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This is a list of the townlands in Ulster per county. You can use this information to search the gravetone inscription database.

The townland is the smallest unit of land used in Ireland. The area varies in size from less than ten acres to several thousand acres. There are around 64,000 townlands in Ireland, and they are the most specific address usually available to rural dwellers. They are generally organised into civil parishes.



Townlands of Antrim


Acravally Aganlane or Parkmore Aghaboy Aghacarnaghan

Aghacarnan Aghacully Aghadavy Aghadolgan

Aghadrumglasny Aghafatten Aghagallon Aghagheigh

Aghaleck Aghalee Aghalislone Aghaloughan

Aghalum Aghanamoney Aghancrossy Aghanliss

Aghavary Aghnadarragh Aghnadore Aghnahough

Aghrunniaght Agolagh Aird Alcrossagh

Alder Rock Aldfreck Aldorough Altagore

Altarichard Altaveedan North Altaveedan South Altigarron

Altilevelly Altmore Lower Altmore Upper Altnahinch

Andraid Annaghmore Anticur Antiville

Antynanum Appletee Araboy Ardagh

Ardaghmore or Glentop Ardclinis Ardicoan Ardihannon

Ardmore Ardnaglass Artibrannan Artiferrall

Artiforty or Shanaghy Lower Artigoran Artiloman Artimacormick

Artlone Artnacrea Artnagross Artnagullian

Artresnahan Aughaboy Aughalish Aughareamlagh

Aughnacleagh Aughnaholle Aughnahoy Aughnamullan

Aughnasillagh Aughterclooney Ault alias Gowkstown Ballaghbeddy

Ballaghmore Ballaghmore or Bushmills Ballealy North Ballealy South

Ballee Balleny Ballindam Ballindery

Ballinlea Lower Ballinlea Upper Ballinloughan Ballintoy

Ballintoy Demesne Ballintrae Balloo Ballsallagh

Ballure Ballyagan Ballyaghagan Ballyalbanagh

Ballyallaght Ballyarnot Ballybeg Ballybentragh

Ballyberidagh North Ballyberidagh South Ballybogy Ballyboley

Ballybollen Ballybought Ballyboylands Lower Ballyboylands Upper

Ballybrack Ballybracken Ballybraddin Ballybrakes

Ballybregagh Ballycairn Ballycalket Ballycarrickmaddy

Ballycarry Ballycarry, North-West Ballycarry, South-West Ballyclan

Ballyclare Ballyclaverty Ballycleagh Ballyclogh

Ballyclogh (Centre) Ballyclogh (North Centre) Ballyclogh (North) Ballyclogh (South Centre)

Ballyclogh (South) Ballycloghan Ballyclosh Ballycollin

Ballyconagan Ballyconnelly Ballycoos Ballycor

Ballycormick Ballycowan Ballycraig Lower Ballycraig Upper

Ballycraigy Ballycregagh Ballycregagh Lower Ballycregagh Upper

Ballycreggy Ballycronan Beg Ballycronan More Ballycullo

Ballycushan Ballydivity Ballydonaghy Ballydonnelly

Ballydown Ballydownfine Ballyduff Ballydugennan

Ballydunmaul Ballydurnian Ballyearl Ballyeaston

Ballyedward Ballyellough Ballyfad Ballyfinaghy

Ballyfore Ballygallagh Ballygalley Ballygammon

Ballygan Lower Ballygan Upper Ballygarvey Ballygawn

Ballygelly Ballygilbert Ballygill Middle Ballygill North

Ballygill South Ballyginniff Ballygobbin Ballygolan

Ballygomartin Ballygortgarve Ballygowan Ballygrooby

Ballyhackett Ballyhamage Ballyhampton Ballyharry

Ballyhartfield Ballyharvey Lower Ballyharvey Upper Ballyhemlin

Ballyhenry Ballyhibistock Lower Ballyhibistock Upper Ballyhill

Ballyhill Lower Ballyhill Upper Ballyhome Ballyhone

Ballyhowne Ballyhunsley North Ballyhunsley South Ballyhutherland

Ballykeel Ballykelly Ballykennedy Ballykenver

Ballyknock Big Ballyknock Little Ballylacky Ballylagan

Ballyleckan Ballylenully Ballylesson Ballylig

Ballyligpatrick Ballylinny Ballyloran Ballylough

Ballylough Beg Ballylough More Ballyloughan Ballylumford

Ballylummin Ballylurgan Ballymacaldrack Ballymacdoe

Ballymacfin Ballymacilhoyle Ballymacilrany Ballymacilroy

Ballymaclose Ballymacmary Ballymaconnelly Ballymacoss

Ballymacrea Lower Ballymacrea Upper Ballymacrevan Ballymacricket

Ballymacward Lower Ballymacward Upper Ballymagarry Ballymarlagh

Ballymartin Ballymather Lower Ballymather Upper Ballymatoskerty

Ballymave Ballymena Ballymena Little Ballyminstra

Ballyminymore Ballymoney Ballymoneymore Ballymontenagh

Ballymote Ballymoy Ballymuckvea Ballymuldrogh

Ballymullan Ballymullock Ballymurphy Ballynabarnish

Ballynacaird Ballynacooley Ballynacoy Ballynacraigy

Ballynacree Beg Ballynacree More Ballynacree Skein Ballynadolly

Ballynadrentagh Ballynafeigh Ballynafey Ballynafie

Ballynagabog Ballynagard Ballynagarvy Ballynagashel

Ballynageeragh Ballynaghten Ballynaglogh Ballynagor

Ballynahaville Ballynalargy Ballynaleney Ballynaloob

Ballynalough Ballynalougher Ballynamaddy Ballynamenagh North or


Ballynamoney Ballynamullan Ballynanaghten

Ballynarrry Lower Ballynarry Ballynarry Upper Ballynashee

Ballynastraid Ballyness Ballynoe Ballynulto

Ballyoglagh Ballypalady Ballypatrick Ballypitmave

Ballypollard Ballyportery North Ballyportery South Ballyprior Beg

Ballyprior More Ballyquillin Ballyratahan Lower Ballyratahan Upper

Ballyreagh Ballyreagh Lower Ballyreagh Upper Ballyrickard Beg

Ballyrickard More Ballyrobert, Grange of Ballyrobin Ballyrock Irish

Ballyrock Scotch Ballyruther Ballyryland Ballysavage

Ballyscolly Ballyscullion East Ballysculty Ballysessy

Ballyshanaghill Ballysillan Upper Ballysnod Ballystrudder

Ballytaggart Ballytaylor Ballyteerim Ballytober

Ballytober East Ballytober West Ballytresna Ballytromery

Ballytunn Ballytweedy Ballyutoag Ballyvaddy

Ballyvallagh Ballyvanen Ballyvaston Ballyveely

Ballyveely Lower Ballyveely Upper Ballyvelligan Ballyvennaght

Ballyvernstown Ballyvesey Ballyvollen Ballyvolly

Ballyvorally Ballyvoy Ballywalter, Grange of Ballywatermoy

Ballywatt East Ballywatt Leggs Ballywatt West Ballywattick Lower

Ballywattick Middle Ballywattick Upper Ballywee Ballyweeny

Ballywillin Ballywindelland Lower Ballywindelland Upper Ballywonard

Ballywoodock Baraghilly Barard Barmeen

Barnish Bay Beaghs Beardiville

Beerhill Bellaghy Bellair Bellee

Bellisk or Waterford Bellisle Beltoy Bendooragh

Bentra Benvardin Bighouse Billy or Curramoney

Birch Hill Black Hill Black Mountain Blackcave North

Blackcave South Bleerick Boatinghole Rock Boltnaconnell

Bonamargy Boneyclassagh Bootown Bottom

Bovolcan Boydstown Brackenhill Bracknamuckley

Brackney Brae Braetown Bravallen

Brecart Breckagh Breen Brettens Walls

British Brockaghs Brockish, part of Cargin Brocklamont

Broom-beg Broom-more Broughanlea Broughanore

Broughdone Broughgammon Broughmore Broughshane Lower

Broughshane Upper Browndod Bruslee Bryantang

Buckna Budore Bunshanacloney Burnquarter

Burnside Bush Bushfoot or Lissanduff Bushmills or Ballaghmore

Bushmills or Magheraboy Cabragh Cabragh or Cavanmore Caddy

Caherty Caldanagh Calhame Calheme

Callisnagh Capanagh Cape Castle Carclunty

Cardonaghy Carey Mill Cargan Cargin

Cargin Island Carlane Carmacmoin Carmagrim

Carmavy, Grange of Carmorn Carn-beg Carnaff

Carnagall Carnageeragh Carnaghliss Carnaghts

Carnahagh Carnalbanagh Carnamaddy Carnamenagh

Carnanee Carnanreagh Carnany Lower Carnany Upper

Carnasheeran Carnave Carnbeg Carnbore

Carnbrock Carnbuck Carncoagh Carncoggy

Carncolp Carncome Carncullagh Lower Carncullagh Middle

Carncullagh Upper Carnduff Carneal Carnearney

Carnearny Carneatly Carney Hill Carnfeogue

Carnfinton Carnfunnock Carnglass Beg Carnglass More

Carngranny Carniny Carnkeeran Carnkilly Lower

Carnkilly Upper Carnkirk Carnkirn Carnlea

Carnlelis Carnlough North Carnlough South Carnlougherin

Carnmoney Carnmoney Bog Carnmoney Glebe Carnmoon

Carnmore Carnsampson Carnside Carnspindle

Carnstroan Carntall Carracloghy Carravinally

Carravindoon Carrickarade Island Carrickfergus Carricknafurd

Carricknagarrowna Carrivcashel Carrive Carrivemurphy

Carrivereagh Carrowcloghan Carrowcowan Carrowcrin

Carrowcroey Carrowlaverty Carrowreagh Carrowreagh Mountain

Casheltown Cashlan Castle Island Castle Park

Castlecat Castlegore Castlenagree Castlequarter

Castletown Caulside Cavan Cavanmore or Cabragh

Chathamhall Church Quarter Church Tamlaght Churchfield

Clady Clare Clare Mountain Clatteryknowes

Claughey Cleggan Clegnagh Clementshill

Clinty Clogh Mills Cloghan Cloghanduff

Cloghanmurry Cloghcor Cloghcorr Clogher

Clogher Anderson Clogher North Clogher South Cloghfin

Cloghgaldanagh Cloghglass Cloghglass or Retreat Cloghinarney

Cloghogue Cloghs Cloghy East Cloghy West

Clonboy Clonetrace Cloney Clonkeen

Clonreagh Clontyfinnan East Clontyfinnan West Clooney

Cloonty Cloughorr Cluntirriff Clyttaghan

Coggrey Coldagh Colebreene Lower Colebreene Upper

Commons Connor Conogher Coolaveely

Coole Coolkeeran Coolkenny Coolmaghra

Coolnagoppoge Coolranny Coolsythe Corbally

Corkermain Corkey Middle Corkey North Corkey South or Little

Corlane Cormorant Rock Correen Corrstown

Corrymellagh Corvally Coshkib Cow Island

Cozies Craig Craigaboney Craigahulliar

Craigalappan Craiganboy Craiganee Craigarogan

Craigatempin Craigban Craigdunloof Craigfad

Craigfaddock Craiginorne Craigmacagan Craigmore

Craignagat Craignageeragh Craignamaddy Craigs

Craigy Hall Craigywarren Cranfield Crankill

Crawfordsland Creagh Crebilly Creenagh

Creevamoy Creeve Creevery Cregcattan, part of Galdanagh

Creggan Cregganboy Crevilly-valley Crew

Crew Park Croaghbeg Croaghmore Croghfern

Cromaghs Cromkill Cromy and Taggarts Land Crookedstone

Crooknahaya Cross Crosshill Crosskennan

Crossmary Crossreagh Crosstagherty Crushybracken

Cubbindall Culbane Culbidag Culbrim Lower

Culbrim Upper Culcrum Culdoo Lower Culdoo Upper

Cullybackey Culmore Culnafay Culramoney

Cummingstown or Ballynamenagh North

Curragh Curramoney

Curramoney or Billy Curran and Drumaliss Currysheskin Cushendall

Cushendun Cushleake Mountain Middle Cushleake Mountain North Cushleake Mountain South

Dairyland Deepstown Deer Park Deer Park Farms

Deer Park, Great Deer Park, Little Deerfin Deffrick

Demesne Demesne Upper Dernaveagh Derryaghy

Derryclone Derrygowan Derryhirk Derryhollagh

Derrykeighan Derrykillultagh Derrymore Derrynaseer

Derrynisk Dervock Desertderrin Devil's Churn

Dickey's Town Dira or Upper Broghindrummin Dirraw Diskirt

Divis Doagh Dobbsland Donegore

Dooey Doonan Doonans Doonbought

Doonfin Doory Douglas Douglasland

Dowgry Downkillybegs Drains Drains Bog

Dreen Droagh Dromain Dromore

Drumack Drumacullin Drumadarragh Drumadoon

Drumaduan Drumagorgan Drumagrove Drumahaman

Drumaheglis Drumahiskey Drumahitt Drumakeely

Drumaleet Drumaliss and Curran Drumanaway Drumanduff

Drumankelly Drumaqueran Drumard Drumaridly

Drumaroan Drumavaddy Drumavoley Drumawillin

Drumbare Drumbest Drumboe Drumcon

Drumcrottagh Drumcrow Drumcudree Drumcullen

Drumdallagh Drumderg Drumeeny Drumfane

Drumfin Drumfresky Drumgurland Druminagh

Drumkeeran Drumleckney Drumlee Drummans

Drummaul Drummuck Drumnacole Drumnacross

Drumnacur Drumnadonaghy Drumnadreagh Drumnadrough

Drumnafivey Drumnagee Drumnagessan Drumnaglea

Drumnagreagh Drumnaheigh Drumnahoe Drumnakeel

Drumnamallaght Drumnasmear Drumnasole Drumourne

Drumramer Drumrankin Drumraw Drumraymond

Drumreagh Drumroan Drumsill Drumskea

Drumsough Drunkendult East Drunkendult West Duck Island

Dunadry Dunaghy Dunaird Dunamoy

Dunamuggy Dunanney Dunarragan Dunaverney

Duncansland Duncarbit Dunclug Dundermot

Dundesert Dundonald Dundressan Dundrod

Duneany Dungall Dungonnell Dungorbery

Dunloy Dunluce Dunmakelter Dunminning

Dunmurry Dunnygarran Dunnyvadden Dunouragan

Dunseverick alias Feigh Dunsilly Dunteige Dunturky

Durham's Land Eagle Hill or Ouna Eagry East Park

East Torr Eden Edenturcher Edenvale

Eglish Elephant Rock Elginny Ellanabough

Enagh Lower Enagh Upper Englishtown Eshery

Eskylane Essan Evishacrow Evishnablay

Fallinerlea Fallowvee Falmacrilly Falnaglass

Falrusklin Farlough Farranacushog Farranalessary

Farranmacallan Farranmacarter Farranshane Faughil

Feehogue Feigh Carrick Feigh Mountain Feigh alias Dunseverick

Fenagh Fenaghy Ferguson's Land Fernagh

Fernisky Feumore Fifty Acres Finkiltagh

Five Acres Flower Hill Foriff Fort Town

Forthill Four Score Acre Freemanstown Friary

Frosses Galboly Lower Galboly Upper Galdanagh

Galgorm Galgorm Parks Gallagh Gallanagh

Gally Hill Ganaby Garriffgeery Garry Lower

Garry Upper Garryduff Gartford Gartree

Garvaghy Gillistown Glasmullen Glassaneeran Lower

Glassaneeran Upper Glebe Glenaan Glenariff Mountain Lower

Glenariff Mountain Upper East Glenariff Mountain Upper West Glenarm Demesne Glenavy

Glenbuck Glengad Glengormley Glenhead

Glenhugh Glenleslie Glenlough Glenmakeeran

Glenmanus Glenmullion Glenocum Glenstaghy

Glenstall Glentask Glentop or Ardaghmore Glenville or Leamore

Glenwhirry Gloonan Glore Glynn

Gobrana Goodland Gortaclee Gortagharn

Gortaghragan Gortahar Gortaheran Gortamaddy or White Hall

Gortateea Gortcarney Gortconny Gortereghy

Gortfad Gortgarn Gortgill Gortgole

Gortin Gortlane Gortmillish Gortnacapple

Gortnacor Gortnacor Lower Gortnacor Upper Gortnagallon

Gortnageeragh Gortnagory Gortnagross Lower or Murroo Gortnagross Middle

Gortnagross Upper or Issbawn Gortnee Gortrany Gowkstown alias Ault

Gracehill Granagh Grange Park Grange of Ballyrobert

Grange of Ballywalter Grange of Carmavy Grange of Inispollan Mountain Grange of Mallusk

