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Grange Graveyard

Overseas connections


Several of the inscriptions in Grange make reference to individuals from overseas. Some of these references are to individuals who died overseas. For example, William Jarvis erected a stone to the memory of his son Andrew McIntyre who was buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Chicago, USA. George Love, the only son of Lindsay and Elizabeth Love of Gortivea, died in Canada in 1935, but is commemorated on a headstone in Grange.


George Clarke, a doctor in the Royal Navy, died in 1858 and was buried in the cemetery of Montpernasse in Paris. Two of the children of William Young of Cloughboy died abroad. Margaret Elizabeth was buried in Brighton in 1894, while James drowned in New Zealand in 1888. An account of the latters death has survived.


On October 9 1888, the Young’s vessel, Nellie, was wrecked seven miles off Dog Island, in Foveaux strait. During a heavy gale a sea struck the vessel, carrying away the rudder and breaking in the deck. Young, who was the ship’s master, was washed off the wreck and drowned. The other two members of the crew were rescued by the lightkeeper, who observed the incident and put off in an open boat, risking his own life in the heavy sea. The Nellie, was a fishing schooner of 12 tons register, and had been built two years previous to her loss (http://www.angelfire.com/ok2/cbluff/nellie.html).


Andrew Clarke of Belmont in Clonleigh parish, Co. Donegal, who lies buried in Grange had been a member of council and brigadier general of the militia forces in the island of Trinidad. There is also a monument to this man in Clonleigh parish church in Lifford. A return of 1808 lists an Andrew Clarke as an ensign in the 8th West India Regiment stationed at Orange Grove in Trinidad (http://website.lineone.net/~bwir/wir_8_1808.htm). Although we cannot be sure that this is the same man, it is possible that this is a reference to his early career in the West Indies.

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