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If you click on the different denominations on the right, you will see the map plotted with the distribution of graveyards for the denomination chosen. All the dots are linked to additional information about that graveyard. You can also view the map for the different counties by clicking on the counties above or the counties in the image on the right. Below each map is a list of all the graveyards plotted on that map (except on the maps plotted for 'all denominations').

Aghalurcher Old Breandrum Cemetery Brookeborough Cemetery Caldragh Callowhill Carrick Church Hill Cleenish Old Crevenish Derrybrusk Derrygonnelly Derryvullan Old Devenish Donagh Drummully Old Edenclaw Enniskillen Convent Enniskillen Meth Galloon Old Holywell or Templerushin Inishmacsaint Iniskeen Old Irvinestown Old Keenaghan Killesher Old Kiltierney Kinawley Lisbellaw Lisbellaw New Cemetery Lisnarick Magheracross Old Maguiresbridge Meth Pubble Rosbeg Rossorry Old Slawin Springfield Meth St Macartan's cathedral Sydare Cemetery Templenaffrin Terwinney Meth Uttony Wheathill

Dot number Graveyard DenominationGrid Ref
1 Aghalurcher Old H365314
2 Belleek Old Not plotted
3 Breandrum Cemetery H245439
4 Brookeborough Cemetery H394408
5 Caldragh H085620
6 Callowhill H279264
7 Carrick Municipal H095539
8 Church Hill H113558
9 Cleenish Old H255396
10 Crevenish H166627
11 Derrybrusk H277392
12 Derrygonnelly H121524
13 Derryvullan Old H276404
14 Devenish H224469
15 Donagh H398299
16 Drummully Old H442201
17 Edenclaw H234650
18 Enniskillen Convent H238442
19 Enniskillen Meth Methodist H233442
20 Enniskillen Workhouse Not plotted
21 Galloon Old H391226
22 Holywell or Templerushin H075396
23 Inishmacsaint H165541
24 Iniskeen Old H247413
25 Irvinestown Old H238581
26 Keenaghan G978598
27 Killesher Old H122358
28 Kiltierney H222626
29 Kinawley H229308
30 Lisbellaw H302411
31 Lisbellaw New Cemetery H303415
32 Lisnarick H197586
33 Magheracross Old H285538
34 Maguiresbridge Meth Methodist H347388
35 Pubble H332464
36 Rosbeg H013603
37 Rossorry Old H231429
38 Slawin G998575
39 Springfield Meth Methodist H173466
40 St Macartan's cathedral H234443
41 Sydare Cemetery H244532
42 Templenaffrin H101388
43 Terwinney Meth Methodist H242678
44 Tullynageeran Not plotted
45 Uttony H465276
46 Wheathill H143349
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