Grange of Umgall Gransha Great Deer Park Green Beds, The

Green Island Greenaghan Greenan Greenhill

Greenland Greenshields Lower Greenshields Upper Greenville

Groggan Gruig Half Umry Halftown

Hannahstown Harphall Harvey's Rock Headwood

Heagles Highlandtown Hightown Holestone

Holy Well Horse Carrick Hungry Hall Hurtletoot

Iderown Illannaleck Island Inisloughlin Inispollan

Inispollan Mountain, Grange of Inshamph Inshinagh Inver

Irish Hill Irishomerbane Irishtown Irragh

Island Carragh North Island Carragh South Island Kelly Island Macallan

Islandahoe Islandbane Islandboy Islandlean

Islandmore Islandnabracky Islandoo Islandreagh

Islandrose Islands of Carnmoon Islandstown Isle of Muck

Issbawn or Upper Gortnagross Jockeysquarter Jordanstown Kebble

Kells Kernyhill Kettlebottom Island Kilbegs

Kilbride Kilcoan Beg Kilcoan More Kilcoobin

Kilcorig Kilcreeny Kilcreg Kilcroagh

Kilcross Kilcurry Kildowney Kildrum

Kilgad Kilgavanagh Kilgreel Kilknock

Killane Killealy Killeaton Killins North

Killins South Killough Killoughag Killycarn

Killycoogan Killycowan Killycreen Killydonnelly

Killyfad Killyfast Killyflugh Killygarn

Killyglen Killygore Killylaes Killylane

Killyless Killymaddy Killyramer Killyree

Kilmahamogue Kilmakee Kilmandil Kilmore

Kilmoyangey Kilmoyle Kilmoyle Lower Kilmoyle Upper or Kirkmoyle

Kilnacolpagh Kilnadore Kilpatrick Kilraghts

Kilrobert Kilroot Kilvillis Kinbally

Kinflea Kingarriff Kingsbog Kinkeel

Kinnegalliagh Kinramer North Kinramer South Kinune

Kirkhill Kirkinriola Kirkmoyle or Kirkmoyle Upper Knockacully

Knockaholet Knockanavery Knockanboy Knockans

Knockans North Knockans South Knockanully Knockavallan

Knockavrinnan Knockboy Knockbrack Knockcairn

Knockeny Knockertotan Knockmacolusky Knockmore

Knocknacarry Knocknacrow Knocknadona Knocknagarvan

Knocknagulliagh Knocknahinch Knocknarea Knocksoghey

Ladyhill Lagavara Lagflugh Lagmore

Lambeg North Lambeg South Landhead Laney

Langarve Largy Largymore Lavin Lower

Lavin Upper Layd Lealies Leamore or Glenville

Leck Leeke Legacurry Legagrane

Legaloy Legatirriff Legg Legnagooly

Legoniel Leitrim Lemnagh Beg Lemnagh More

Lemnalary Lemnalary Mountain Lenagh Leymore

Libbert East Libbert West Ligadaughtan Limavallaghan

Liminary Limnaharry Linford Lisbellanagroagh Beg

Lisbellanagroagh More Lisboy Lisbreen Lisbreen Half Quarter

Liscolman Lisconnan Lisglass Lisheegan

Lislaban Lislagan Lower Lislagan Upper Lislunnan

Lismacloskey Lismenary Lismorrity Lismurnaghan

Lisnabilla Lisnabraugh Lisnacrogher Lisnafillon

Lisnagarran Lisnagarvy Lisnagat Lisnagaver

Lisnagreggan Lisnagunogue Lower Lisnagunogue Upper Lisnahay North

Lisnahay South Lisnahilt Lisnahunshin Lisnalinchy

Lisnamanny Lisnamurrikin Lisnarick Lisnasoo

Lisnataylor Lisnawhiggel Lisnevanagh Lisnisk

Lisrodden Lissanduff or Bushfoot Lisserluss Lissue or Teraghafeeva

Little Ballymena Little Deer Park Livery Lower Livery Upper

Loan Lockstown Long Gilbert Longfield

Longmore Longtown Loonburn Losset

Loughan Loughconnelly Loughduff Loughermore

Loughhill Loughloughan Loughlynch Loughmagarry

Loughrelisk Love's Corkey Lower Broghindrummin or Tavnaghranny


Lower Tullykittagh Lowtown Lubitavish Lurgan West

Lurgansemanus Lurganteneil Lurganure Lurgill

Macfinn Lower Macfinn Upper Maddydoo Lower or New Buildings Maddydoo Upper

Maddykeel Lower Maddykeel Upper Maghaberry Magherabeg

Magheraboy Magheraboy Lower Magheraboy Upper Magheraboy or Bushmills

Magheracashel Magheracross Magheragall Magherahoney

Magheralane Magheralave Magheraliskmisk Magheramenagh

Magheramesk Magheramore Magheramully Maghereagh

Maghereeroy Magherindonnel Magherintendry Maghernahar

Mallendober Mallusk, Grange of Malone Upper Manister

Manola Wood Martinstown Maxwells Walls Mazes

McVickersland Meadow Parks Middle Division Middle Gortnagross

Middle Park Midge Island Mill Five Acres Mill Quarter

Mill Tenement Millquarter Minnis North Minnis South

Mistyburn Moboy Monaghan Monanclogh

Moneybroom Moneycanon Moneycrumog Moneydollog

Moneyduff Moneyglass Moneygobbin Moneyleck

Moneyneagh Moneynick Moneyrod Moneyvart

Monkstown Montiaghs Moordyke Moore Lodge

Moss-side Mostragee Mount Edwards Mount Hamilton

Mount Shalgus Moyadam Moyarget Lower Moyarget Upper

Moyasset Moyaver Lower Moyaver Upper Moycraig Hamilton

Moycraig Lower Moycraig Macallister Moycraig Upper Moygarriff

Moylarg Moylinny Moyrusk Muckamore

Muckleramer Muckrim Mullaghboy Mullaghcarton

Mullaghconnelly Mullaghdoo Mullaghduff Mullaghduff Big

Mullaghduff Little Mullaghgaun Mullaghglass Mullaghmossan

Mullaghsandall Mullans Mullarts Mullinaskeagh

Mullindress Mullinsallagh Munie North Munie South

Murroo or Gortnagross Lower Nappan New Buildings North New Buildings South

New Buildings or Maddydoo Lower New Park Newhill Newlands

Newtown Niblock North East Division Novally

Old Church Old Forge Old Freehold Old Warren

Oldstone Oldtown Ouna or Eagle Hill Outal

Outhill Owencloghy Owensland Pans Rock

Parishagh Park Park Hall Park, East

Park, Middle Park, New Park, West Parkmore or Aganlane

Pharis Poleglass Polintamny Pollee

Poobles Portlee Portmore Portmuck

Portrush Potterswalls Priestland East Priestland West

Procklis Prolusk Prospect Quarter Lenagh

Quolie Racavan Rams Island Ranaghan

Rananagh Randalstown Randox Rashee

Rathbeg Rathenraw Rathkeel Rathkenny

Rathlin Island Rathmore Rathsherry Red Bay

Redhall Retreat or Cloughglass Revallagh North Revallagh South

Rickamore Risk Rooghan Roonivoolin

Rory's Glen Rosedermot Roseyards Rosnashane

Ross Rushey Hill Saint Cunning Sallagh

Savagh Scaryhill Scolboa Scotchomerbane

Sea Gull Isle Seacash Seacon Beg Seacon Lower

Seacon More Semicock Seneirl Shanaghy Lower or Artiforty

Shanaghy Upper Shane's Castle Shane's Castle Park Shaneoguestown

Shanes Shaninish Sharvogues Sheegy Island

Sheep Island Shellfield Shelton North Shelton South

Sheriff's Land Shillanavogy Skady Tower Skeagh

Sker Beg Sker More Skerries, The Skerry East

Skerry West Skerrywhirry Skilganaban Slaght

Slane Sleans Slievebane Slievenacloy

Slievenagh Slievenaghy Slievenagravery Smallquarter

Solar South Island Ean Spring Farm Spring Mount

Stackaboy Stackahorlin Stackaniska Stacknacally

Stacknaderginan Staffordstown Stanalane Steeple

Stiles Stony Hill Straid Straidballymorris

Straidbilly Straidhavern Straidnahanna Stranocum

Strawpark Stroan Stroan Lower Stroan Upper

Swan Island Taggarts Land and Cromy Taghey Tamlaght

Tamnaderry Tamnaghmore Tamnyvane Tamybuck

Tanderagee Tannaghmore Tardree Tate's Fort

Tavnaghan Tavnagharry Tavnaghboy Tavnaghdrissagh

Tavnaghmore Tavnaghoney Tavnaghowen Tavnaghranny or Lower


Tawnybrack Taylorstown Teeshan

Tehorny Templastragh Temple-effin Templecormac

Templepatrick Tenaghs Teraghafeeva or Lissue Terrygowan

Tervillin The Bull The Green Beds The Skerries

Ticloy Tildarg Timpan Tirgracey

Tirkilly Tiscallen Toberagnee Toberbilly

Toberdoney Toberdornan Toberdowney Tobergill

Toberkeagh Tobernagola Tobernaveen Toberwine

Tom of the Tae-End Tonagh Tonduff Tonduff Mountain

Toome Topp Lower Topp Upper Torcorr

Torglass Tornabodagh Tornagrough Tornamoney

Tornaroan Tornaroy Torr, East Torr, West

Town Parks Townend Tromra Trummery

Tuftarney Tullaghans Tullaghbane Tullaghbeg

Tullaghgarley Tullaghgore Tullaghore Tully

Tully North Tully South Tullyballydonnell Tullybane

Tullycapple Tullycreenaght Tullygowan Tullykittagh Lower

Tullykittagh Upper Tullymore Tullynahinnion Tullynamullan

Tullynewbane Tullynewbank Tullynewy Tullyreagh

Tullyrusk Tureagh Turfahun Turnagrove

Turnarobert Turnavedog Turraloskin Twenty Acres

Umgall, Grange of Unshanagh Unshinagh Unshinagh Mountain

Unshinagh North Unshinagh South Upper Broghindrumminor Dira Upper Glenariff Mountain East

Upper Glenariff Mountain West Upper Gortnagross or Issbawn Urbal Urbalreagh

Vow Walk Mill Walkmill Warren

Waterford or Bellisk West Division West Park West Torr

Whappstown Whin Park White Abbey White Hall or Gortamaddy

White Head White House White Mountain White Park

Winkle Islands (2)


Townlands of Armagh


Abbey Park Acton Aghacommon Aghadavoyle

Aghamoat Aghanergill or Corglass Aghanore Aghantaraghan

Aghavellan or Richmount Aghavilly Aghayalloge Aghincurk

Aghinlig Aghmakane Aghnacloy Aghory

Allistragh Altaturk Altnamackan Altnaveigh

Annaboe Annaclare Annaclarey Annacloghmullin

Annacramph Annagh Annaghananny Annagharap

Annaghboy or Rosebrook Annaghgad Annaghmacmanus Annaghmare

Annaghmore Annagora Annahagh Annahaia

Annahugh Annakeera Annaloist Annamoy

Annareagh Annasamry Ardgonnell Ardmore

Ardrea Ardress East Ardress West Armaghbrague

Artabrackagh Artasooly Aughadanove Aughanduff

Aughantarragh and Corr Aughlish Aughnacloy Aughnagurgan

Aughrafin Ballaghy Ballard Balleer

Ballenan Ballindarragh Ballinlare Ballinliss

Ballintaggart Ballintate Ballintemple Ballyanny

Ballyards Ballyargan Ballyblagh Ballybrannan

Ballybreagh Ballybrocky Ballybrolly Ballycoffey or Ballyhoy

Ballycrummy Ballycullen or Drumask Ballycullen or Shanmullagh Ballydogherty

Ballydonaghy Ballydoo Ballyfodrin Ballygargan

Ballygasey Ballygassoon Ballygorman Ballygroobany

Ballyhagan Ballyhannon Ballyheridan Ballyhoy or Ballycoffey

Ballykeel Ballyknick Ballyknock Ballylane

Ballyleny Ballylisk Ballyloughan Ballymacanab

Ballymacawley Ballymacdermot Ballymackilmurry Ballymacrandal

Ballymacully Lower Ballymacully Upper Ballymagerny Ballymakeown

Ballymartrim Etra Ballymartrim Otra Ballymoran Ballymore

Ballynacarry Ballynaclosha Ballynacor Ballynagalliagh

Ballynaghy Ballynagolan Ballynagowan Ballynagreagh

Ballynahinch Ballynahone Beg Ballynahone More Ballynalack

Ballynaleck Ballynameta or Wood Park Ballynamony Ballynarea

Ballynarry Ballynery Ballynewry Ballyoran

Ballyrath Ballyrea Ballyreagh Ballyscandal

Ballysheil Beg Ballysheil More Ballytroddan Ballytrue

Ballytyrone Ballyvally Ballywilly Ballyworkan

Baltarran Balteagh Baltylum Belleek

Blackwatertown or Lisbofin Bocombra Boconnell Bolton

Bondville or Tullybrick Etra Borough of Charlemont Bottlehill Brackagh

Brackly Bracknagh Brannock Breagh

Breaghy Brootally Broughan Brughas

Bryandrum Cabragh Calone Camagh

Camly (Ball) Camly (Macullagh) Canary Cannagola Beg

Cannagola More Canoneill Cappagh Cargaclogher

Cargagh Cargalisgorran Carganamuck Cargans

Carn Carnacally Carnagat Carnally

Carnavanaghan Carnbane Carran Carrick

Carrickabolie Carrickacullion Carrickaldreen Carrickaloughran

Carrickamone Carrickananny Carrickaness Carrickastickan

Carrickbrack Carrickbrackan Carrickbroad Carrickcloghan

Carrickcroppan Carrickduff Carrickgallogly Carricklane

Carricknagalliagh Carricknagavna Carrickrovaddy or Dorsy (Macdonald)

Carricktroddan Carrigans Carrive Carrivekenny

Carrivemaclone Carrowmannan Carrowmoney Carryhugh

Cashel Castleraw Causanagh Cavan

Cavanacaw Cavanagarvan Cavanagrow Cavanakill

Cavanapole Cavanballaghy Cavandoogan Charlemont, Borough of

Clady Beg Clady More Clankilvoragh Clanrolla

Claranagh Clarbane Clare Clarkill

Clay Cloghan Clogharevan Cloghfin

Cloghinny Cloghoge Cloghreagh Clonakle

Clonalig Clonamola Cloncarrish Cloncore

Clonlum Clonmacash Clonmain Clonmakate

Clonmartin Clonmore Clonroot Clontycarty

Clontyclay Clontygora Clontylew Cloven Eden

Clownagh Coharra College Hall or Marrassit Coney Flat Island

Coney Island Cooey Coolderry Coolkill

Coolmillish Coolyhill Copney Cor Tynan

Coragh Corbracky Corcrain Corcreevy

Corcrum Corcullentragh Beg Corcullentragh More Cordrain

Cordrummond Corernagh Corfehan Corglass or Aghanergill

Corhammock Corkley Corlat Corliss

Corlust Cormeen Cornacrew Cornagrally

Cornahove Cornakinnegar Cornalack Cornamucklagh

Cornascreeb Cornoonagh Corporation Corr and Aughantarragh

Corr and Dunavally Corran Corrinare Corrinshigo

Corrinure Corry Cortamlat Cranagill

Crankey Crann Creaghan Crearum or Fellow's Hall

Creenagh Creenkill Creeve Creevekeeran

Creeveroe Creggan Bane Glebe Creggan Duff Creggan Lower

Creggan Upper Crew Beg Crew More Crewcat

Croaghan Island Cronkill Cross Crossbane

Crossdall Crossdened Crossmacahilly Crossmaglen

Crossmore Crossnamoyle Crossnenagh Crossreagh or Doohat

Crunagh Crunaght Culkeeran Cullaville

Cullentragh Cullyhanna Big Cullyhanna Little Cushenny

Damoily Darkley Darton Demesne

Demesne or Parkmore Demoan Derlett Dernalea

Dernasigh Derrinraw Derry Derry Beg

Derry More Derryadd Derryall Derryallen

Derryane Derryanvil Derryaugh Derrybrughas

Derrycaw Derrycoose Derrycor Derrycorry North

Derrycorry South Derrycory Derrycrew Derrycughan

Derrydorragh Derryhale Derryhaw Derryhennet

Derryhirk Derryhubbert East Derryhubbert North Derryhubbert South

Derryinver Derrykeeran Derrykeevan Derrykerran

Derrylard Derrylee Derrylettiff Derrylileagh

Derrylisnahavil Derryloste Derryloughan Derrymacash

Derrymacfall Derrymagowan Derrymattry Derrynaught

Derryneskan Derryraine Derryscollop Derrytagh North

Derrytagh South Derrytrasna Derryvane Derryvore

Derrywilligan Dillay Dinnahorra Diviny

Doctor's Quarter Donagreagh Doogary Doohat or Crossreagh

Dorsy Dorsy (Cavan O'Hanlon) or Roxborough Dorsy (Hearty)

