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Lambeg Churchyard

The Richardson family


The Richardsons, by 1800 a wealthy business family, whose burial plot is the most extensive in the churchyard, probably descended from a plantation settler family. At some date in the late 17th or early 18th century the family had become members of the Society of Friends. The Friends or Quakers strongly disapproved of marriages outside their religion and for several generations the family kept that rule as shown by a family tree recording marriages to partners from well known Irish Quaker families. Siblings Alexander (1835-1919) and Harriette Richardson (1847-1943) married siblings Susan (1838-1913) and Richard Grubb (1841-1916). Susan and Richard belonged to a well known and prosperous Quaker family from Cahir in Co. Tipperary. However it is evident from information on the gravestone inscriptions and wall tablets that some of the families became members of the Church of Ireland (‘Susan Richardson, 1863-1912, who worshipped in this church’).


The high number of first born male sons named Jonathan in the various families outside the main line of descent and the confusing name changes of their residences in Lambeg combine to reduce slightly the usefulness of the information on the gravestone inscriptions and wall tablets. Printed sources, essential in many cases to supplement gravestone inscription information, make it possible to construct a limited family tree over three generations for Jonathan Richardson (1804-1894) and his wife, Margaret Airth (1807-1889), and their children and grandchildren and including one of the Richadson/Grubb marriages named above.

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