NSP Dromara RP Dromore Cathedral Dromore NSP Drumadonnell Edenderry House Gillespie Monument Greyabbey Graveyard Greyabbey Grounds Hillsborough Hillsborough Friends Holywood Inch old Inishargy Kilbroney Old Kilcoo Old Kilkeel Moravian Kilkeel Old Killaney Old Killaresy Killinakin Killinchy NSP Killybawn Killygartan Killyleagh Old Killysuggan Kilmore Old Kilwarlin Moravian Knock Knockbracken RP Lisserboy Loughbrickland RP Loughinisland Magheradrool Magheralin Old Magherally Old Moira NSP Moneyrea NSP Mount St Columb Convent Mourne Abbey Movilla Moyallan Friends Newtownards Priory Ouley Rademan NSP Rathfriland R.P. Ravara NSP Savalmore Seapatrick Old Slanes Tamlaght Templecraney or Ballyphilip Templegowran Templepatrick Tullylish Old Tullynakill Warrenpoint Cemetery Warrenpoint NSP Whitechurch

Dot number Graveyard DenominationGrid Ref
1 Ardkeen J593570
2 Ardquin J586545
3 Baileysmill RP Reformed Presbyterian J325594
4 Ballaghanery J389268
5 Ballee NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J536413
6 Balloo House Vault J508795
7 Ballyhalbert J648635
8 Ballyhemlin NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J628647
9 Ballymacashen RP Reformed Presbyterian J474605
10 Ballytrustan J612498
11 Banbridge Cemetery J120448
12 Bangor Abbey J501811
13 Blaris Municipal J249627
14 Breda Municipal J344698
15 Castle Park J502810
16 Clandeboye House J480793/J474795
17 Clonduff Old J228294
18 Clonlea J118222
19 Clough NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J407400
20 Copeland Island Graveyard J591835
21 Crozier Monument Banbridge J127461
22 Cuffie Gravestone J516545
23 Deehommed J258407
24 Donaghcloney J131535
25 Down Cathedral J482445
26 Downpatrick NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J490443
27 Downshire Rd. NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J126462
28 Dromara RP J267497
29 Dromore Cathedral J200533
30 Dromore NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J200532
31 Drumadonnell J244392
32 Drumgath Old J
33 Edenderry House J325674
34 Gillespie Monument J460692
35 Glassdrummand, Killygoney Not plotted
36 Greyabbey Graveyard J582681
37 Greyabbey Grounds J583682
38 Hillsborough J245587
39 Hillsborough Friends Society of Friends (Quakers) J242585
40 Hillsborough Hill Monument Not plotted
41 Hollymount Not plotted
42 Holywood J401794
43 Inch old J476456
44 Inishargy J604648
45 Kilbroney Old J188195
46 Kilcoo Old J282338
47 Kilkeel Moravian Moravian J308145
48 Kilkeel Old J307146
49 Killaney Old J357580
50 Killaresy J513570
51 Killinakin J517615
52 Killinchy NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J496610
53 Killybawn J447564
54 Killygartan J423537
55 Killyleagh Old J524534
56 Killysuggan J472747
57 Kilmore Old J439512
58 Kilwarlin Moravian Moravian J210589
59 Knock J382729
60 Knockbracken RP J369682
61 Lisserboy J102340
62 Loughbrickland RP Reformed Presbyterian J106419
63 Loughinisland J424454
64 Magheradrool J379513
65 Magheralin Old J128588
66 Magherally Old J167475
67 Moira NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J153604
68 Moneyrea NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J406668
69 Mount St Columb Convent J153185
70 Mourne Abbey J299143
71 Movilla J503744
72 Moyallan Friends Society of Friends (Quakers) J049504
73 Newtownards Priory J493739
74 Ouley J145361
75 Rademan NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J423531
76 Rathfriland R.P. J200338
77 Ravara NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J426630
78 Savalmore J121312
79 Seapatrick Old J119477
80 Slanes J638552
81 Tamlaght J244146
82 Templecraney or Ballyphilip J594512
83 Templegowran J128265
84 Templepatrick J594775
85 Tullylish Old J082486
86 Tullymacnous Graveyard Not plotted
87 Tullynakill J502645
88 Warrenpoint Cemetery Municipal J138195
89 Warrenpoint NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J144188
90 Whitechurch J622699
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