Dorsy (Macdonald) or Carrickrovaddy Dorsy (Mullaghglass) Dougher

Downs or Drumarg Dressogagh Drum Drumacanver

Drumachee Drumadd Drumahean Drumalane

Drumalaragh Drumalis Drumaltnamuck Drumanphy

Drumard (Jones) Drumard (Primate) Drumarg or Downs Drumarn

Drumart Drumask or Ballycullen Drumatee Drumbally

Drumbanagher Drumbee Drumbee Beg Drumbee More

Drumbeecross Drumboy Drumcarn Drumconwell

Drumcoote Drumcree Drumcrow Drumcullen

Drumderg Drumduff Drumennis Drumfergus

Drumgane Drumgar Drumgarran Drumgask

Drumgaw Drumgolliff Drumgoose Drumgor

Drumgose Drumgreenagh Drumharriff Drumherney

Drumhillery Drumhirk Drumilly Druminallyduff

Druminargal Drumintee Druminure Drumlack

Drumlellum Drumlisnagrilly Drumlougher Drumman

Drumman Beg Drumman More Drummannon Drummeland

Drummenagh Drummilt Drummond Drummuck

Drummuckavall Drumnacanvy Drumnaglontagh Drumnagloy

Drumnagoon Drumnahavil Drumnahoney Drumnahunshin

Drumnakelly Drumnaleg Drumnamether Drumnamoe

Drumnasoo Drumnevan Drumnykerne Drumogher

Drumorgan Drumrusk Drumsallan Lower Drumsallan Upper

Drumsavage Drumshallan Drumsill Duburren

Dunavally and Corr Dundrum Dunesmullan Dunlarg

Duvernagh Eagralougher Edenappa Edenaveys

Edenderry Edenknappagh Edenykennedy Eglish

Ellisholding Elm Park or Mullaghatinny Enagh Ennislare

Eshwary Fairview or Mucklagh Farmacaffly Farnaloy

Farra Farranamucklagh Fathom Lower Fathom Upper

Federnagh Fellows Hall or Crearum Fergort Fernagreevagh

Finiskin Foley Foughill Etra Foughill Otra

Foy Beg Foy More Foyarr Foyduff

Freeduff Gallrock Garvagh Garvaghy

Glasdrumman Glasdrummanaghy Glasdrummond Glebe

Goragh Gortmalegg Gosford Demesne Granemore

Grange Blundel Grange Lower Grange Upper Grangemore

Greenan Greyhillan Hacknahay Hamiltonsbawn

Hanslough Iskymeadow Island Spa Johnstown

Keady Beg Keady More Keenaghan Keggall

Kennedies Kernan Kilbracks Kilcam

Kilcarn Kilcon Kilcreevy Etra Kilcreevy Otra

Killaghy Killeen Killuney Killybodagh

Killycapple Killycarn Lower Killycarn Upper Killycomain

Killyfaddy Killylea Killylyn Killymaddy

Killynure Killyquin Killyreavy Killyruddan

Kilmacanty Kilmachugh Kilmagamish Kilmatroy

Kilmonaghan Kilmore Kilmoriarty Kilrea

Kiltubbrid Kiltybane or Lisleitrim Kilvergan Kincon

Kingarve Kinnegoe Kishaboy Knappagh

Knock Knockaconey Knockagraffy Knockaneagh

Knockavannon Knockbane Knockduff Knockmenagh

Knocknamuckly Knocknashane Knockramer Knockrevan

Lagan Laraghshankill Latbirget Latmacollum

Latt Lattery Legacorry or Rich Hill Legaghory

Legagilly or Tyross Leganny Legarhill Legavilly

Legmoylin Lemnagore Lenalea Lesh

Levaghery Levalleglish Levallymore Lisadian

Lisamry Lisavague Lisbane Lisbanoe

Lisbofin or Blackwatertown Liscalgat Liscorran Lisdonwilly

Lisdown Lisdrumard Lisdrumbrughas Lisdrumchor Lower

Lisdrumchor Upper Lisdrumgullion Lisdrumliska Lisglynn

Liskyborough Lislasly Lislea Lisleitrim or Kiltybane

Lisloony Lisnadill Lisnafeedy Lisnagat

Lisnagree Lisnalee Lisnamintry Lisnaskea

Lisneany Lisnisk Lisnisky Lisraw

Lissagally Lissaraw Lissheagh or Mount Irwin Lissheffield

Lisslanly Lissummon Listarkelt Longfield

Longstone Loughgall Loughross Lurgaboy

Lurgan Lurgana Lurgancot Lurgancullenboy

Lurgantarry Lurgyross Lurgyvallen Lylo

Macantrim Maddan Magaraty Magherarville

Maghernahely Maghery Maghery Kilcrany Magherydogherty

Maghnavery Maghon Manooney Maphoner

Marlacoo Beg Marlacoo More Marrassit or College Hall Mavemacullen

Maydown Maynooth Maytone Maytown

Meigh Middletown Monaguillagh Monbrief

Monclone Money Moneycree Moneypatrick

Moneyquin Monog Moodoge Mount Irwin or Lissheagh

Mounthill Mountnorris Mowillin Moybane

Moyraverty Moyrourkan Muckery Mucklagh or Fairview

Mulladry Mullaghatinny or Elm Park Mullaghbane Mullaghbrack

Mullaghduff Mullaghglass Mullaghmore Mullahead

Mullalelish Mullaletragh Mullan Mullanary

Mullanasilla Mullantine Mullantur Mullavilly

Mullenakill North Mullenakill South Mullenakill West Mullurg

Mullyard Mullyleggan Mullyloughan Mullyloughran

Mullynure Naul Navan Newtown

Outlack Outleckan Parkmore or Demesne Phil Roe's Flat

Pollnagh Portnelligan Racarbry Ratarnet

Rathcarbry Rathconvil Rathcumber Rathdrumgran

Rathkeelan Rathtrillick Rawes Reedy Flat

Reen Rich Hill or Legacorry Richmount or Aghavellan Rockmacreeny

Rocks Rosebrook or Annaghboy Roughan Rowan

Roxborough or Dorsy (Cavan O'Hanlon) Salters Grange Seaboughan

Seafin Seagahan Seagoe Lower Seagoe Upper

Selshion Serse Shanecrackan Beg Shanecrackan More

Shaneglish Shankill Shanmullagh or Ballycullen Shanroe

Shantally Shean Sheetrim Sheiland

Shewis Silverwood Skegatillida Skerries

Skerriff (Tichburn) Skerriff (Trueman) Slieve Gullion Spa Island

Sturgan Taghnevan Tamlaght Tamnaficarbet

Tamnafiglassan Tamnaghbane Tamnaghmore Tamnaghvelton

Tanderagee Tannaghmore Tannaghmore North Tannaghmore South

Tannaghmore West Tannyoky Tarsan Tarthlogue

Tassagh Tavanagh Teagy Teemore

Teer Teer Island Teeraw Terraskane

Terryhoogan Tievecrom Tievenamara Timakeel

Timulkenny Tireagerty Tirearly Tirgarriff

Tirgarve Tirmacrannon Tirnascobe Tirsogue

Tivernacree Toberhewny Tonnagh Tray

Tullyah Tullyallen Tullyard Tullyargle

Tullybrick (Hamilton) Tullybrick Etra or Bondville Tullybrone Tullycallidy

Tullydagan Tullydonnell (Gage) Tullydonnell (O'Callaghan) Tullyelmer

Tullygally Tullygarden Tullygarran Tullyglush

Tullyglush (Kane) Tullyglush (Nevin) Tullygoonigan Tullyhappy

Tullyherron Tullyhirm Tullyhugh Tullykevan

Tullylinn Tullylost Tullymacann Tullymacreeve

Tullymore Tullymore Agowan Tullymore Etra Tullymore Otra

Tullynacross Tullynagin Tullynamalloge Tullynavall

Tullyneagh Tullynichol Tullyogallaghan Tullyroan

Tullyronnelly Tullysaran Tullyvallan Tullyvallan (Hamilton) East

Tullyvallan (Hamilton) West Tullyvallan (Macullagh) Tullyvallan (Tipping) East Tullyvallan (Tipping) West

