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Map of Ulster
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If you click on the different denominations on the right, you will see the map plotted with the distribution of graveyards for the denomination chosen. All the dots are linked to additional information about that graveyard. You can also view the map for the different counties by clicking on the counties above or the counties in the image on the right. Below each map is a list of all the graveyards plotted on that map (except on the maps plotted for 'all denominations').

Acton CI Acton Old Aghaderg Aghadowey CI Aghadowey PR Aghadowey RC Aghadrumsee CI Aghadrumsee RC Aghagallon Aghagallon RC Aghaginduff RC Aghalee CI Aghalee Old Aghaloo CI Aghalurcher CI Aghalurcher Old Aghanloo CI Aghanloo Old Aghanloo Old Aghavea CI Aghavilly Agherton Old Aghintaine RC Aghlisnafin RC Aghnagar RC Aghyaran RC Agivey Old Ahoghill 1st Pres Ahoghill CI Ahoghill Old Ahoghill RC Ahorey Pres Aldergrove RC Altedesert CI Altmore RC Anaghlone 1st Pres Anaghlone 2nd Pres Annaclone CI Annaclone RC Annaghmore CI Annahilt CI Annahilt Pres Annalong PR Antrim 1st Pres Antrim CI Antrim New Cemetery Antrim NSP Antrim RC Arboe CI Arboe Old Ardclinis CI Ardclinis Old Ardglass CI Ardkeen Ardkeen CI Ardmore CI Ardmore RC Ardquin Ardstraw CI Ardstraw New Cemetery Ardstraw Old Armagh (Fairview) New Cemetery Armaghbreague CI Armaghbreague Pres Armoy CI Armoy Pres Arney RC Artrea CI Augher Cemetery Augher CI Aughnacloy RC Aughnahoy RC Badoney Lower CI Badoney Pres Badoney Upper CI Baileysmill RP Ballaghanery Ballee CI Ballee NSP Balleek CI Ballenon RP Ballerin RC Ballinascreen CI Ballinascreen Old Ballinderry CI Ballinderry CI Ballinderry Lower Moravian Ballinderry Middle Church Ballinderry Old Ballinderry Pres Ballintoy CI Balloo House Vault Ballooly RC Ballyargan Ballyargan RC Ballyblack Pres Ballycarn Pres Ballycarry NSP Ballycastle CI Ballycastle Pres Ballycastle RC Ballyclare Cemetery Ballyclare PR Ballyclare RP Ballyclog CI Ballyclog Old Ballyclug CI Ballyclug Old Ballycopeland Pres Ballycor Old Ballycranbeg RC Ballycruttle RC Ballyculter CI Ballydown Pres Ballyeaston 1st Pres Ballyeaston 2nd Pres Ballyeaston Old Ballyeglish CI Ballygalget RC Ballygawley CI Ballygawley Pres Ballygawley RC Ballygilbert Pres Ballygoney Pres Ballygorrianbeg RC Ballygowan Pres Ballygowan RC Ballyhalbert Ballyhalbert CI Ballyhemlin NSP Ballyhobridge Pres Ballykeel Ballykelly Pres Ballykelly RC Ballykinler RC Ballylaggan RP Ballylane RP Ballylinney Pres Ballylinny Old Ballylintagh Pres Ballymacaldrack Ballymacanab RC Ballymacashen RP Ballymacilroy RC Ballymageogh RC Ballymartin Ballymartin Old Ballymartin RC Ballymena New Cemetery Ballymena Old Ballymoney Cemetery Ballymoney CI Ballymoney Old Ballymoney PR Ballymoney RC Ballymoney RP Ballymore CI Ballymoyer CI Ballymoyer Old Ballymoyer RC Ballynabrack Ballynahinch 1st Pres Ballynahinch 2nd Pres Ballynalargy Quaker Ballynanny Meth Ballynure CI Ballynure Old Ballyphilip CI Ballypriormore Ballyrashane CI Ballyrashane Pres Ballyreagh Pres Ballyroney Pres Ballyscullion CI Ballyscullion RC Ballytrustan Ballyvallagh gravestone Ballyweany Pres Ballywillin Old Balmoral Cemetery Balmoral Friends Balteagh CI Balteagh Old Balteagh Pres Banagher CI Banagher Old Banagher Pres Banbridge 1st Pres Banbridge Cemetery Banbridge RC Graveyard Bangor 1st Pres Bangor Abbey Bangor CI Bannaghmore RC Barnmeen RC Baronscourt CI Barr RC Belfast City Cemetery Bellaghy RC Belleek CI Belleek RC Bellville Pres Benburb Pres Beragh RC Bessbrook Friends Billy CI Blaris Boardmills, 1st Pres Boardmills, 2nd Pres Boho CI Boho RC Bonamargy Friary Bottlehill CI Boveedy Pres Bovevagh CI Bovevagh Old Bovevagh Pres Brackaville CI Brantry CI Breandrum Cemetery Breda Bridge St, Glenarm Brigh Pres Bright CI Brockagh RC Brookeborough Cemetery Brookeborough RC Brookside Pres Brookvale Pres Broomhedge CI Broughshane 1st Pres Broughshane 2nd Pres Bryansford RC Buckna Pres Bully's Acre Burren RC Bushmills CI Bushvale Pres Cabra RC Cairncastle CI Cairncastle NSP Cairncastle Pres Caldragh Caledon RC Callowhill Camlin Old Camlough CI Camlough Old Camlough RC Camus Camus Old Camus-juxta-Bann CI Cappagh CI Cappagh Old Cargacreevy Pres Cargin RC (Sacred Heart) Carland