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Lambeg Churchyard

The Barbour family


The Barbours of Hilden, who were the last of the entrepreneurial linen families to move into the parish, originally came from Scotland to Lisburn in 1783. William Barbour leased, in 1824, a bleach green in Hilden which had previously belonged to Samuel De La Cherois. Samuelís mother was Marie Madeline Crommelin, a sister of Louis Crommelin. William had married Eliza Kennedy a few years earlier in 1821 and they had 13 children. Three of their seven sons went to the USA to set up textile businesses. The gravestones on the elaborate and imposing monuments provide a wealth of information about the family in general and the main line of descent in particular.


The main line from William (died 1857 aged 78) to his great grandson John Doherty (1906-1937) can be traced fully and there is information about the families of two of Willliamís sons who went to America and set up branches of the family business there. In addition to dates there are interesting and invaluable details which help to provide a wider family history including:


a) The family of another great grandson, also called John Doherty (1906-1966),

b) The marriages of John Milne and his younger brother Harold Adrian Milne to American cousins,

c) The deaths of John Milneís i) only son, John Doherty, aged 31, without issue, in an air crash in 1937, ii) elder brother, Frank, aged 70, at sea in the Mediterranean in 1936 and iii) sisterís husband, Thomas Andrews, on the Titanic and

d) The origin of the forename Milne, given to John Milne and his male siblings, which came from the maiden name of their mother, Elizabeth Law Milne of Edinburgh.

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