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Lambeg Churchyard

The Boomer family


In contrast the inscriptions on the five separate but adjoining Boomer burial plots contain little personal information but do provide records of this ‘Huguenot Family’ for almost three centuries from 1702. The earliest inscription records the deaths of the children of Gorg (sic) Bullmer, Lenord (sic) died 1702, Dorethy (sic) 1711 and his own death on ‘ November ye 14 1715’. The spelling of the surname changes over the years from Bullmer to Boolmer in the later 18th century and finally to Boomer about a century later. The French forename Rene was still in use in the family in the 1890s. The most recent inscriptions record the deaths of what appear to be two married couples in the mid and late twentieth century. Unfortunately there is not sufficient connecting information available on the inscriptions on the five plots to construct a family tree across the three centuries although some possible links could be suggested.


Apart from the names, family relationships and dates there are only two other pieces of personal information on the Boomer inscriptions which describe George, died 1757 aged 80, and Reney, died 1793 aged 80, as blacksmiths. Local tradition relates that it was a Boomer, possibly ‘Gorg’, who repaired the wheel on King William’s carriage. The King was surprised and pleased when the blacksmith responded in perfect French to his words of gratitude.

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