Tullywinny Tullyworgle Turcarra Turmoyra

Turry Tynan Tyross or Legagilly Umgola

Ummeracam (Ball) North Ummeracam (Ball) South Ummeracam (Johnston) Ummerinvore

Unshinagh Unshog Urcher Wood Park or Ballynameta


Townlands of Down


Acre McCricket Aghacullion Aghandunvarran Aghavilly

Aghlisnafin Aghnaleck Aghnamoira Aghnatrisk

Aghyoghill Angus Rock Annacloy Annadorn

Annaghanoon Annaghbane Annaghmakeonan Annahunshigo

Ardaghy Ardarragh Ardbrin Ardgeehan

Ardglass Ardigon Ardilea Ardkeen

Ardkeeragh Ardmeen Ardminnan Ardquin

Ardtanagh Ardtole Attical Audley's Acre

Audleystown Aughintober Aughnacaven Aughnacloy

Aughnadarragh Aughnadrumman Aughnafosker Aughnagon

Aughnahoory Aughnaloopy Aughnaskeagh Aughnavallog

Aughrim Backaderry Backnamullagh Ballaghanery

Ballaghanery Upper Ballaghbeg Balleevy Balleny

Balliggan Ballinarry Ballincurry Ballincurry Upper

Ballindoalty Ballindoalty Upper Ballinlare Ballinran

Ballinran Upper Ballintaggart Ballintine Ballintlieve

Ballintogher Ballintur Ballintur Upper Balloo

Balloo Lower Ballooly Balloolymore Balloonigan

Ballyadam Ballyagherty Ballyaghlis Ballyagholy

Ballyalgan Ballyalicock Ballyalloly Ballyaltikilligan

Ballyalton Ballyardel Ballyatwood Ballyaughian

Ballybannan Ballybarnes Ballybeen Ballybeg

Ballyblack Ballyblack Little Ballyblaugh Ballyboghilbo

Ballyboley Ballybranigan Ballybrannagh Lower Ballybrannagh Upper

Ballybredagh Ballybrick Ballybryan Ballybunden and Kilmood

Ballybuttle Ballycam Ballycanal Ballycarn

Ballycarngannon Ballycastle Ballyclander Lower Ballyclander Upper

Ballycloghan Ballycopeland Ballycoshone Lower Ballycoshone Upper

Ballycowan Ballycran Beg Ballycran More Ballycreelly

Ballycreen Ballycroghan Ballycross Ballycrune

Ballycruttle Ballycullen Ballyculter Lower Ballyculter Upper

Ballycultra Ballydargan Ballydavey Ballydesland

Ballydollaghan Ballydonety Ballydonnell Ballydoo

Ballydoonan Ballydorn Ballydown Ballydrain

Ballydrumman Ballydugan Ballydulany Ballydyan

Ballyedmond Ballyedmond Upper Ballyedock Lower Ballyedock Upper

Ballyedock or Carrstown Ballyesborough Ballyewry Ballyferis

Ballyfinragh Ballyfotherly Ballyfounder Ballyfrench

Ballyfrenis Ballygalget Ballygallum Ballygally

Ballygarvan Ballygarvigan Ballygeegan Ballygelagh

Ballygilbert Ballyginny Ballyglighorn Ballygorian Beg

Ballygorian More Ballygoskin Ballygowan Ballygraffan

Ballygrainey Ballygrangee Ballygrot Ballygunaghan

Ballyhafry Ballyhaft Ballyhalbert Ballyhanwood

Ballyharry Ballyhaskin Ballyhay Ballyhemlin

Ballyhenny Ballyhenry Ballyhenry Island Ballyhenry Major

Ballyhenry Minor Ballyherly Ballyholland Lower Ballyholland Upper

Ballyholme Ballyhomra Ballyhornan Ballyhosset

Ballyhosset Milltown Ballykeel Ballykeel Artifinny Ballykeel Edenagonnell

Ballykeel Lougherne Ballykelly Ballykilbeg Ballykillare

Ballykine Ballykine Lower Ballykine Upper Ballykinler Lower

Ballykinler Middle Ballykinler Upper Ballyknock Ballyknockan

Ballyleidy Ballylenagh Ballylenaghan Ballyleny

Ballylesson Ballylig Ballylimp Ballylintagh

Ballylisbredan Ballylone Big Ballylone Little Ballylough

Ballyloughan Ballyloughlin Ballylucas Ballymacanallen

Ballymacanally Ballymacaramery Ballymacaratty Beg Ballymacaratty More

Ballymacarn North Ballymacarn South Ballymacarron Ballymacashen

Ballymacateer Ballymacbredan Ballymacbrennan Ballymackilreiny

Ballymacmaine Ballymacnamee Ballymaconaghy Ballymaconnell

Ballymacormick Ballymacreelly Ballymacromwell Ballymacruise

Ballymadeerfy Ballymaganlis Ballymagaraghan Ballymagart

Ballymagaughey Ballymagee Ballymageogh Ballymaghan

Ballymaghery Ballymagin Ballymaginaghy Ballymaglaff

Ballymaglave North Ballymaglave South Ballymagreehan Ballymakeonan

Ballymalady Ballymarter Ballymartin Ballymenagh

Ballyminetragh Ballyministragh Ballyminnish Ballymiscaw

Ballymoney Ballymorran Ballymote Lower Ballymote Middle

Ballymote Upper Ballymullan Ballymurphy Ballymurry

Ballynabragget Ballynacraig Ballynadrone Ballynafern

Ballynafoy Ballynagallagh Ballynagappoge Ballynagarrick

Ballynagross Ballynagross Lower Ballynagross Upper Ballynahatten

Ballynahatty Ballynahinch Ballynamagna Ballynanny

Ballynaris Ballynaskeagh Ballynavally Ballyneddan

Ballyneddan Upper Ballynester Ballynewport Ballynichol

Ballynoe Ballyobegan Ballyoran Ballyorgan

Ballyphilip Ballyplunt Ballyquintin Ballyrainey

Ballyrawer Ballyreagh Ballyree Ballyregan

Ballyrenan Ballyrickard Ballyridley Ballyrobert

Ballyrogan Ballyrogan or Mourne Park Ballyrolly Ballyroney

Ballyrush Ballyrusley Ballyrussell Ballysallagh

Ballysallagh Major Ballysallagh Minor Ballysheil Ballyskeagh

Ballyskeagh High Ballyskeagh Low Ballyspurge Ballystockart

Ballystokes Ballystrew Ballysugagh Ballytrim

Ballytrustan Ballyurnanellan Ballyvally Ballyvange

Ballyvarley Ballyvarnet Ballyvaston Ballyveagh Beg

Ballyveagh Beg Upper Ballyveagh More Ballyveagh More Upper Ballyvester

Ballyvicknacally Ballyviggis Ballywaddan Ballywallon

Ballywalter Ballyward Ballywarren Ballywatticock

Ballyweely Ballywhiskin Ballywhite Ballywhollart

Ballywierd Ballywilliam Ballywillin Ballywillwill

Ballywoodan Ballyworfy Bangor Bog Banoge

Barnamaghery Barnboy Barnmeen Bavan

Beardy Rocks Begny Benagh Benagh Lower

Benagh Upper Benraw Bessy's Island Big Gull Rock

Bird Island Bishops Court Black Abbey Black Island

Black Islands Black Rock Blaris Bleary

Bonecastle Bootown Boretree Island East Boretree Island West

Boretree Rock North Bottier Bovennett Brackenagh East

Brackenagh East Upper Brackenagh West Brackenagh West Upper Bradock Island

Braniel Breda Bresagh Brickland

Bright Broaghclogh or Murvaclogher Broom Quarter Burial Island

Burren Burrenbane Burrenreagh Bush Island

Buskhill Cabragh Cahard Calf Island

Cappagh Carcullion Cardy Cargabane

Cargacreevy Cargacroy Cargagh Cargygray

Carmeen Carnacally Carnacavill Carnalbanagh East

Carnalbanagh West Carnalea Carnamuck Carnany

Carnasure Carnbane Carnew Carney Hill

Carneyhough Carnmeen Carnreagh Carr

Carrickcrossan Carrickdrumman Carrickinab Carrickmacstay

Carrickmaddyroe Carrickmannan Carricknadarriff Carricknaveagh

Carrickrovaddy Carrigenagh Carrigenagh Upper Carrigullian

Carrintaggart Carrogs Carrowbaghran Carrowbane

Carrowcarlin Carrowdressex Carrownacaw Carrowreagh

Carrowvanny Carrstown or Ballydock Carryduff Carryreagh

Carsonstown Caskum Castle Enigan Castle Espie

Castle Island Castleaverry Castlebeg Castleboy

Castlemahon Castlenavan Castlereagh Castleskreen

Castlevennon Castleward Castlewellan Cattogs

Cavan Chanderies Islands Chapel Island Cherryvalley

Church Ballee Church Quarter Churn Rock Clanmagher, Commons of

Clanmaghery Claragh Clare Clarkill

Clay Cleomack Cloghanramer Clogher

Cloghram Cloghskelt Cloghy Clonachullion

Clonallan Glebe Clonta Fleece Clontaghnaglar Clontanagullion

Clontonakelly Clonvaraghan Clough Cluntagh

Cock Mountain Common Commonreagh Commons Commons of Clammaghery

Coney Island Coniamstown Conlig Conly Island

Cookstown Coolnacran Coolsallagh Coose

Copeland Island Corbally Corbet Corcreaghan

Corcreeghy Corcreeny Corgary Cornreany

Corporation Corporation North Corporation South Corrog

Cotton Craigaroddan Craigarusky Craigavad

Craigaveagh Rock Craigboy Craignasasonagh Craigogantlet

Cranfield Creeghduff Creeve Creevy

Creevyargon Creevybeg Creevycarnonan Creevyloughgare

Creevytenant Cregagh Croan Crobane

Crolly's Quarter Cronstown Croreagh Cross

Cross Island Crossan Crossgar Crossnacreevy

Crossnamuckley Culcavy Cullintraw Cullion

Cumber Cumran Cunningburn Curley

Damolly Darragh Island Dead Mans Island Deehommed

Demesne Demesne of Down Derry Derryboy

Derrycraw Derrydrummuck Derrydrummult Derryleckagh

Derrylough Derryneill Derryoge Desert

Dillin Dodd's Island Donaghadee, Town Parks of Donaghaguy

Donaghcloney Dooey Dooghary Dooglen

Down, Demesne of Dree Drennan Drin

Dromara Dromore Dromorebrague Drumaconnell East

Drumaconnell West Drumadoney Drumadonnell Drumaghadone

Drumaghlis Drumaknockan Drumalane Drumalig

Drumanaghan or Drumculcaw Drumanakelly Drumanaquoile Drumaness

Drumantine Drumaran Drumardan Drumardan Quarter

Drumarkin Drumaroad Drumatihugh Drumawhy

Drumbane Drumbeg Drumbo Drumbonniff

Drumbroneth Drumcashellone Drumcaw Drumcro

Drumcro and Drumo Drumdreenagh Drumee Drumena

Drumfad Drumgath Drumgavlin Drumgiven

Drumgooland Drumgreenagh Drumhirk Drumhorc

Drumindoney Drumkeeragh Drumlee Drumlin

Drumlough Drummanlane Drummanmore Drummiller

Drummond Island Drumnabreeze Drumnaconagher Drumnaferry

Drumnagally Drumnahare Drumnascamph Drumnavaddy

Drumneth Drumo and Drumcro Drumra Drumreagh

Drumreagh Upper Drumsallagh Drumsesk Drumskee

Drumsnade Drumulcaw or Drumanaghan Duck Rock Dunbeg Lower

Dunbeg Upper Dundrinne Dundrum Duneight

Dunevly Dunlady Dunmore Dunnaman

Dunnanelly Dunnanew Dunnaval Dunnyneill Islands

Dunover Dunsfort Dunsy Island Dunsy Rock

Dunturk Echlinville Edenagarry Edenballycoggill

Edendarriff Edenderry Edenmore Edenordinary

Edenslate Edenticullo Edentiroory Edentrillick

Edentrumly Ednego Enagh Erenagh

Farranfad Fedany Feney Ferryquarter

Finnabrogue Finnard Finnis Fish Quarter

Fofannybane Fofannyreagh Gabbock Island Galwally

Ganaway Gargarry Gartross Garvaghy

Gibb's Island Gilnahirk Glasdrumman Glasdrumman Upper

Glaskerbeg East Glaskerbeg West Glaskermore Glass Moss

Glastry Glebe Glenloughan Glenloughan Upper

Glovet Gordonall Gores Island Gortgrib

Gortnamony Goward Grallaghgreenan Granagh

Grange Grangee Grangewalls Grangicam

Gransha Great Minnis's Island Green Island Greenan

Greencastle Greengraves Greenisland Rock Greenoge

Gregorlough Gregstown Grey Abbey Groomsport

Growell Guiness Guineways Guineways Upper

Gull Rock Gull Rock, Big Guns Island Hare Island

Hen Island Herdstown Hillhall Hillsborough

Hogstown Hollymount Holywood Horse Island

Imdel Inch Inishanier Island Inishargy

Inisharoan Island Island Henry Island Taggart Islandacorr

Islandbane Islandderry Islandhill Islandmore

Islandmoyle Isle McCricket Isle O'Valla Jackdaw Island

Jocks Island Jordans Acre Jordans Crew Kearney

Keentagh Kernan Kilbride Kilbright

Kilbroney Kilbroney Upper Kilclief Kildares Crew

Kilfeaghan Kilfeaghan Upper Kilfullert Kilkeel

Kilkinamurry Killaghy Killaney Killard Lower

Killard Upper Killarn Killavees Killeen

Killinakin Killinchy Killinchy in the Woods Killinure

Killough Killowen Mountains Killydressy Killynether

Killysavan Killysorrell Killyvolgan Kilmacrew

Kilminioge Kilmood and Ballybunden Kilmore Kilnatierny

Kilpike Kiltarriff Kinallen Kinghill

Kircassock Kircubbin Kirkistown Kirkland and Toy

Knockbarragh Knockbreckan Knockgorm Knockinelder

Knocknagoney Knocknagore Knocknanarny Knocksticken

Lackan Lagnagoppoge Lappoges Large Park

Largymore Launches Little Launches Long Legacurry

Legamaddy Legananny Leggygowan Legmore

Leitrim Leitrim Upper Lenaderg Lenish

Leode Lessans Letalian Levallyclanone

Levallyreagh Leveroge Light House Island Linden's Lump

Lisadian Lisbane Lisbarnet Lisboy

Lisdalgan Lisdoonan Lisdrumgullion Lisdrumliska

Lisduff Lisinaw Lisleen Lismaine

Lismore Lisnabrague Lisnabreeny Lisnacree

Lisnacree Upper Lisnacreevy Lisnacroppan Lisnafiffy

Lisnagade Lisnagonnell Lisnamaul Lisnamore

Lisnamulligan Lisnaree Lisnasallagh Lisnashanker

Lisnasharragh Lisnasliggan Lisnastrean Lisnasure

Lisnatierny Lisnatrunk Lisnavaghrog Lisnaward

Lisnisk Lisnode Lisnoe Lisoid

Lisowen Lissara Lisserboy Lissize

Listooder Listullycurran Little Minnis's Island Long Island

Longlands Loughadian Loughans Loughdoo

Loughkeelan Loughmoney Loughorne Loughriscouse

Lurgananare Lurganbane Lurgancahone Lurgancanty

Lurganconray Lurganreagh Lurgantamry Lurganville

Lythe Rock Maddydrumbrist Magherabeg Magheraconluce

Magheracranmoney Magheradartin Magheradrool Magherageery

Magherahinch Magheraknock Magheralagan Magherally

Magheralone Magheramayo Magheramurphy Magherana

Magherasaul Magherascouse Magheratimpany Maghereagh

Maghery Mahee Island Marl Island Marlfield

Marshallstown Mayo Maze Mealough

Meenan Mew Island Midge Milecross

Miller Hill Milltown Minnis's Island, Great Minnis's Island, Little

Moneycarragh Moneydorragh Beg Moneydorragh More Moneydorragh More Upper

Moneygore Moneylane Moneymore Moneynabane

Moneyreagh Moneyscalp Moneyslane Monlough

Monree Mount Alexander Mount Stewart Mourne Mountains East

Mourne Mountains Middle Mourne Mountains West Mourne Park or Ballyrogan Movilla

Moyad Moyad Upper Moyallen Moybrick Lower

Moybrick Upper Moydalgan Moygannon Moymore

Mullabrack Mullafernaghan Mullagh Mullaghdrin

Mullaghmore Mullartown Mullartown Upper Murlough Lower

Murlough Upper Murvaclogher or Broaghclogh Naghan Narrow Water

Near Craiglee Rock Newcastle Newtown Newtown Upper

Nunsquarter O'Valla, Isle Ogilby Island Orlock

Ouley Park, Large Park, Small Parson Hall

Parton Island Pawle Island Peggys Island Phersons Island

Pig Island Portavoe Portavogie Portloughan

Pound Island Priest Town Quarter Cormick Quarterland

Quilly Quoile Rademan Raffrey

Raholp Rainey Island Raleagh Ramharry Rock

Ratallagh Rathcunningham Rathgill Rathgorman

Rathmullan Lower Rathmullan Upper Ravara Ravernet

Reagh Island Reillys Trench Ringawaddy Ringbane

Ringclare Ringcreevy Ringdufferin Ringfad

Ringhaddy Ringmackilroy Ringneill Ringolish

Ringreagh Risk Roddans Roe Island

Rolly Island Rosemount Ross Rossconor

Rossglass Rosstrevor Rosstrevor Mountains Rosstrevor Upper

Rough Island Round Island Rowreagh Russell's Quarter

Russell's Quarter North Russell's Quarter South Ryan Saint John's Point

Saintfield Parks Salt Island Salt Marsh Islands(2) Salt Rock

Sandy Island Saul Saul Quarter Saval Beg

Saval More Scady Rocks (3) Scarva Scrabo

Scrib Seafin Seaforde Demesne Seavaghan

Shamrock Island Shankill Shannaghan Shanrod

Shark Island Sheelah's Island Sheepland Beg Sheepland More

Sheeptown Shinn Shones Shooters Island

Simmy Island Skeagh Sketrick Island Skillyscolban

Slanes Slatady Slievenaboley Slievenagriddle

Slievenalargy Slievenisky Sloanstown Small Park

South Island South Sheelah's Island Spittle Ballee Spittle Quarter

Springvale Stang Stinking Rock Stirk Isle

Strand Strangford Lower Strangford Upper Struell

Swan Island Swan Rock Taghnabrick Tamary

Tamnaharry Tamnyveagh Tannaghmore Tara

Taughblane Taughlummy Taughrane Teconnaught

Templepatrick The Devils Jacks The Point Park Thomastown

Thompson's Island Tievenadarragh Tieveshilly Tirfergus

Tirkelly Tirygory Tobercorran Tobermoney

Tollumgrange Lower Tollumgrange Upper Tollymore Tollymore Park

Tonaghmore Town Parks Town Parks of Donaghadee Toy and Kirkland

Trasnagh Island Trooperfield Tullindoney Tullinespick

Tullinisky Tullintanvally Tullyanaghan Tullyard

Tullyboard Tullybranigan Tullycarn Tullycarnan

Tullycarnet Tullyconnaught Tullycore Tullycross

Tullyear Tullyfoyle Lower Tullyfoyle Upper Tullyframe

Tullygarvan Tullyglush Tullyherron Tullyhinan

Tullyhubbert Tullykevin Tullykin Tullylish

Tullyloob Tullymacarath Tullymacnous Tullymally

Tullymore Tullymurry Tullynacree Tullynacrew

Tullynacross Tullynagardy Tullynagee Tullynakill

Tullynaskeagh Tullynasoo Tullynore Tullyorior

Tullyquilly Tullyrain Tullyratty Tullyree

Tullytramon Tullyveery Tullywasnacunagh Turmennan

Turmore Tyrella North Tyrella South Unicarval

Walshestown Wateresk Watson's Island Whaup Rock

Whigamstown Whitechurch Whitehills Whitespots

Wood Island Woodgrange


Townlands of Fermanagh


Abocurragh Abohill Acres Aghaboy

Aghacramphill Aghaderryloman Aghadreenan Glebe Aghadrum

Aghadrumsee and Killygorman Aghagaffert Aghagay Aghagrefin

Aghahannagh Aghaherrish Aghahoorin Aghakeeran

Aghakillymaud Aghalaan Aghalane Aghaleague

Aghalun Aghalurcher Glebe Aghama Aghameelan

Aghamore Aghamore North Aghamore South Aghamuldowney

Aghanaglack Aghanaglogh Aghannagh Agharahan

Agharainy Agharoosky Agharoosky East Agharoosky West

Aghatirourke Aghavass Aghavea Aghavea Glebe

Aghavoory Aghavore Aghaweenagh Agheeghter

Aghindaiagh Aghindisert Aghinish Island Aghintra

Aghinure Aghinver Aghnablaney Aghnacarra

Aghnachuill Aghnacloy Aghnacloy North Aghnacloy South

Aghnagrane Aghnahinch Aghnahoo Aghnaloo

Aghnashammer Aghnaskew Aghnaskew Glebe Agho

Aghyoule Altagoaghan Altawark Altmartin

Altnaponer Annachullion Glebe Annaghard Annaghilly North

Annaghilly South Annaghkeel Annaghlee Annaghmartin

Annaghmore Glebe Annaghmullin Annagolgan Annahervy

Annahone Annashanco Annynanum Arda

Ardatrave Ardees Glebe Ardees Lower Ardees Upper

Ardgart Ardlougher Ardmoney Ardmore

Ardore Ardshankill Ardtonnagh Ardunshin

Ardvarny East Ardvarny West Arlish Arnot's Grove

Artinagh Ashwoods Ashwoods or Woody Mullaghree Askill

Atnamollyboy Attybaron Attyclannabryan Aughaward

Aughey Aughlish Aughrim Backwood

Ballagh Ballaghgee Ballaghmore Ballindullagh Inward

Ballindullagh Outward Ballintarsan Ballintempo Ballycassidy

Ballydoolagh Ballygonnell Ballyhill Ballyhose

Ballyhullagh Ballylucas Ballymacaffry Ballymacataggart

Ballymackilroy or Mullaghkeel Ballymagaghran Ballymagaghran Island Ballymakenny

Ballynabrannagh Ballynakill Ballynant Ballyreagh

Ballysooragh Ballysroonagh Ballywillin Baltreagh

Banagher Bannagh Beg Bannagh More Baragh

Barnalackan Barnhill Barr of Bolusty More Barr of Drumbadmeen

Barr of Drumgormly Barr of Ramoan Barr of Slattinagh Barr of Slawin

Beagh Beagh Big Beagh Little Beagho

Beihy Belcoo East Belcoo West Bellanadohy

Bellanaleck Bellanamallard Belleisle Bellmount

Belview or Drumcoo Bess Island Bigwood Bilberry Island

Bingham's Rock Binmore Glebe Black Rock Blackhill

Blackslee Blaney East Blaney Island Blaney West

Bleanish Island Bloomfield's Rock Blunnick Boa Island

Bockan Island Bodarra Big Bodarra Little Bohasset

Bohattan Bohevny Bohora Bohulkin

Boleyhill Bolusty Beg Bolusty More Bolusty More, Barr of

Bonnybrook Boolawater Bosallagh Boshinny

Bottom Bowara Bowarran Boyaghan

Boyhill Braade Brackagh Bracklin

Bracky Brannish Breagho Breandrum

Brobrohan Brockagh Brollagh Brookfield

Brookhill Broughderg Brougher Brownhill

Brughas Bruscarnagh Buck Island Buck or Garrow Islands

Buggan Bumper Lodge or Mullan Bun Bunaninver

Buninubber Bunlougher Bunmichael Bunnablaneybane

Bunnahesco Bunnahola Island Bunnahone Bunneill

Bunnisnagapple Burfits Hill CLay Cackinish

Cady Cahore Caldragh Caldrum Glebe

Calkill Callagheen Callow Callowhill

Cam Camgart Camletter Camplagh

Camplany Cantytrindle Cappog Cappy

Captain's Island Car Island Carickaleese Carn

Carneyhill Carneyhome Carnirk Carnmore

Carntrone Carr Carra Carran

Carran Beg Carran East Carran Little Carran More

Carran West Carranboy Carrick Carrickabweehan

Carrickadrantan Carrickagreany Carrickaheenan Carrickaloughan

Carrickawick Carrickbeg Carrickcroghery Carrickmacflaherty

Carrickmacosker Carrickmacrourk Island Carrickmacsparrow Carricknabrattoge

Carricknaseer Carrickoughter Carrickpolin Carrickreagh

Carrickyheenan Carrigan Carrigans Carrigolagh

Carrontreemall Carrowcarlan Carrowgarragh Carrowhony

Carrowkeel Carrowmacmea Carrowmaculla Carrowmore

Carrownagiltagh Carrownalegg Carry Cashel

Cashelnadrea Cassan Cassidy Castle Balfour Demesne

Castle Coole Castle Irvine Demesne Castletown Monea Cavanacross

Cavanacurragh Cavanagarvan Cavanagh Cavanakeery

Cavanaleck Cavanalough Glebe Cavancarragh Cavanmore

Cavanreagh Cavans Cavantillycormick Cavantreeduff

Chanterhill or Moneynoe Glebe Clahernagh Claragh Claraghy

Claranagh Clareview Cleen Cleenagh

Cleenaghan Cleenish (Island) Cleenishgarve and Deerahan Islands

Cleenishmeen Island Cleenriss Cleens New Cleens Old

Cleffany Cleggan Clenaghisle Clevaghy

Cloghagaddy Cloghan Cloghanagh Cloghbally

Cloghcor Clogher Clogherbog Cloghmore

Cloghoge Cloghtate Cloghtogle Clonagun

Clonamullog Clonatty Clonaweel Clonbunniagh

Cloncah Rock Cloncallick Cloncarn Cloncloghy

Cloncoohy Cloncorick Cloncorr Clondaval

Clonee Clonelly Clonelty Clonfad

Clonfane Clonfard Clonfeile Clongowna

Clonkee Clonliff Clonmacfelimy Clonmackan

Clonmaulin Clonmin Glebe Clonnaroo Clonshannagh

Clontelaghan Clontivrin Clonturkle Clontycoora

Clontyferagh Clontymore Clontymullan Clonumphry

Clonursan Glebe Cloon Cloonacarn Cloonatreane

Cloonatrig Cloonatumpher Cloonaveel Cloonavoan

Cloy Clyhannagh Coa Coagh

Coaghan Coalhill Coasan Coghran's Island

Cole's Hill Colebrook Demesne Comaghy Commons

Conagher Concaroe Conckera Conerick

Coney Island Congo Coolacrim Coolaghty

Coolaness Coolaran Coolarkan Coolbeg

Coolbuck Coolcoghill Coolcran Coolcrannel

Coolgarran Coolinfin Glebe Coolisk Coolkill

Coollane Coolnagrane Coolnalong Coolnamarrow

Coolnashanton Coolnasillagh Coolrakelly Cooltrain

Cooltrane Coolyermer Cooneen Coragh

Coragh (Crawford) Coragh Glebe Corbane Cordarragh

Cordoolagh Cordwood Corfannan Corflugh

Corgary Corlacky Corlaghaloon Corlaght East

Corlaght West Corlatt Corlave Corlough

Cormonalea Cornabrass Cornacaghan Cornaclare or Johnstown

Cornacrea Cornacreeve Cornacully Cornadarum

Cornafannoge Cornagee Cornagrade Cornagun

Cornahaltie Cornahawla Cornahoule Cornakessagh

Cornakill Cornaleck Cornamramurry Cornamucklagh

Cornanoe Cornarooslan Cornashannel Cornashee

Cornashesko Cornaskeoge Cornavray Corrachrow

Corraclare Corraclare Big Corraclare Little Corraclare North

Corracloon Corracoash Corraderrybrock Corradillar

Corradovar Corradreenan East Corradreenan West Corraghy

Corraglass Corraglass West Corragole Corragunt

Corraharra Corraheen Corrakeel Corrakelly

Corralea Corraleek Corralinnen Corralongford

Corrameen Corramonaghan Corramore Corranaheen

Corranewy Corranny Corrard Corrardaghy

Corrardreen Corrateskin Corratistune Corratrasna

Corravehy Corrawully Correen Correll

Corrinshigo Corry Corsale Corscreenagh

Corsenshin Cortaher Cortrasna Cosbystown

Cosbystown East or Rosspoint Cossycon Craghan Cran

Crannoges Crawfords Hill Creagh Creaghamanone Island

Creaghanameelta Island Creaghananure Island Creaghanarourke Island Creaghanchreesty Island

