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Grange Graveyard

The style of the gravestones


Grange Graveyard is not a burial ground with an impressive array of funerary art and sculpture. Few of the stones have any decoration, containing simply the incised inscription. The Robert Granger stone of 1630 does feature a heraldic shield containing three stags’ heads. This is the only stone with a heraldic device or coat of arms. On a polished white headstone near the centre of the graveyard is the symbol of Presbyterianism: a burning bush and the motto Ardens sed virens. The inscription simply reads, ‘Alexander 1905’. The blue sandstone headstone to 545 Sapper J. Dougherty features a maple leaf cut in relief and an incised cross. Dougherty served with the Canadian Overseas Railway Construction Corps. He was the son of William and Jane Dougherty (nee Thompson), of Tully, New Buildings and the husband of Lizzie Dougherty, of Tamnakeery. The precise circumstances of his death are not known.

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