Creaghawaddy Island Creaghmacwallen Island Creaghnarourk Island Creefin Island

Creenagho Creevehill Crehan Island Crevinish

Crevinishaughy Island Crillan Crimlin Croaghan

Croaghrim Crockada Crockadreen Crockaleen

Crockaness Crockareddy Crockarevan Crockateggal

Crockawaddy Glebe Crockerahoas Crocknaboghil Crocknacreevy

Crocknagowan Crocknagrally Crocknagross Crocknakeeragh

Crocknakelly Glebe Crocknanane Crom Cromaghy

Croneen Croneen Barr Croostan Cross

Crossmurrin Crott Crottan Crownhall

Crummer Crummy Cruninish Island Cruntully

Cules Long Cules Short Culky Cullaghmore

Cullatagh Culleen Cullen Cullentragh

Culliagh Cullion Culliondoo Cultiagh

Curley's Rock Curragh Curraghanall Curraghfad

Curraghlare Curraghmore Currin Currogs

Curryann Cushrush Island Cushwash Cuslea

Dairies Big Dairies Little Davy's Island or Inishmore Deal Island

Deer Park Deerahan and Cleenishgarve Islands Deerpark

Demesne Dernabacky Dernacapplekeagh Dernaglug and Drumaa

Dernagore Dernashesk Dernish Island Derreens East

Derreens West Derrin Derrintony Derry

Derry Beg Derry More Derryad Derryaghna

Derryany Derryard Derryargon Derryart

Derryasna Derrybeg Derrybeg East Derrybeg West

Derrybrack Derrybrick Derrybrusk Derrycallaghan

Derrycanon Derrychaan Derrychara Derrychoran

Derrychree Derrychulla Derrychulloo Derrychurra

Derryclawan Derryclegna Derrycorban Derrycorby

Derrycormick Derrycree Derrycrum Derrycullion

Derrydoon Derryelvin Derrygannon Derrygelly

Derrygennedy Derrygiff Derrygoas Derrygonnelly

Derrygore Derrygurdry Derryharney Derryhawlagh

Derryheanlisk Derryheely Derryhenny Derryhevlin Glebe

Derryhillagh Derryhoney Derryhooly Derryhowlaght East

Derryhowlaght West Derryhurdin Derryinch Derrykeeghan

Derrykeny Derrykerrib Derrylaney Derrylea

Derryleague Derryleck Derrylester Derrylin

Derryloman Derryloo Derrylougher Derrymacausey

Derrymacrow Derrymakeen Derrymeen Derrynacloy

Derrynacrannog Derrynacross Derrynafaugher Derrynameeo

Derrynanny Derrynashesk Derrynavogy Derrynawilt East

Derrynawilt West Derryneese Derryneeve Derrynim

Derrynure Derryraghan Derryree Derryrona Glebe

Derryscobe Derryshandra Derrysteaton Derryvahon

Derryvary Beg Derryvary More Derryveone Derryvogue

Derryvolan Derryvore Derryvrane Derryvree

Derryvullan Devenish (Island) Dinnydoon Diviny

Doagh Glebe Dog Big Dog Little Donagh

Donegall Doocharn Doocharn Island Doochrock

Dooederny Doogary Doohat Doohatty Glebe

Dooletter Doon Doon and Eshcleagh Doonan

Dooneen Dooraa North Dooraa South Dooross

Dornogagh Dragh Dreenan Dressoge

Dresternan Dring Drogan Droles

Dromore Dromore Big Dromore Little Drumaa

Drumaa and Dernaglug Drumacrittin Drumad Drumadagarve

Drumadillar Drumadown Drumadraghy Drumadravy

Drumady Drumageever Drumane Drumanure

Drumany Drumany Beg Drumany More Drumaran

Drumaraw Drumard Drumarky Drumarraght

Drumary Drumataffan Drumaveel Drumawill

Drumawillin Drumbad Drumbad Beg Drumbad More

Drumbadmeen Drumbadmeen, Barr of Drumbadreevagh Drumbaghlin

Drumbane Drumbaran Drumbargy Drumbarna

Drumbarry Drumbealimy Drumbeggan Drumbegger

Drumberny Drumbinnis Drumbinnisk Drumbo

Drumboarty Drumbockany Drumboghanagh Glebe Drumbominy

Drumboory Drumboy Drumbrick Drumbristan

Drumbrughas Drumbrughas East Drumbrughas North Drumbrughas South

Drumbrughas West Drumbulcan Drumbullog Drumcahy

Drumcanon Drumcard Drumcaw Drumchorick

Drumcin Drumclay Drumcloona Drumclounish

Drumcolgny Drumcon Drumconlan East Drumconlan West

Drumconnis Drumconor Drumcoo Drumcoo or Belview

Drumcor Drumcorban Drumcose Drumcramph

Drumcreen Drumcrin Drumcroohen Drumcrooil

Drumcrow Drumcrow East Drumcrow West Drumcru

Drumcullion Drumcully Drumcunny Drumcurren

Drumderg Drumdoney Drumdran Drumduff

Drumee Drumeeshil Drumelly Drumerheeve

Drumerwinter Drumettagh Drumgague Drumgallan

Drumgamph Drumgarrow Drumgay Drumgivery

Drumgoast Drumgoland Drumgole Drumgoon

Drumgormley, Barr of Drumgormly Drumgorran Drumgowna

Drumgowna East Drumgowna West Drumgramph Drumgrenaghan

Drumguiff Drumguillagh Drumhack Drumharriff

Drumhaw Drumhervin Drumhirk Drumhirk Lower

Drumhirk Upper Drumhoney Drumhose Drumhoy

Drumierna Druminillar Druminiskill Druminshin Beg

Druminshin More Druminshinardagh Drumkeen Drumkeenagh

Drumkeenragh Drumkeeran Drumkillen Drumlaghy

Drumleagues Big Drumleagues Little Drumliff Drumlisaleen

Drumlish Drumlone Drumlongfield Drumlught

Drumlyon Drummacabranagher Drummacahan Drummacalara

Drummack Drummackan Drummackilowney Drummacoorin

Drummal Drumman Drummannagapple Drummans Glebe

Drummaw Drummee Drummeer Drummenagh Beg

Drummenagh More Drummoan or Newtate Drummoghan Drummonaghan

Drummoney Drummoyagh Drummuck Drummully

Drummurl Glebe Drummurry Drummusky Drumnacross

Drumnagalliagh Drumnagreshial Drumnamalragh Drumnameel

Drumnanane Drumnarullagh Drumnasreane Drumnavahan

Drumoghill Drumoris Drumpeen Drumquilla

Drumrainbane Drumrainduff Drumrainy Drumralla

Drumreane Drumrearty Drumreask Drumroo

Drumroosk Drumrush Drumsara Drumsastry

Drumsawna Beg Drumsawna More Drumscollop Drumshancorick

Drumshane Drumshimuck Drumsillagh Drumskea

Drumskew Drumskimly Drumskinny Drumskool

Drumsloe Drumsluice Drumsna Drumsoo

Drumsroohil Drumswords Drumwhinny Drumyarkin

Duck Island Dulrush Dungoghy Duross

Eagle Island Edenaclogh Edenagee Edenagilhorn

Edenamohill Black Edenamohill Under Edenaveagh Edenbane

Edenclaw Great Edenclaw Little Edenmore Edenticromman

Ederdacurragh Ederdaglass or Hollybank Edergole Edergole Island

Edergool Ederny Ely Island Enaghan

Enniskillen Erdinagh Errasallagh Erveny

Ervey Eshacorran Eshanummer Eshbane

Eshbralley Eshcarcoge Eshcleagh and Doon Eshekerin

Eshmeen Eshnadarragh Eshnadeelada Eshnagorr

Eshnanumera Eshnascreen Eshnasillog Beg Eshnasillog More

Eshthomas Eshywulligan Eskeragh Estea Island

Falls Fardrum Fargrim Farm

Farnaconnell Farnaght Farnamullan Farranaconaghy

Farranacurky Farranasculloge Farrancassidy Fartagh

Fassagh Faughard Faugher Faurkagh

Feagh Feddan Feddans Fedian

Ferney Ferny Island Feugh Finlane

Finner Finner's Islands Finnis Island North Finnis Island South

Fintonagh Firs Florence Court Demesne Fod Island

Foglish Follum Big Follum Little Foremass

Forfey Formil Forthill Foydragh

Frevagh Friar's Island Furnish Fyagh

Gad Island Gadalough Gaffer Island Galbally

Gall Island Gallagh Galloon Gardenhill

Gardrum Gargrim Garraroosky Garrifly

Garrison Garrow or Buck Islands Garvaghy Garvary

Garvoghill Garvros Gay Island Geaglum

Geddagh Island Gillyholme (Ely) Gillyholme (L'Estrange) Giltagh

Glasdrumman Glasmullagh Glen Glen East

Glen West Glenall Glenarn Glencoonra

Glencovet Glebe Glencunny Glengesh Glenkeel

Glenkeen Glenlevan Glennagarran Glennasheevar

Glenross Glenvannan Glenwinny Goat Island

Gola Goladoo Goladuff Golan

Gole Gorgesh Gorminish Gortacar

Gortacarn Gortacharn Gortadrehid Gortadrehid Big

Gortadrehid Little Gortahurk Gortahurk East Gortahurk West

Gortaloughan Gortalughany Gortaree Gortatole

Gortbrannan Gortdonaghy Gorteen Gortermoan

Gortgall Gortgarran Gortgarvan Gortgeran

Gortgommon Gortgonnell Gortgor Gortgorgan

Gortgranagh Gortgullenan Gortindarragh Gortineddan

Gortinure Gortleet Gortmaconnell Gortmessan

Gortmullan Gortnacally Gortnacarrow Gortnaderg

Gortnagriffin Gortnagullion Gortnalee Gortnaree

Gortoral Gortraw Gowny Graan

Graffy Granshagh Big Granshagh Little Grattan

Gravel Ridge Gravel Ridge Island Gravelly Island Greagh

Greaghacapple Greaghacholea Greaghaphort Greaghatirrive

Greaghaverrin Greaghavockan Greaghawarren Greaghcashel

Greaghmore Greaghnafine Greaghnagleragh Greaghnagore

Greaghnamoyle Greaghrawer Greenan Greenhill

Greentown or Knocknabrattoge Greenwoodhill Greystone Grogey

Gubb Gubbacrock Gubbakip Gubbaroe

Gubdoo Gublusk Gubnaguinie Gubrusdinna

Gull Rock Gushedy Beg Gushedy More Hare Island

Hay Island Henrystughan Hermitage Heron Island

Hill's Island Hollybank or Ederdaglass Hollybrook Hollymount

Horse Island Imeroo Inisclin Inish Beg or Tom's Island

Inish Conra Island Inish Dacharne Inish Davar Inish Divann

Inish Doney Inish Fovar Inish Free Inish Garve

Inish Lougher Inish More or Davey's Island Inish Rath Inishcollan

Inishcorkish Inishcreagh Island Inishcreenry (Island) Inishcrevan (Island)

Inishee Island Inisherk (Island) Inishfausy Inishfendra (Island)

Inishkeen Inishkeeragh Inishleague (Island) Inishlirroo

Inishlught Inishmacsaint (Island) Inishmakill (Island) Inishmeely

Inishore Inishroosk Inishteige Inishturk

Inisway Inver Isle Namanfin Johnstown or Cornaclare

Jubilee Island Keadew Keady Keelaghan

Keelagho Keelaghy Keelpark Glebe Keenaghan

Keenaghy Keeran Keeran Beg Keeran More

Kerney Island Kevenagh Kilduff Kilgarrett

Kilgarrow Kilgarrow Glebe Kilgortnaleague Killafinta

Killaghy Killalahard Killarbran Killard

Killartry Killashanbally Killaspeenan Killee

Killernam Killesher Killy Beg Killy More

Killybane Killyblane Killybracken Killybreagy

Killybreed Killycappy Killycarnan Killycat

Killycloghan Killycloghy Killyclowny Killycramph

Killycreen East Killycreen West Killycrutteen Killyculla

Killydrum Killyfole Killygarry Killygorman and Aghadrumsee

Killygowan Island Killygrania Killygreagh Killygullan

Killyhevlin Killyhommon Killykeeghan Killykeeran

Killylacky Killylea Killylifferbane Glebe Killylifferdoo

Killyliss Killymackan Killymittan Killynacran

Killynamph Killynick Killynoogan Killynubber

Killynure Killypaddy Killyphort Killyraw

Killyreagh Killyroo Killyrover Killytaggart

Killyvannan Killyveagh Glebe Killyvilly Killywillin

Kilmacbrack Kilmacormick Kilmalanophy Kilmore

Kilmore North Kilmore South Kilnabrack Kilnacran

Kilnakelly Kilnakirk Kilnaloo Kilnamaddoo

Kilnamaddy Kilnambrahar Kilnameel Kilnarainy

Kilready Kilridd Kilronan Kilrooskagh

Kilrooskagh Island Kilroosky Kilroot Kilsallagh

Kilsmullan Kilteen Glebe Kiltenamullagh Kiltierney

Kiltober Kilturk North Kilturk South Kilturk West

Kiltycrose Kiltyfelan Kimran Kinarla

Kinawley Kingarrow North Kingarrow South Kinglass

Kingstown Kinmeen North Kinmeen South Kinmore

Kinnausy Island Kinoughtragh Kinrush Kippeen Island

Knappagh Knock Beg Knock Island Knock More

Knockadoois Knockageehan Knockalough Knockarevan

Knockateggal Knockavea Knockawaddy Knockbodarra

Knockboy Knockennis Knockmacaroony Glebe Knockmackegan

Knockmacmanus Knockmaddaroe Knockmanoul Knocknabrass

Knocknabrattoge or Greentown Knocknahunshin Knocknalear Knocknalosset

Knocknashangan Knocknastackan Knockninny Knockroe

Knockroe Archdall Knockroe Irvine Knocks Lack

Lackaghboy Lacky Lamb Island Lammy

Lanaghran Landbrock Lankill Lanmore

Lannaght Laragh Largalinny Larganacarran

Largandoy Largy Larkhill Larmore

Lattonagh Lattone Laughill Lavaran

Lea Leaghan Leam Leam Beg

Leam More Leambreslen Leamnamoyle Lebally

Leeffa Legacurry Legaduff Legatillida

Legg Leggs Leginn Legland

Leglehid Legmacaffry Legnabrocky Legnagay Beg

Legnagay More Legnahorna Legnavea Lehill

Lehinch Leighan Leitrim Lenaghan

Leraw Lergan Lesky Lettan

Letter Letterbailey Letterboy Letterbreen

Lettergreen Letterkeen Lettermoney Levaghy

Levally Lower Levally Upper Lignameeltoge Lisadearny

Lisblake Lisbofin Lisboy Liscosker

Liscreevin Lisdead Lisderry Lisdivrick

Lisdoodan Lisdrum Lisduff Lisgally

Lisgoole Lisingle Liskilly Lislarris

Lislea Lismacsheela Lismalore Lismonaghan

Lismoonly Lisnabane Lisnadurk Glebe North Lisnadurk Glebe South

Lisnadurk Middle Lisnagole Lisnaknock Lisnamallard

Lisnashillida Lisnavoe Lisnawesnagh Lisolvan

Lisoneill Lisrace Lisreagh Lisroddy

Lisroon Lissagorry Glebe Lissan Littlehill

Littlemount Lockard Big Lockard Little Loftus Island

Lonesome Island Long Island Long Rock Longfield

Longrob Lough Hill Loughachork Loughgare

Loughkillygreen Lowery Lowerybane Lugmore

Lurgan Lurganbane Lurganboy Lurganclabby

Lurgandarragh Big Lurgandarragh Little Lusty Beg Lusty Beg Island

Lusty More Lusty More Island Macart Island Mackan Glebe

Macknagh Magheracross Magheradunbar Magheragannon

Magherahar Magheramenagh Magheramore Magheranageeragh

Magherareagh Magho Magonragh Magurk's Island

Mallybreen Manger Manoo Manor Water House

Mantlin Marlbank Meenacloyabane Meenagleragh

Meenarainy Meenatully Meenawargy Meenmore

Meentullyclogh Middletown Midhill Milligans

Milltate Milltown Milltown Blaney Millwood

Minran Mockbeggar Modeenagh Moher

Moheranea Moleena Molly Monaghan

Monalla Monanacloy Monavreece Monawilkin

Monea Moneen Moneenbane Moneendogue

Moneykee Moneymakinn Moneyneddy Moneynoe Glebe or Chanterhill

Moneyouragan Mongibbaghan Monmurry Montiaghroe

Moorlough Mossfield or Urbal Moughley Mount Darby

Mount Prospect or Tullyoran Mountdrum Mountjoy Island Movarran

Moybane Moybrone Moyglass Moykeel

Moylehid Moynaghan North Moynaghan South Moysnaght

Muckenagh Muckinish or White Island Muckros Muggalnagrow

Mullaghbane Mullaghblaney Mullaghboy Mullaghbrady

Mullaghbreedin Mullaghcapple Mullaghcapple Glebe Mullaghconnelly

Mullaghdun Mullaghfad Mullaghfarne Mullaghgare

Mullaghgarrow Mullaghglass Mullaghinshogagh Mullaghkeel or Ballymackilroy

Mullaghkippin Mullaghlehan Mullaghlevin Mullaghmaddy

Mullaghmakervy Mullaghmeen Mullaghmore Mullaghree

Mullaghsillogagh Mullaghy Mullan Mullan or Bumper Lodge

Mullanacaw Mullanahinch Mullanasaggart Mullanaskea

Mullanavehy Mullanawinna Mullanmeen Middle Mullanmeen Under

Mullanmeen Upper Mullanrody Mullans Mullanshellistragh

Mullanvaum Mullavea Glebe Mullies Mullyard

Mullyardlougher Mullybrack Mullybreslen Mullybritt

Mullycavan Mullycovet Mullydinnity Mullyduff

Mullygarry Mullykivet Mullyknock or Topped Mountain Mullylogan

Mullylun Mullylusty Mullymesker Mullynaburtlan

Mullynacoagh Mullynagowan Mullynaherb Mullynahunshin

Mullynalughoge Mullynascarty Mullynaskeagh Mullynaval

Mullynavale Mullynavannoge Mullynavarnoge Mullyned

Mullyneeny Mulnadoran Mulnahorn Mulrod

Munville Mweelbane Naan Island East Naan Island South

Naan Island West Ned Ned's Island Nedsherry

Newpark Newtate or Drummoan Newtown Nutfield

Oakfield Oghill Oghillicartan Old Barr

Ora Beg Ora More or Tullybrack Oughterdrum Owenbreedin

Owenskerry Owl Island Paris Island Big Paris Island Little

Parkhill Parson's Green Glebe Physicberry Island Pipers Hill

Point Pollaginnive Pollkathleen Portbeg

Portinode Portmush Portnablahy Portnacloyaduff

Portnasnow Glebe Portora Portreagh Ports

Pottiagh Procklis Pubble Purgatory Island

Pushen Island Rabbit Island Rabron Rafintan

Rahall Rahallan Rahalton Rakeelan Glebe

Ramaley Ramoan or Barr Ramult Randalshough

Rateen Rathfure Rathkeelan Rathkeevan

Rathmoran Rathmore Ratoal Ratona

Ratoran Raw Reilly Relagh

Rellan Renogher Glebe Reyfad Rigg

Ring Ringvilla Rockfield Rocky Island

Rooskagh North Rooskagh South Roosky Ross

Ross Inner Ross Outer Rossaa Rossachrin

Rossahilly Rossavally Rossbeg Rossbrick Glebe

Rosscah Rosscarn Rossclare Rosscolban

Rosscolton Rosscor Rosscor Island Rosscorkey Island

Rosscrennagh Rossdagamph or St Catherines Rossdanean Rossdoney

Rossfad Rossgad Rossgole Rossgweer

Rossharbour Rossharbour Island Rossharbour Old Rossigh

Rossinnan Rossinure Beg Rossinure More Rosskit Island

Rosslea Rossmacaffry Rossmacall Rossmacawinny

Rossmacole Rossmore Rossnafarsan Rossole

Rossorry Rosspoint or Cosbystown East Rossyvullan Rotten Mountain

Rough Island Round Island Rush Island Rushin

Rushinbane Rushindoo Sallaghy Salloon

Sallow Island Sally Island Sally Islands Sallysgrove

Salry Sam's Island Samsonagh Sandhill

Sandholes Scaffog Scandally Scardans Lower

Scardans Upper Scattered Rocks Screegan Island Screevagh

Scribbagh Scribby Sessiagh East Sessiagh West

Sessiaghs Shallany Shanaghy Shanco

Shankill Shanmullagh Shannock Shannock Green

Shanraa Shanvally Shave Island Shean

Sheebeg Sheehinny Sheemuldoon Sheeny

Sheepwalk Sheetrim Shillanmore Sidaire

Silverhill Skea Skeagh Skeoge

Skreen Skrinny Slapragh Slattinagh

Slattinagh, Barr of Slawin Slawin, Barr of Slee Slievebane

Slisgarrow Slush Hill Smith's Rock Snowhill

Spring Grove Springtown Sraharory Srahenny

Srameen Island Sraniff Sruhanure St Catherine's or Rossdagamph

Staff Island Stallion Cowes Island Starraghan Stonefort

Stonepark Stony Islands (2) Stragolan Stragole

Stragowna Stralahan Stralustrin Stramatt

Stranacally Stranadarriff Stranafeley Stranahone

Strananerriagh Stratonagher Stratore Stripe

Strongbow Island Stumpys Hill Summerhill Swallow Island

Tabagh Tamlaght Tantybulk Tatnamallaght

Tatteevagh Tattenabuddagh Tattenaheglish Tattenalee

Tattenamona Tattendillur Tattinbarr Tattinderry

Tattinfree Tattintonegan Tattinweer Tattycam

Tattygare Tattygare Glebe Tattygormican Tattykeel Lower

Tattykeel Upper Tattykeeran Tattymacall Tattymore

Tattymorris Tattynacunnian Tattynageeragh Tattynagolan

Tattynuckle Tattyreagh Tawnaghgorm Tawnawanny

Tawnydorragh Tawnynoran Tawnyreagh Tedd

Teebane Teemore Teer Teesnaghtan

Teige's Rock Templenaffrin Tents Thomastown

Thornhill Glebe Tibberedoge Glebe Tievaveeny Tievealough

Tievebunnan Tievegarrow Tievenavarnog Tiraffy

Tiraltan Tiranagher Beg Tiranagher More Tiraroe

Tiravally Glebe Tiravree Glebe Tirconnell Tireeghan

Tireevil Tirenny Tirigannon Tirmacspird

Tirmonen Tiroogan Tirwinny Tober

Tobradan Tom's Island or Inishbeg Tonagh Glebe Tonanoran

Tonardrum Tonavally Toneel North Toneel South

Toney Tonity Bog Tonitygorman Tonlisderritt

Tonnaboy Tonnacroob Tonnagh Tonnaghboy

Tonregee Island Tonwore Tonydrummallard Tonyglaskan

Tonyloman Tonymalloe Tonymelt Tonymore

Tonystick Tonyteige Tonyvarnog Tonywall

Toolinn Toppan Toppan Island Topped Mountain or Mullyknock

Toralt Tower Beg Tower More Townhill

Trahanacarrick Island Trannish (Island) Trasna Trasna Island

Treel Trien Trillick Tromogagh

Trory Trustan Trustan Glebe Tubbrid

Tullanaginn Tullanaglare Tullanaglug Tullanaguiggy

Tullinteskin Tullinwonny Tully Tully North

Tully South Tullyavy Tullybellina Tullybrack or Ora More

Tullycallrick Tullycarbry Tullychurry Tullyclea

Tullycreevy Tullydevenish Tullyfad Tullygerravra

Tullyharney Tullyholvin Lower Tullyholvin Upper Tullyhommon

Tullyhona Tullykelter Tullykenneye Tullylammy

Tullylone Tullylough Tullyloughdaugh Tullymargy

Tullymore Tullynabohoge Tullynacor Tullynadall East

Tullynadall West Tullynagarn Tullynaglug Tullynagowan

Tullynaloob Tullynashammer Tullynasrahan Tullyneevin

Tullyoran or Mount Prospect Tullyrain Tullyreagh Tullyrossmearan

Tullysranadeega Tullyullagh Tullyvarrid Tullyvocady

Tullyvogy Tullyweel Turkey Islands Ummer

Ummera Urbal or Mossfield Urros Uttony

Water Horse Wheathill Wheathill Glebe Whilliter

Whinnigan Glebe White Island White Island or Muckinish Whitehill

Whitehill North Whitehill South Whiterocks Windmill Hill

Woaghternerry Woodhill Woody Mullaghree or Ashwoods


Townlands of Londonderry


Aghadowey Aghagaskin Aghansillagh Alla Lower

Alla Upper Altaghoney Altduff Altibrian

Altikeeragh Altinure Lower Altinure Upper Altnagelvin

Annagh and Moneysterlin Annaghmore Annahavil Ardagh

Ardgarvan Ardground Ardina Ardinarive

Ardkill Ardlough Ardmore Ardnabrocky

Ardnaguniog Ardnargle Ardreagh Ardvarness

Articlave Lower Articlave Upper Articrunaght North Articrunaght South

Artidillon Artikelly Ashlamaduff Aughil

Aughlish Aughrim Avish Back

Ballinderry Ballindreen Irish Ballindreen Scotch Ballindrum

Ballinrees Ballintaggart Ballinteer North Ballinteer South

Ballintemple Ballougry Ballyagan Ballyarnet

Ballyartan Ballyavelin North Ballyavelin South Ballybriest

Ballybrissell Ballybritain Ballycaghan Ballycairn

Ballycallaghan Ballycarton Ballycastle Ballyclaber

Ballyclough Ballycomlargy Ballycrum Ballydarrog

Ballydawley Ballydawley alias Crosspatrick Ballydermot Ballydevitt

Ballydonegan Ballydonnell Ballydullaghan Ballyeglish

Ballyforlea Ballygallin Ballygan Upper Ballygawley

Ballygelagh East Ballygelagh West Ballygillen Beg Ballygillen More

Ballygonny Beg Ballygonny More Ballygroll Ballygruby

Ballygudden Ballyguddin Ballygurk Ballyhacket Glenahorry

Ballyhacket Lisawilling Ballyhacket Magilligan Ballyhacket Toberclaw Ballyhanedin

Ballyhanna Ballyharigan Ballyheifer Ballyhenry East

Ballyhenry West Ballyholly Ballykeen Ballykelly

Ballykelly Level (Intake) Ballyknock Ballylagan Ballylagan North

Ballylagan South Ballylame Ballyleagry Ballyleese North

Ballyleese South Ballyleese West Quarter of Ballyleighery Lower Ballyleighery Upper

Ballylifford Ballylintagh Ballyloughan Ballymacallion

Ballymacilcurr Ballymaclanigan Ballymaclary Ballymaclevennon East

Ballymaclevennon West Ballymacombs Beg Ballymacombs More Ballymacpeake Lower

Ballymacpeake Upper Ballymacpherson Ballymacran Ballymadigan

Ballymaglin Ballymagoland Ballymagowan Ballymagrorty

Ballymagrorty or White House Ballymaguigan Ballymakeever Ballymenagh

Ballymoghan Beg Ballymoghan More Ballymonan Ballymoney

Ballymore Ballymoyle Ballymuckleheany Ballymulderg Beg

Ballymulderg More Ballymulholland Ballymulligan Ballymully

Ballymultimber Ballymultrea Ballynacally Beg Ballynacally More

Ballynacanon Ballynacross Ballynag Lower Ballynag Upper

Ballynagalliagh Ballynagard Ballynagarve Ballynagown

Ballynahery Ballynahone Beg Ballynahone More Ballynameen

Ballynamore Ballynashallog Ballynease-Helton Ballynease-Macpeake

Ballynease-Strain Ballyneill Beg Ballyneill More Ballynenagh

Ballyness Ballynewy Ballynian Ballynocker

Ballynure Ballyoan Ballyore Ballyquin

Ballyreagh Ballyriff Ballyrisk Beg Ballyrisk More

Ballyrogan Ballyrogully Ballyronan Beg Ballyronan More

Ballyrory Ballysally Ballyscullion Ballyscullion West

Ballyshasky Ballyspallan Ballystrone Ballyvelton Lower

Ballyvelton Upper Ballyvennox Ballyversall Ballywildrick Lower

Ballywildrick Upper Ballywilliam Ballywillin Ballywillin Bog

Ballywindelland Lower Ballywindelland Upper Ballywoodock Ballywoolen

Balteagh Lower Balteagh Upper Bancran Glebe Bannbrook Lower

Bannbrook Upper Barnakilly Barr Cregg Beagh (Spiritual)

Beagh (Temporal) Belagherty Belgarrow Bellany

Bellarena Bellasses Bellemont More Bellemont North

Bellemont South Bellury Belraugh Bennarees

Benone Big Glebe Binn Black Brae (Intake)

Blagh Blakes Lower Blakes Upper Bogagh

Boghilboy Boghill Bogtown Bolea

Boleran Bolie Bolies Bonnanaboigh

Bovagh Bovally Boveagh Bovedy

Bovevagh Boviel Bracaghreilly Brackagh

Brackagh Slieve Gallion Brackaghlislea Brackfield Bratwell

Brickkilns Brishey Broad Isle Broagh

Brockagh Brockaghboy Broglasco Broharris

Broighter Burnally Burren Beg Burren More

Bushtown Cabragh Cah Caheny

Cahery Cahore Calmore Cam

Camnish Campsey Lower Campsey Upper Camus

Camus Macosquin Glebe Caneese Cappagh Beg Cappagh More

Carbalintober Carbullion Carlaragh Carmean

Carmoney Carn Carnaboy Carnafarn

Carnakilly Lower Carnakilly Upper Carnalbanagh Carnalridge

Carnamoney Carnamuff Carnanbane Carnanee

Carnanreagh Carncose Carndaisy Carndougan

Carneety Carnet Carnowry Carnrallagh

Carrakeel Carraloan (Glebe) Carran Carranroe

Carrick Carrick East Carrickhugh Carricknakielt

Carrowclare Carrowmenagh Carrowmuddle Carrowreagh

Carrydarragh Carrydoo Cashel Castleroe

Castletoodry Caulhame Cavanreagh Caw

Church Island Churchland Clagan Clampernow

Clanterkee Claragh Clarehill Claudy

Clintagh Cloane Cloghan Cloghog

Cloghole Cloghore or Greerstown Clondermot Clonmakane

Clooney Cloughfin Cloyfin North Cloyfin South

Cluntygeeragh Colebreene Lower Coleraine and Suburbs Collins

Coltrim Coney Island Coolafinny Coolagh

Coolcoscreaghan Coolderry North Coolderry South Coole Glebe Lower

Coole Glebe Upper Coolessan Coolhill Coolkeenaght

Coolkeeragh Coolnacolpagh Coolnamonan Coolnasillagh

Coolsaragh Coolshinny Coolyvenny Corick

Corlacky Cormorant Island Cornamuclagh Corndale Lower

Corndale Upper Corrody Corrstown Coshquin

Crabarkey Craig Craigadick Craigall

Craigavole Craigbrack Craiglea Glebe Craigmore

Craignahorn Craigtown Craigtown Beg Craigtown More

Cranny Creagh, The Creevagh Lower Creevagh Upper

Creevedonnell Cregan Cregg Cregg Barr

Creggan Cressy Crib Crevolea Crew

Crindle Croaghan Crockindollagh Cromkill

Cross Glebe Crossballycormick Crosscanley Glebe Crossgare

Crossland Crossmakeever Crossnarea Crosspatrick alias Ballydawley

Crossreagh Crossreagh East Crossreagh West Cruckanim

Cuilbane Culcrow Culdrum Cullion

Cullycapple Cullyramer Culmore Culmore Lower

Culmore Upper Culnady Culnagrew Culnaman

Cumber Curr Curragh Curraghlane

Curran Currudda Curryfree Currynierin

Dam Head Danes Hill Dartress Deer Park

Derganagh Dernagross Derry Beg Derry More

Derryard Derryarkin Lower Derryarkin Upper Derrychrier

Derrycrummy Derrydorragh Derryduff Derryganard

Derrygarve Derrylane Derrynaflaw Derrynoyd

Derryork Derryware Dewhamill Island Dirnan

Dirtagh Disert Disertowen Doaghs Lower

Doaghs Lower Middle Doaghs Upper Doaghs Upper Middle Doluskey

Donnybrewer Level (Intake) Dooey Beg Doon Dowland

Downhill Dreen Dreenan Droghed

Dromore Drum Drumacarney Drumacony

Drumacrow Drumaderry Drumadragh Drumadreen

Drumaduan Drumaduff Drumagarner Drumagore

Drumagosker Drumagully Drumahoe Drumahorgan

Drumalief Drumane Drumanee Lower Drumanee Upper

Drumaquill Drumard Drumavally Drumballydonaghy

Drumballyhagan Drumballyhagan Clark Drumbane Drumconan

Drumconready Drumcovit Drumcroon Drumcrow

Drumderg Drumeil Drumenagh Drumgavenny Lower

Drumgavenny Upper Drumgesh Druminard Drumlamph

Drumlane Drummaneny Drummans Lower Drummans Middle

Drummans Upper Drummeen Drummond Drummuck

Drummullan Drumnacanon Drumnahay Drumneechy

Drumoolish Drumraighland Drumrainey Drumramer

Drumrane Drumrot Drumsamney Drumsaragh

Drumslade Drumsteeple Drumsurn Lower Drumsurn Upper

Dullaghy Dunady Dunalis Lower Dunalis Upper

Dunamoney Dunarnon Dunbeg Dunbrock

Duncrun Dunderg Dundooan Dungiven

Dunglady Dungorkin Dungullion Dunhugh

Dunlade Glebe Dunlogan Dunman Dunmore

Dunmurry Dunnabraggy Dunnavenny Dunronan

Duntibryan Durnascallon East Glebe Eden

Edenbane Edenmore Edenreagh Edenreagh Beg

Edenreagh More Elagh More Enagh Englishtown

Erganagh Ervey Evishagaran Exorna

Falgortrevy Fallagloon Fallahogy Falloward

Fallowlea Fallylea Farkland Farlow

Farranlester Farranseer Farrantemple Glebe Faughanvale

Fawney Feenan Beg Feenan More Feeny

Fincarn Finglen Fish Loughan Flanders

Formil Formoyle Formullen Freehall Dunlop

Freehall Watson Freehall or Moneyvennon Freugh Fruithill

Gallany Galvally Garborgle Garrylaban

Garvagh Gateside Gilky Hill Gills

Glack Glasakeeran Glasgort Glasvey

Glebe Glebe Big Glebe East Glebe Little

Glebe West Glebe exclusive of Gort Glenback Glenconway

Glencurb Glenderowen Glenedra Glengomna

Glenhall Glenkeen Glenleary Glenlough

Glenmaquill Glenone Glenshane Glenviggan

Gobnascale Gorran Gort Gort part of Glebe

Gortaclare Gortacloghan Gortagherty Lower Gortagherty Upper

Gortagilly Gortahurk Gortamney Gortanewry

Gortcorbies Gorteade Gortenny Gortfad

Gortgare Gortgarn Gortgran Gortgranagh

Gortica Gorticloghan Gorticross Gortilea

Gortin Gortin Coolhill Gortin Mayoghill Gortinreid

Gortinure Gortmacrane Gortmore Gortnagross

Gortnahey Beg Gortnahey More Gortnamoney Gortnamoyagh

Gortnaran Gortnarney Gortnaskey Gortnessy

Gortree Gortscreagan Gortycavan Gosheden

Granaghan Grange Grange Beg Grange More

Grange More Upper Grange Park Grannagh Granny

Gransha Gransha (Intake) Greenan Greerstown or Cloghore

Gresteel Beg Gresteel More Grillagh Gulladuff

Halfgayne Harpurs Hill Hass Heagles

Highmoor Hunter's Glebe Inchadoghill Inchmearing

Iniscarn Inisconagher Inishrush Inshaleen

Intake Island Doo Island Effrick North Island Effrick South

Island Flackey Island Heaghey Island-Tasserty Island-Vardin

Islandmore Lower Islandmore Upper Isle of Benoney Keady

Keely Keenaght Kilcaltan Kilcreen

Kilculmagrandal Kildoag Kilfinnan Kilgort

Kilhoyle Killaloo Killane Killcranny

Killea Killeague Killennan Killibleught

Killunaght Killure Killybasky Killybearn

Killyberry Killyberry Boyd Killyberry Downing Killyboggin

Killybready Killycor Killyfaddy Killygreen Lower

Killygreen Upper Killygullib Glebe Killykergan Killylane

Killymallaght Killymuck Killymuck Glebe Killyneese

Killynumber Killytoney Killyvally Killyveety

Killywool Kilmaconnell Kilnappy Kilrea

Kiltest Kiltinny Beg Kiltinny Lower Kiltinny More

Kiltinny Upper Kinculbrack Kinnyglass Kirkistown

Kirley Kittybane Knockadoo Knockaduff

Knockan Knockantern Knockbrack Knockmult

Knocknagin Knocknakeeragh Knocknakielt Knocknogher

Knockoneill Kurin Labby Lackagh

Landagivey Landmore Laragh Laraghaleas

Largantea Largantogher Largy Largyreagh

Larrycormick Lear Learden Leck

Leckagh Lecumpher Leeke Legaghory

Legavannon Leitrim Lemnaroy Lenamore

Letteran Letterloan Letterlogher Lettermire

Lettermuck Lettershendony Liffock Ligg

Ling Lisachrin Lisaghmore or The Douglas Lisalbanagh

Lisboy Lisbunny Liscall Lisdillon

Lisglass Lisgorgan Glebe Lislane Lislea

Lismacarol Lismoney Lismoyle Lismurphy

Lisnagalt Lisnagelvin Lisnagrib Lisnagroat

Lisnakilly Lisnamorrow Lisnamuck Lisnascreghog

Lisneal Lissaghmore Lissahawley Lissan Demesne

Listress Liswatty Lower Liswatty Upper Little Derry

Little Glebe Little Ringan Lodge Loguestown

Lomond Long's Glebe Longfield Longfield Beg

Longfield Level (Intake) Longfield More Loughan Hill Loughan Island

Loughanreagh North Loughanreagh South Loughermore Loughtilube

Luney Lurganagoose Macfinn Lower Macknagh

Macleary Macosquin Maddybenny Beg Maddybenny More

Maghadone Magheraboy Magheracanon Magheraclay

Magherafelt, Town Parks of Magheramenagh Magheramore Magherascullion

Magheraskeagh Maine North Maine South Managh Beg

Managh More Managher Margymonaghan Masteragwee

Mawillian Mayboy Maydown Mayoghill

McLean and Partners Division Meavemanougher Meencraig Megargy

Menagh Mettican Glebe Mill Loughan Mill Town

Millburn Minearny Minegallagher Glebe Mobuoy

Mobuy Monehanegan Moneybrannon Moneycarrie Lower

Moneycarrie Upper Moneyconey Moneydig Moneygran

Moneyguiggy Moneyhaw Moneyhoghan Moneymore

Moneyneany Moneyrannel Moneysallin Moneyshanere

Moneysharvan Moneystaghan-Ellis Moneystaghan-Macpeake Moneysterlin and Annagh

Moneyvennon or Freehall Monnaboy Mormeal Motalee

Mount Sandel Movanagher Movenis Moyagall

Moyagoney Moyard Moybeg Kirley Moydamlaght

Moyesset Moyheeland Moykeeran Moyknock

Moyletra Kill Moyletra Toy Moymucklemurry Moys

Muff Mulderg Muldonagh Mulkeeragh

Mullaboy Mullagh Mullaghacall North Mullaghacall South

Mullaghboy Mullaghinch Mullaghmore Mullaghmore Glebe

Mullaghnamoyagh Mullan Mullane Mullanhead

Mullennan Mullinabrone Mulnavoo Myroe Level (Intake)

Nare Ned Newtown Limavady alias Rathbrady Beg

Oghill Old Town Deer Park Old Town Downing Oughtagh

Oughtymore Oughtymoyle Ovil Owenbeg

Owenreagh Polepatrick Pottagh Prehen

Primity Pullans North Pullans South Quilley Lower

Quilley Upper Quilly Rallagh Rascahan

Raspberry Hill Rathbrady Beg alias Newtown Limavady Rathbrady More

Rathfad Ree Ringrash Beg Ringrash More

Risk Rocktown Roselick Beg Roselick More

Rosgarran Roshure Rossmore Rossnagalliagh

Ruskey Rusky Rusky Lower Rusky Upper

Sallowilly Salt Works Scab Island Scalty

Sconce Scotchtown Scriggan Seacon Lower

Seacon More Sesnagh Seygorry Shanemullagh

Shanlongford Shanreagh Shantallow Shanvey

Sheep Mash Sheriff's Mountain Sistrakeel Slaghtaverty

Slaghtmanus Slaghtneill Slaghtybogy Slimag

Smulgedon Somerset Spittle Hill Spring Hill

Spring Town Stradreagh Stradreagh Beg Stradreagh More

Straid Stranagard Strathall Straw

Straw Mountain Strawmore Streeve Swatragh

Tagharina Tamlaght Tamlaghtduff Tamlaghtmore

Tamnadeese Tamnadoey Tamnagh Tamnaherin

Tamnamoney Tamniaran Tamniarin Tamnyagan

Tamnyaskey Tamnymartin Tamnymore Tamnymullan

Tamnyrankin Tamnyreagh Tartnakilly Teeavan

Teenaght Temain Templemoyle Templetown

Termonbacca Ternamuck Terressan Terrydoo Clyde

Terrydoo Walker Terrydreen Terrydremont North Terrydremont South

Terrydrum The Creagh (Etre and Otre) The Trench or Lisaghmore Tibaran

Timaconway Tintagh Tirbracken Tircorran

Tircreven Tireighter Tirgan Tirgarvil

Tirglassan Tirgoland Tirhugh Tirkane

Tirkeeran Tirkeeveny Tirmacoy Tirmaquin

Tirnageeragh Tirnony Toberhead Tobermore

Tonaght Toneduff Town Parks of Magherafelt Tralee

Trienaltenagh Tullaghmurry East Tullaghmurry West Tullanee

Tullans Tullintrain Tully Tully Lower

Tully Upper Tullyally Lower Tullyally Upper Tullyarmon

Tullyboy Tullybrick Tullybrisland Tullyheran

Tullyhoe Tullykeeran Mountain Tullylinkisay Tullymain

Tullynagee Tullynure Tullyroan Tullyverry

Turmeel Turnaface Turnakibbock Twenty Acres

Tyanee Tygore Umbra Umrycam

Upperland Walworth Warbleshinny Waterside

Watt's Town West Glebe White House or Ballymagrorty Whitehill

Windy Hall Woodtown


Townlands of Tyrone


Aghaboy Lower Aghaboy Upper Aghabrack Aghacolumb

Aghadarragh Aghadreenan Aghadulla Aghadulla (Harper)

Aghafad Aghagallon Aghaginduff Aghagogan

Aghakinmart Aghakinsallagh Glebe Aghalane Aghalarg

Aghalarg Bog Aghaleag Aghalougher Aghalunny

Aghamilkin Aghamore Agharan Aghareany

Agharonan Aghascrebagh Aghasessy Aghaveagh

Aghee Aghenis Aghindarragh East Aghindarragh West

Aghindrumman Aghingowly Aghinlark Aghintain

Aghintober Aghlisk Aghnagar Aghnaglea

Aghnaglogh Aghnagreggan Aghnahoe Aghnahoo

Aghnamirigan Aghnamoe Aghnamoyle Aghnanereagh

Aghnaskea Aghyaran Alderwood Allen

Ally Altacamcosy Altadaven Altaglushan

Altamooskan Altamullan Altanagh Altanaveragh

Altcloghfin Altdoghal Altdrumman Altgolan

Altishahane Altmore alias Barracktown Altnageerog Altnagore

Altnavannog Altnaveagh Altrest Alwories

Anacramp Anagasna Glebe Annagarvey Annagh

Annagh (Augher) Annagh (Blessingbourne) Annagh Beg Annagh Demesne

Annagh More Annaghalough Annaghananam Annaghbeg

Annaghbo Annagher Annaghilla Annaghmakeown

Annaghmore Annaghmurnin Annaghnaboe Annaghone

Annaghquin Annaghroe Annaghsallagh Annaghteige

Annaginny Annahavil Annaloughan Anneeter Beg

Anneeter More Archill Ardarver Ardatinny

Ardbarren Lower Ardbarren Upper Ardcame Ardcumber

Ardean Ardmore Ardpatrick Ards

Ardstraw Ardunshin Ardvarnish Armalughey

Artclea Artigarvan Arvalee Ashfield or Grange

Ashfield or Grange Mountain Bar Athabryanmore Athenree Attagh

Attaghmore Aughagalla Aughagranna Aughamullan

Augher Tenements Aughlish Aughnacarney Aughrimderg

Aughtermoy Back Lower Back Upper Backan

Backfarm Backfence Backhill Backtown

Balix Lower Balix Upper Ballagh Ballaghalare

Ballaghneed Ballee Ballintrain Ballought

Ballyard Ballybeeny Ballybeg Ballyblagh

Ballyboy Ballybray Ballycolman Ballydonaghy

Ballyfatten Ballyfolliard Ballygawley Ballygittle

Ballygowan Ballygreenan Ballygroogan Ballyhallaghan

Ballyheather Ballykeel Ballykeery Ballylagan

Ballylaw Ballylennan Mercer Ballylennan Scott Ballymacall

Ballymacan Ballymackilduff Ballymackilroy Ballymagorry

Ballymagowan Ballymaguire Ballymenagh Ballymongan

Ballymullarty Ballymully Glebe Ballymurphy Ballynabwee

Ballynacross Ballynacroy Ballynafeagh Ballynagilly

Ballynagowan Lower alias Bellsgrove Ballynagowan Upper alias Bellmount

Ballynagurragh Ballynahatty Ballynahaye Ballynahone

Ballynakilly Ballynaloan Ballynamallaght Ballynamullan

Ballynany Ballynapottoge Ballynaquilly Ballynargan

Ballynasaggart Ballynasollus Ballynatubbrit Ballyneaner

Ballyness Ballynorthland Demesne Ballyreagh Ballyrenan

Ballysaggart Ballyscally Ballyskeagh Ballysudden

Ballyvaddan Ballyvaddy Ballyveeny Ballyward

Ballywholan Bancran Bank Bardahessiagh

Barnes Lower Barnes Upper Baronagh Barons Court

Barracktown alias Altmore Barran Barravey Beagh

Beagh-more Beaghbeg Bearney Glebe Beigh Glebe

Beleevna-beg Beleevna-more Bellmount alias Ballynagowan Upper

Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower Bellspark Belnaclogh

Belnagarnan Belragh Beltany Beltonanean

Beltrim Benburb Beragh Bernagh

Berrysfort Billary Binbunniff Binnafreaghan

Binnawooda Binnelly Birnaghs Blackers Rock

Blackfort Blacklands Blacksessagh Blacktown

Bloomhill Bloomhill Demesne Bloomry Bockets

Bodoney Bogbane Bohard Boheragh

Bolaght Boland Bolies Bomackatall Lower

Bomackatall Upper Botera Lower Botera Upper Bovean

Boyd's Farm Brackagh Brackagh North Brackagh South

Brackaville Bracky Bradkeel Branny

Branter Breakly Breen Bridgetown

Brigh Brocklis Brookend Brossloy

Broughadowey Broughderg Brownhill Bullock Park

Bunderg Bunnynubber Bunowen Byturn

Cabragh Cadian Cady Cahoo

Caldrum Caledon Calheme Calkill

Camaghy Camderry Camowen Campsie

Camus Cappagh Cargagh Carnagat

Carnagribban Carnahinny Carnalea Carnan

Carnanransy Carnargan Carnarousk Carnaveagh

Carncorran Glebe Carndreen Carnenny Carnkenny

Carnony Carnoughter Carntall Beg Carntall More

Carnteel Carony Carr Carracoghan

Carradoo Glebe Carradowa Glebe Carran Carrick

Carrickadartan Carrickaholten Carrickaness Carrickatane

Carrickavoy Carrickayne CarrickbweeGlebe Carricklee

Carricklongfield Carrickmore Carrickone Carrigans

Carrigullin Carrowbeg Carrowcolman Carrowoaghtragh

Carrycastle Carryclogher Carryglass Cashel

Cashty Casorna Castle Farm Castlebane

Castlecraig Castledamph Castlegore Castlehill Demesne

Castlemellan Castlemervyn Demesne Castleroddy Glebe Castlesessagh

Castletown Castlewarren Cattor Cavan

Cavan O'Neill Cavanacark Cavanacaw Cavanacaw Lower

Cavanacaw Upper Cavanakeeran Cavanalee Cavanamara

Cavanboy Cavancreagh Cavandarragh Cavankilgreen

Cavanoneill Cavanreagh Cavansallagh Cavey

Church Hill Churchtown Clady Clady Blair

Clady Haliday Clady Hood Clady Johnston Clady Sproul or Liscreevaghan

Clagernagh Claggan Claggan North Claggan South

Clanabogan Lower Clanabogan Upper Clananeese Glebe Claraghmore

Clare Clare More Clare Upper Claremore

Cleanally Clintycracken Cloghboy Cloghcor

Clogher Demesne Clogher Tenements Clogherny Clogherny Glebe

Clogherny Glebe Lower Clogherny Glebe Upper Cloghfin Cloghlin

Cloghog Cloghog Lower Cloghog Upper Cloghogle

Cloghogle or Glenknock Clonavaddy Clonbeg Cloncandra Glebe

Cloneblaugh Clonmore Clonteevy Clontyclevin

Clontyfallow Clontyferagh Cloonty Cloonycoppoge

Clunahill Glebe Cluntoe (Quin) Cluntoe (Richardson) Cluntydoon

Cluntyganny Coagh Coash Cohannan

Cole Collow Common Common Moss

Commons Concess Congo Conywarren

Cookstown Coolageery Coolaghy Coolatinny

Coolavannagh Coolback Coolcreaghy Coolcush

Coole Coolermoney Coolesker Cooley

Coolhill Coolkeeghan Coolkeeragh Coolkill

Coolmaghery Coolmaghry Coolnacrunaght Coolnafranky

Coolnagard Lower Coolnagard Upper Coolnahavil Coolnaherin Park

Coolreaghs Copney Corbally Corboe

Corchoney Corcloghy Corcreevy Corcreevy Demesne

Corderry Cordromedy Corgary Fifth or First Croagh Corgary First

Corgary Fourth or Meenablagh Corgary Second Corgary Sixth or Second Croagh Corgary Third

Corick Corickmore Corkill Corkill Demesne

Corkragh Corlaghdergan Corlea Corleaghan

Cormore Cormullagh Cornabracken Cornamaddy

Cornamuck Cornamucklagh Cornashesk Cornavarrow

Corr Corradinna Corrainy Corramore

Corranarry Corrashesk Corrasheskin Corratary

Corrycroar Corvanaghan Cottagequinn Coyagh

Coyagh Glebe Craigatuke Craigmonaghan (Funston) Craigmonaghan (Nelson)

Craignagapple Craigs Cranfield Cranlome

Crannogue Cranny Cranslough Cratley

Cravenny Irish Cravenny Scotch Creaghan Glebe Creaghcor

Creeduff Creenagh Creevagh Creevagh Lower

Creevagh Upper Creevangar (Alexander) Creevangar (White) Creevanmore (Crosby)

Creevanmore (Hunter) Creeve Creevelough Creevenagh

Creevy Creevy Lower Creevy Upper Creggan

Cregganconroe Creggandevesky Crew Crew Lower

Crew Upper Crighdenis Crighshane Crilly

Crilly's Hill Croagh First or Corgary Fifth Croagh Second or Corgary Sixth Crockacleaven

Crockanboy Crockatanty Crocknafarbrague Crocknahull

Cronghill Crosh Croshballinree Cross Glebe

Crossan Crossboy Crosscavanagh Crossdernot

Crossowen Crossteely Crouck Crubinagh

Cruckaclady Crucknamona Culbuck Culkeeran

Cullamore Cullenbrone Cullenfad Cullenramer

Cullentra Culligan Cullion Cullynane

Culmore Culnagor Culnagrew Culnaha

Culrevog Culvacullion Cumber Curglassan

Curlagh Curlonan Curly Curr

Curragh Glebe Curraghamulkin Curraghinalt Curraghmacall

Curran Dartans Davagh Lower Davagh Upper

Deer Park (Clarke) Deer Park (McCormick) Deer Park, Lower or Old Deer Park, Middle

Deer Park, Upper or New Demesne Dergalt Dergany (Maguire)

Dergany (Neville) Dergbrough Dergenagh Dergmoney Lower

Dergmoney Upper Dernabane Dernaborey Dernagh

Dernagilly Dernalebe Dernanaught Dernaseer

Dernasell Deroran Derraghadoan Derries

Derrinleagh Derroar Derry Derryallen

Derryallen Glebe Derryalskea Derrybard Derryclay

Derrycloony Derrycourtney Derrycreevy Derrycreevy (Knox)

Derrycrin (Conyngham) Derrycrin (Eglish) Derrycush Derrydrummond

Derryfubble Derrygally Derrygally Demesne Derrygonigan

Derrygooly Derrygoon Derrygoonan Derrygortanea

Derrygortrevy Derryhash Derryhoar Derrykeel and Gortlenaghan

Derrykintone Derrylappen Derrylattinee Derrylea

Derryloran alias Kirktown Derryloughan Derrymacanna Derrymeen

Derrynascobe Derrynaseer Derryoghill Derryraghan

Derrytresk Derryveen Derrywinnin Glebe Dervaghroy

Desert Desertcreat Divinagh Donacavey

Donaghanie Donaghenry Donaghey Donaghmore

Donaghmoyne Donaghrisk Donnydeade Donnygowen

Doocrock Doogary Dooish Doolargy

Doons Dooragh Doorat Doorless

Doras Douglas or Ligfordrum Downs Drain

Draughton Dredolt and Dristernan Dreemore Dreenan

Dreigh Dressoge Dristernan and Dredolt Droit

Dromore Dromore Lower Dromore Middle Dromore Upper

Drone Drudgeon Drum Drumad

Drumadarragh Drumagullion Drumanuey Drumard

Drumard Cross Drumard Glebe Drumardnagross Drumash

Drumaslaghy Drumaspil Drumay Drumballyhugh

Drumbanaway Drumbarley Drumbearn Drumbinnion

Drumbulgan Drumclamph Drumconnelly Drumconnis

Drumconor Drumconvis Drumcoo Drumcorke

Drumcraw Drumcrow Drumcullion Drumderg

Drumderg Glebe Drumdran Drumduff Drumeagle

Drumearn Drumenagh Drumenny (Conyngham) Drumenny (Stewart)

Drumenny Big Drumenny Little Drumess Drumey

Drumfad Drumflugh Drumgallan Drumgarrell

Drumgart Drumgauty Drumgold Drumgormal

Drumgose Drumgrannon Drumgrass Drumharriff

Drumharvey Drumhirk Drumhirk Glebe Drumhonish

Drumhorrik Drumhubbert Drumkee Drumkern

Drumlagher Drumlea Drumlee Drumlegagh

Drumlester Drumlish Drummahon Drummallard

Drumman Drummenagh Drummillard Drummond

Drummuck Drummurrer Drumnabey Drumnaboy

Drumnacross Lower Drumnacross Upper Drumnafern Drumnaforbe

Drumnaglogh Drumnahoe Drumnakilly Drumnamalra

Drumnamalta Drumnamoless Drumnashaloge Drumnaspar Lower

Drumnaspar Upper Drumnastrade Drumowen Drumquin

Drumragh (Caldwell) Drumragh (J McCausland) Drumragh (P McCausland) Drumraw

Drumrawn Drumreagh Etra Drumreagh Otra Drumreany

Drumscra Drumshanbo Glebe Drumshanly Drumsheil

Drumskinny Drumsonnus Drumwhisker Dufless

Dullaghan Dullerton Dunamony Dunbiggan

Dunbreen Dunbunrawer Dundivin Glebe Dungate

Dungoran Dungorman Dungororan Dunmacmay

Dunmisk Dunmore Dunmoyle Dunmullan

Dunnalong Dunnamanagh Dunnamona Dunnamona Glebe

Dunnamore Dunnaree Dunnyboe Dunrevan

Dunseark Dunteige Dunwish Durless Black

Durless White Dyan Eary Lower Eary Upper

Ecclesville Demesne Eden Eden Back Eden Fore

Eden Mill Edenacrannon Edenafogry Edenageeragh

Edenagon Edenasop Edenasop East Edenasop West

Edenatoodry Edenderry Edendoit Edendork

Edenmore Edenreagh Edentiloan Edergole

Edergoole Lower Edergoole Upper Edernagh Ednashanlaght

Edymore Effernan Glebe Eglish alias The Gort Elagh

Enagh Ennish Enniskillen Envagh

Erganagh Erganagh Glebe Errigal Esker

Eskeradooey Eskerboy Eskermore Eskernabrogue

Eskragh Essan Evish Evishacrancussy

Evishanoran Evishbrack Faccary Fallagh Lower

Fallagh Middle Fallagh Upper Fallaghearn Fardross Demesne

Fardross Mountain Farlough Farranetra Farrest

Farriter Farsnagh Fasglashagh Favour Royal Demesne

Fawney Feagh Feddan Feegarran

Feenan Feglish Fernagh Fernaghandrum

Fernamenagh Ferney Feroy Fifth Corgary or First Croagh

Findermore Findrum Finelly Finglush

Fintona Finulagh Finvey Fireagh (Cochrane)

Fireagh (Gardiner) Fireagh (Thompson) First Corgary First Croagh or Fifth Corgary

Fivemiletown Flushtown Fogart Foremass Lower

Foremass Upper Formil Forttown Fourth Corgary or meenablagh

Foygh Freughlough Freughmore Fyfin

Fymore Moutray Fymore Todd Galbally Galcussagh

Gallagh Gallan Lower Gallan Upper Gallanagh

Gallany Galvally or Stevensons Dowery Galvally, Outlands of Gammy

Ganvaghan Hemphill Ganvaghan Kyle Ganvaghan Semple Gardrum

Gargadis Gargrim Garlaw Garrison Glebe

Gartagher Garvagh Garvagh Blane Garvagh Pullans

Garvaghullion Garvaghy Garvallagh Garvetagh Lower

Garvetagh Upper Garvey Gillygooly Glack

Glasdrummond Glashygolgan Glasmullagh Glasmullagh North

Glasmullagh South Glebe Glebe (Artrea) Glebe (Derryloran)

Glebe (Donaghenry) Glebe (Old) Glebe Farm Glen Upper

Glenadush Glenarb Glenarny Glenbeg

Glenburrisk Glenchiel Glenchuil Glencon

Glencoppogagh Glencordial Glencosh Glencrew

Glencull Glendavagh Gleneeny Glenerin

Glenga Glengarrow Glengawna Glengeen

Glenglush Glenhoy Glenkeen Glenknock or Cloghogle

Glenlark Glenmacoffer Glennageeragh Glennagoorland Glebe

Glennan Glennoo Glenroan Glenroe

Glentimon Glentown Gloudstown Gobnascale

Golan Golan (Hunter) Golan (Sproul) Golan Adams

Golan Glebe Golandun Dolan Golandun McHugh Goles

Gorestown Gorey Gort Gortacar (Doris)

Gortacar (Glassy) Gortaclady Gortaclare Gortacloghan

Gortagammon Gortagowan Gortalowry Gortatray

Gortatray Bog Gortavale Gortavea Gortavilly

Gortavoy Gortfad Gortfad Glebe Gortfin

Gortfinbar Gortgonis Gortgranagh Gorticashel Lower

Gorticashel Upper Gorticrum Irish Gorticrum Scotch Gortigal

Gortileck Gortin Gortinagin Gortindarragh

Gortlenaghan and Derrykeel Gortlogher Gortmellan Gortmerron

Gortmessan Gortmonly Gortmore Gortnacreagh

Gortnagarn Gortnaglogh Gortnaglush Gortnagola

Gortnagross Gortnagwyg Gortnaskea Gortnasoal Glebe

Gortrea Gortreagh Gortrush Gortshalgan

Gowshill Granagh Grange Grange Foyle

Grange Island Grange Mountain Bar or Ashfield Grange or Ashfield Green Hill Demesne

Greenan Greenbrae Greenlaw Guiness

Gulladoo Gunnell Hackincon Halftown

High Cross Hill Head Holly-hill Hunterstown

Inchenny Inchenny Upper Inisclan Inishative

Inishmagh Innevall Keady Keadycam

Kedew Keenaghan Keenogue Keerin

Kennystown Kerrib Kilcam Kilclay

Kilclean Kilcoony Kilcootry Kilcroagh

Kilcronagh Kildress Lower Kildress Upper Kildrum

Kilgort Kilgowney Kilgreen Lower Kilgreen Upper

Kilknock Kill Killadroy Killaney Lower

Killaney Upper Killary Glebe Killaveney Killeen

Killeenan Killeeshil Killen Far Killen Near

Killenny Killeter Killey Killins

Killinure Killoan Killoon Killucan

Killyberry Killyblunick Glebe Killybrack Killybracken

Killybrackey Killycanavan Lower Killycanavan Upper Killyclogher

Killyclooney Killycolp Killycolpy Killycorran

Killycurragh Killycurry Killydart Killyfaddy

Killyfuddy Killygarvan Killygavanagh Killygonlan

Killygordon Killyharry Glebe Killylack Glebe Killylevin

Killyliss Killymaddy (Evans) Killymaddy (Knox) Killymam

Killymeal Killymenagh Killymendon Killymoon Demesne

Killymoonan Killymore Killymorgan Killymoyle

Killymurphy Killynaght Killynaul Killyneedan

Killyneery Killyneill Killyquinn Killywoolaghan

Kilmakardle Kilmascally Kilmore Kilmore Irvine

Kilmore Robinson Kilnacart Kilnagrew Kilnaheery

Kilnahusogue Kilnaslee Kilreal Lower Kilreal Upper

Kilruddan Kilsally Kilsampson Kilsannagh

Kilskeery Glebe Kilstrule Kiltamnagh Kiltermon

Kiltyclay Kiltyclogher Kinego Kingarrow

Kingarve Kinine Kinkit Kinnagillian

Kinrush Kinturk Kinturk Flat Kirktown alias Derryloran

Kirlish Kivlin Knockaconny Knockadreen

Knockaginny Knockaleery Knockanbrack Knockanroe

Knockaraven Knockarogan Glebe Knockavaddy Knockbrack

Knockinarvoer Knockiniller Knockmany Knockmoyle

Knocknacarney Knocknaclogha Knocknacloy Knocknagor

Knocknahorn Knocknahorna Knocknarney Knocknaroy

Knockonny Knockroe Lackagh Lagavadder

Lagavittal Laghey Laght Laghtfoggy

Laghtmorris Lagnagalloglagh Lairakean Lammy

Lanaglug Landahussy Lower Landahussy Upper Laragh

Largybeg Latbeg Leaghan Leaghs

Leany Learden Lower Learden Upper Learmore

Leat Leck Leckin Leckpatrick

Lederg Legacurry Legamaghery Legane

Leganvy Legaroe Legatiggle Legatonegan

Legcloghfin Legilly Legland Legmurn

Legnabraid Legnacash Legnagappoge Legphressy

Leitrim Lenadremnagh Lenagh Lenamore

Letfern Letterbin Letterbrat Lettercarn

Letterclery Lettergash Lettery Lifford

Ligatraght Ligfordrum or Douglas Liggartown Liggins

Lime Hill Linnyglass Lisaclare Lisadavil

Lisahoppin Lisanelly Lisavaddy Lisbancarney

Lisbane Lisbanlemneigh Lisbeg Lisboy

Liscabble Liscausy Liscloon Lower Liscloon Upper

Lisconduff Lisconrea Liscreevaghan or Clady Sproul Liscurry

Lisdergan Lisdermot Lisdivin Lower Lisdivin Upper

Lisdoart Lisdoo Lisduff Lisfearty

Lisgallon Lisginny Lisgobban Lisgonnell

Lisgorran Liskinbwee Liskincon Liskittle

Lisky Lisky Glebe Lislaferty Lislaird

Lislane Lislap East Lislap West Lislea

Lislea, North and South Lislee Lisleen Lislimnaghan

Lismore Lismulladown Lismulrevy Lisnabulrevey

Lisnabunny Lisnaclin Lisnacloon Lisnacreaght

Lisnacreeve Lisnacroy Lisnafin Lisnagardy

Lisnagirr Lisnagleer Lisnagowan Lisnahall

Lisnahanna Lisnaharney Lisnahoy Lisnahull

Lisnamaghery Lisnamallard Lisnamonaghan Lisnanane

Lisnarable Lisnaragh Irish Lisnaragh Scotch Lisnastrane

Lisnatunny Glebe Lisnawery Lisneight Lisroan

Lissan Lissaneden Listamlet Listymore

Longhill Longridge Losset Loughans

Loughash Loughermore Glebe Loughmacrory Loughmuck (Alcorn)

Loughmuck (Wallace) Loughneas Loughry Loughterush

Low Cross Lower or Old Deer Park Lowertown Loy

Lungs Lurgaboy Lurgacullion Lurganaglare

Lurganboy Lurganeden Lurgy Lurgylea

Lurgyroe Maccrackens Mackenny Magharenny

Magheracoltan Magheracreggan Magheragar Magheragart

Magheragart (Donnell) Magheragart or Sessiaghs Magheraglass Magherakeel

Magheralamfield Magheralough Magheramason Magheramulkenny

Magheranageeragh Magherareagh Magirr Maine

Makenny Mallabeny Maloon Marrock Glebe

Martray Meaghy Meeltogues Meenablagh or Fourth Corgary

Meenacloy Meenacrane Meenadoan Meenadoo

Meenafergus Meenagar Meenagarragh Meenagh

Meenagh Hill Meenagorp Meenagowan Meenagrogan

Meenaheery Glebe Meenakeeran Meenamullan Meenanea

Meenarodda Meenascallagh Meenbog Meencargagh

Meencarriga Meenclogher Meendamph Meenmossogue Glebe

Meetinghousehill Merchantstown Glebe Middle Deer Park Millberry

Millix Milltown Mineveigh Moboy

Moghan Monanameal Moneycanon Moneygar

Moneygaragh Monrush Moorfield Morree

Mossmore Mount Bernard Mount Stewart Mountcastle

Mountjoy Forest East Division Mountjoy Forest West Division Mourne Beg Mousetown

Moveagh Moy Moyagh Moyard

Moygashel Moylagh Moyle Glebe Moymore

Moynagh Moyroe Mulboy Mullagh

Mullaghacreevy Mullaghadrolly Mullaghadun Mullaghanagh

Mullagharn Mullaghbane Mullaghboy Mullaghconor Glebe

Mullaghdaly Mullaghfurtherland Mullaghglass Mullaghlongfield

Mullaghmarget Mullaghmenagh Lower Mullaghmenagh Upper Mullaghmore

Mullaghmore East Mullaghmore Glebe Mullaghmore West Mullaghmossagh

Mullaghmossog Glebe Mullaghmoyle Mullaghnese Mullaghroddan

Mullaghshantullagh Mullaghslin Glebe Mullaghteige Mullaghtinny

Mullaghtironey Mullaghwotragh Mullan Beg Mullan Lower

Mullan More Mullan Upper Mullanabreen Mullanahoe

Mullanatoomog Mullanboy Mullans Mullans (Killyfaddy)

Mullantain Mullasiloga Mullawinny Mullintor

Mullybrannon Mullycar Mullycarnan Mullycrunnet

Mullyfabeg Mullyfamore Mullygruen Mullynaveagh

Mullyneill Mullynure Mullyroddan Mullysilly

Mulnafye Mulnagoagh Mulnagore Mulnagork

Mulnahorn Mulnahunch Mulvin Munderrydoe

Munie Muntober Murnells New Buildings

New Park Newry Newtown Stewart North and South Lislea

Nurchossy Irish Nurchossy Scotch Oaghmonicroy Oaklands

Oghill Old Church Yard Omagh Oritor

Oughtboy Oughtdoorish Oughterard Oughtmame

Oughtnamwella Outlands of Galvally Owenreagh Oxtown

Park, New Parker's Farm Peacockbank Plaister

Polfore Pollockstown Pomeroy Priestsessagh

Prolusk Prospect Pruglish Pubble

Pullateebee Pullyernan Quiggy Quintinmanus

Rabstown Racolpa Racrane Radergan

Rahack Glebe Rahony Rahoran Rakeeragh

Rakeeranbeg Rakelly Ramackan Ramaket

Ranaghan Raneese Ranelly Ranenly

Rarogan Rarone Rathfraggan Rathwarren

Ratory Ratyn Raveagh Ravellea

Raw Reaghan Realtons Reaskcor

Reaskmore Recarson Reclain Rehaghy

Relagh Relagh Guinness Relaghdooey Relessy

Reloagh Reskatirriff Richmond Riverstown

Roan Rockdale Rockhead Roscavey

Roscor Rosemeilan Rosnamuck Ross

Ross Beg Ross More Rossnareen Rough Hill

Roughan Roundhill Rousky Rouskyro

Roy Rylagh Rylands Sanaghanroe

Sandville Sawelabeg Scaddy Island Scallen

Scarvagherin Scotchtown Scotstown Scraghy

Scralea Screeby Screggagh Second Corgary

Second Croagh or Sixth Corgary Sedennan Seegronan Seein

Segully Seskinore Sess Sess Kilgreen

Sessagh of Gallan Sessia Sessiadonaghy Sessiagh

Sessiagh (Lindesay) Sessiagh (Scott) Sessiaghs or Magheragart Sessiamagaroll

Seyloran Shanaghy Shanalurg Shanco

Shankey Shanliss Lower Shanliss Upper Shanmaghry

Shanmoy Shanmullagh East Shanmullagh Glebe Shanmullagh West

Shannaragh Shanog Shanonny East Shanonny West

Shantavny Shantavny Irish Shantavny Scotch Shantonagh

Sheridan Sherrigrim Sheskinshule Shivey

Silverhill Sixmilecross Sixth Corgary or Second Croagh Skea

Skeboy Skelgagh Skenahergny Skenarget

Skeogue Skerryglass Skey Skinboy

Skinboy Mountain Skreen Slaghtfreeden Slatbeg

Slatmore Slievedoo Sloughan Sluggan

Soarn Sollus Somervillestown Spamount

Speerholme Springtown Sraghcumber Stakernagh

Stangmore (Knox) Stangmore (Magee) Stephenstown Stevenson's Dowry or Galvally

Stiloga Stonewalls Stonyfalls Stonypath

Strabane Strabane Bog Strabane, Town Parks of Stradowan

Straduff Stragrane Stragullin Strahull

Strahulter Straletterdallan Stralongford Stranabrosny

Stranagalwilly Stranagummer Stranisk Stratigore

Straughroy Streefe Glebe Strews Strifehill

Stroanbrack Stroancarbadagh Stuart Hall Stughan

Sullenboy Sultan Syerla Syonee

Syonfin Syunshin Taboe Glebe Tamlaght

Tamlaghtmore Tamnabrady Tamnabryan Tamnaclare

Tamnagh Tamnakeery Tamnaskeeny Tamnavally

Tamnyhagan Tamnylennan Tanderagee Tannagh

Tannaghlane Tantramurry Tarlum Tartlaghan

Tatnadaveny Tatnagilta Tattanafinnell Tattanellan

Tattraconnaghty Tattycor Tattykeel Tattykeel (Buchannan)

Tattykeel (Rogers) Tattykeeran Tattymoyle Lower Tattymoyle Middle

Tattymoyle Upper Tattymulmona Tattynagole Tattynure

Tattyreagh Glebe Tattysallagh Tawnymore Teebane

Teebane East Teebane West Tempanroe Templereagh

Terrenew Terrew Terryglassog Terryscollop

Terrywinny The Bonn The Gort alias Eglish The Rock

Third Corgary Thornhill Glebe Tievebrack Tievenagh

Tievenameena Tievenameenta Tievenny Timpany

Tircar Tirconnelly Tircur Tireenan

Tirelugan Tirkernaghan Tirmacshane Tirmegan

Tirmurty Tirnaskea Tirnaskea (Bayly) Tiroony

Tirquin Toberlane Tobermesson Glebe Tolvin

Tonegan Tonnagh Beg Tonnagh More Tonnaghbane

Toomog Town Parks Town Parks of Strabane Townagh

Tremoge Trew Trickvallen Trienamongan

Trinamadan Tullagh Tullagh Beg Tullagh More

Tullagherin Tullaghoge Tullanafoile Tullanavert

Tully Tullyallen Tullyaran Tullyard

Tullyblety Tullybroom Tullybryan Tullycall

Tullycar Tullyclunagh Tullyconnell Tullycorker

Tullycullion Tullycunny Tullydoortans Tullydowey

Tullydraw Tullyfaughan Tullygare Tullygiven

Tullyglush Tullygoney Tullygun Tullyheeran

Tullyhurken Tullylagan Tullylearn Tullyleek

Tullylig Tullylinton Tullymagough Tullymoan

Tullymuck Tullynadall Tullynashane Tullynincrin

Tullynure Tullyodonnell Tullyquin Glebe Tullyraw

Tullyreavy Tullyremon Tullyroan Tullyrush

Tullyvally Tullyvannon Tullyvar Tullyveagh

Tullyvernan Tullywee Tullyweery Tullywhisker

Tullywiggan Tullywinny Tullywolly Tulnacross

Tulnagall Tulnashane Tulnavern Tummery

Tumpher Turleenan Turnabarson Tursallagh

Tycanny Tyhan Unagh Unicks

Unshinagh Upper or New Deer Park Upperthird Urbal

Urbalreagh Urney Urney Glebe Usnagh

Whitehouse Whitetown Willmount Windyhill

Woodbrook Woodend Woodhill Woodside


Civil Parish


Below is a list of the civil Parishes in Ulster per county. You can use this information to search the gravetone inscription database. See our sister site For a complete set of Civil Parish Maps for Ulster.

These are important units for record purposes. They generally contain around twenty-five to thirty townlands as well as towns and villages. There are around 2,500 civil parishes in Ireland. In many cases civil parishes straddle county and barony boundaries.



1 Aghagallon
2 Aghalee
3 Ahoghill
4 Antrim
5 Ardclinis
6 Armoy
7 Ballinderry
8 Ballintoy
9 Ballyclug
10 Ballycor
11 Ballylinny
12 Ballymartin
13 Ballymoney
14 Ballynure
15 Ballyrashane
16 Ballyscullion
17 Ballyscullion Grange
18 Ballywillin
19 Billy
20 Blaris
21 Camlin
22 Carncastle
23 Carnmoney
24 Carrickfergus
25 Connor
26 Cranfield
27 Culfeightrin
28 Derryaghy
29 Derrykeighan
30 Doagh Grange
31 Donegore
32 Drumbeg
33 Drummaul
34 Dunaghy
35 Duneane
36 Dunluce
37 Finvoy
38 Glenavy
39 Glenwhirry
40 Glynn
41 Grange of Drumtullagh
42 Grange of Dundermot
43 Grange of Inispollan
44 Grange of Killyglen
45 Grange of Layd
46 Grange of Nilteen
47 Grange of Shilvodan
48 Inver
49 Island Magee
50 Kilbride
51 Kildollagh
52 Killagan
53 Killead
54 Kilraghts
55 Kilroot
56 Kilwaughter
57 Kirkinriola
58 Lambeg
59 Larne
60 Layd
61 Loughguile
62 Magheragall
63 Magheramesk
64 Muckamore (Grange of)
65 Newton Cromlin
66 Racavan
67 Raloo
68 Ramoan
69 Rasharkin
70 Rashee
71 Rathlin
72 Skerry
73 Templecorran
74 Templepatrick
75 Tickmacrevan
76 Tullaghgore
77 Tullyrusk


1 Armagh
2 Ballymore
3 Ballymyre
4 Clonfeacle
5 Creggan
6 Derrynoose
7 Drumcree
8 Eglish
9 Forkill
10 Grange
11 Jonesborough
12 Keady
13 Kilclooney
14 Killevy
15 Killyman
16 Kilmore
17 Lisnadill
18 Loughgall
19 Loughgilly
20 Magheralin
21 Montiaghs
22 Mullaghbrack
23 Newry
24 Newtownhamilton
25 Seagoe


1 Aghaderg
2 Annaclone
3 Annahilt
4 Ardglass
5 Ardkeen
6 Ardquin
7 Ballee
8 Ballyculter
9 Ballyhalbert alias St. Andrews
10 Ballykinler
11 Ballyphilip
12 Ballytrustan
13 Ballywalter
14 Bangor
15 Blaris
16 Bright
17 Castleboy
18 Clonallan
19 Clonduff
20 Comber
21 Donaghadee
22 Donaghcloney
23 Donaghmore
24 Down
25 Dromara
26 Dromore
27 Drumballyroney
28 Drumbeg
29 Drumbo
30 Drumgath
31 Drumgooland
32 Dundonald
33 Dunsfort
34 Garvaghy
35 Greyabbey
36 Hillsborough
37 Holywood
38 Inch
39 Inishargy
40 Kilbroney
41 Kilclief
42 Kilcoo
43 Kilkeel
44 Killaney
45 Killinchy
46 Killyleagh
47 Kilmegan
48 Kilmood
49 Kilmore
50 Lambeg
51 Loughinisland
52 Maghera
53 Magheradrool
54 Magheralin
55 Magherally
56 Moira
57 Newry
58 Newtownards
59 Rathmullan
60 Saintfield
63 Saul
62 Seapatrick
61 Shankill
64 Slanes
65 Tullylish
66 Tullynakill
67 Tyrella
68 Warrenspoint
69 Witter


1 Aghalurcher
2 Aghavea
3 Belleek
4 Boho
5 Cleenish
6 Clones
7 Currin
8 Derrybrusk
9 Derryvullan
10 Devenish
11 Drumkeeran
12 Drummully
13 Enniskillen
14 Galloon
15 Inishmacsaint
16 Killesher
17 Kinawley
18 Magheracross
19 Magheraculmoney
20 Rossorry
21 Templecarn
22 Tomregan
23 Trory


1 Aghadowey
2 Aghanloo
3 Agivey
4 Arboe
5 Artrea
6 Ballinderry
7 Ballyaghran
8 Ballymoney
9 Ballynascreen
10 Ballyrashane
11 Ballyscullion
12 Ballywillin
13 Balteagh
14 Banagher
15 Bovevagh
16 Carrick
17 Clondermot
18 Coleraine
19 Cumber Lower
20 Cumber Upper
21 Derryloran
22 Desertlyn
23 Desertmartin
24 Desertoghill
25 Drumachose
26 Dunboe
27 Dungiven
28 Errigal
29 Faughanvale
30 Kilcronaghan
31 Kildollagh
32 Killelagh
33 Killowen
34 Kilrea
35 Learmount
36 Lissan
37 Macosquin
38 Maghera
39 Magherafelt
40 Magilligan
41 Tamlaght
42 Tamlaght Finlagan
43 Tamlaght O'Crilly
44 Templemore
45 Termoneeny


1 Aghaloo
2 Aghalurcher
3 Arboe
4 Ardstraw
5 Artrea
6 Ballinderry
7 Ballyclog
8 Bodoney Lower
9 Bodoney Upper
10 Camus
11 Cappagh
12 Carnteel
13 Clogher
14 Clogherny
15 Clonfeacle
16 Clonoe
17 Cumber Upper
18 Derryloran
19 Desertcreat
20 Donacavey
21 Donaghedy
22 Donaghenry
23 Donaghmore
24 Dromore
25 Drumglass
26 Drumragh
27 Errigal Keerogue
28 Errigal Trough
29 Kildress
30 Killeeshil
31 Killyman
32 Kilskeery
33 Leckpatrick
34 Lissan
35 Longfield East
36 Longfield West
37 Magheracross
38 Pomeroy
39 Tamlaght
40 Termonamongan
41 Termonmaguirk
42 Tullyniskan
43 Urney
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