Pres Carmavy Carnmoney CI Carnteel CI Carnteel Old Carrick Carrickananny RC Carrickfergus CI Carrickfergus Congregational Carrickfergus RC Carrickmannon RC Carrickmore Carrickmore RC Carrowdore CI Carryduff Pres Cashelnadrea RC Castle Archdale CI Castle Park Castlecaulfield Castlecaulfield Pres Castledawson CI Castledawson Pres Castlederg New Cemetery Castlederg RC Castlereagh Pres Castlewellan CI Cavanaleck Pres Christ Church CI Church Hill Churchhill Churchtown Pres City Cemetery Clabby CI Cladymore Pres Cladymore RC Claggan Pres Clanabogan CI Clandeboye House Clanvaraghan RC Clare CI Clare Pres Clare RC Clare RP Clarkesbridge Pres Claudy RC Cleenish CI Cleenish Old Clifton Street Clogh CI Clogh Mills RP Clogh Pres Cloghcor RC Clogher (Carntall) Pres Clogher CI Cathedral Clogher Convent Clogherny CI Cloghinny CI Cloghoge RC Cloghy Pres Clonallon CI Clondermot CI Clonduff CI Clonduff Old Clonduff Pres Clonfeacle CI Clonfeacle Old Clonfeacle RC Clonlea Clonmore RC Clonoe CI Clonoe RC Clough NSP Clough Pres Cloughmills RC Cloughmills RP Coa RC Coagh Pres Coalisland RC Coleraine CI Coleraine RC Collegeland RC Comber CI Conlig Pres Connor CI Cookstown Cemetery Coolcalm RC Cooneen RC Copeland Island Graveyard Corrick Craigarogan Craigavole Craigs CI Cranagh RC (New) Cranagh RC (Old) Cranagill Meth Cranfield Crebilly RC Creggan CI Creggan Pres Creggan RC Cremore Pres Crevenish Crom CI Crossgar Pres Crossmaglen RC Crozier Monument Banbridge Crumlin New Crumlin NSP Crumlin Pres Cuffie Gravestone Culfeightrin CI Culfeightrin Old Culfeightrin RC Cullybackey Old Methodist Cullybackey PR Cullybackey RP Cullyhanna RC Culmore CI Culnady Pres Cumber Lower CI Cumber Old Cumber Upper CI Cumber Upper Pres Curran Pres Currynierin Cushendall RC Cushendun CI Deeholwomet RC Deehommed Derg CI Dergbruagh Derramore Pres Derriaghy CI Derriaghy RC Derrybrusk Derrybrusk CI Derrygonnelly Derrygonnelly RC Derrygortreavy CI Derrykeighan CI Derrykeighan Old Derrylin CI Derrylin RC Derryloran Old Derrymacash RC Derrynoose CI Derrynoose Old Derrynoose RC Derrytrasna RC Derryvullan CI Derryvullan Old Desertcreat CI Desertlynn CI Desertlynn Old Desertmartin CI Desertmartin Old Desertoghill CI Desertoghill Old Devenish Devenish CI Diseart Doagh Donacavey CI Donacavey Old Donagh Donagh RC (New) Donaghadee CI Donaghanie Donaghcloney Donaghcloney CI Donaghcloney Pres Donagheady CI Donagheady Old Donaghenry CI Donaghenry Old Donaghey Congregational Donaghmore CI Donaghmore CI Donaghmore Old Donaghmore Pres Donaghmore RC Donaghmore Upper CI Donaghrisk Old Donegore 2nd Pres Donegore CI Douglas Bridge Pres Down Cathedral Down CI Downpatrick NSP Downpatrick Pres Downpatrick RC Downshire Rd. NSP Draperstown Pres Draperstown RC Dregish? RC Drimbolg Pres Dromain Dromara 1st Pres Dromara 2nd Pres Dromara CI Dromara RP Dromore 1st Pres Dromore 2nd Pres Dromore Cathedral Dromore CI Dromore NSP Dromore Old Dromore Pres Dromore Pres Dromore RC Dromore RC Drumachose Drumachose Old Drumachose Pres Drumadonnell Drumadoon Drumaroad RC Drumballyroney CI Drumbanagher CI Drumbeg CI Drumbo CI Drumbo Pres Drumclamph CI Drumcree CI Drumcrin Drumduff RC Drumenagh (Lower Eglish) Drumgarner RC Drumgath CI Drumgath RC Drumglass CI Drumglass Old Drumgooland CI Drumgooland Pres Druminiskill CI Druminnis Pres Drumintee RC Drumkeeran CI Drumlee Pres Drumlegagh Pres Drumlough Pres Drummaul CI Drummaul Old Drummullan RC Drummully Old Drumnabey RC Drumnakeel Drumnakilly CI Drumquin Pres Drumquin RC Drumragh CI Drumragh Old Drumreagh PR Drumsurn RC Drumtullagh CI Dunaghy CI Dunaghy Old Dunamore RC Dunboe 1st Pres Dunboe 2nd Pres Dunboe CI Dunboe Old Dundonald CI Dundrod Pres Duneane CI Duneane Pres Dungiven CI Dungiven Priory Dungiven RC Dunloy Pres Dunloy RC Dunluce Old Dunluce Pres Dunmoyle RC Dunmurry NSP Dunmurry PR Dunnalong CI Dunseverick CI Dunsfort CI Dunsfort RC Edenclaw Edenderry CI Edenderry House Edenderry Pres Edendork RC Eglantine CI Eglish Eglish Eglish Eglish CI Eglish Old Eglish Pres Eglish RC Enagh Enniskillen Convent Enniskillen Meth Errigal CI Errigal Keerogue CI Errigal Old Errigal Old Eskra RC Faughan RP Faughanvale CI Faughanvale Old Faughanvale Pres Faughanvale RC Fermoyle CI Feystown RC Fincairn RC Finnis RC Fintona Old Fintona Pres Fintona RC Finvoy CI Finvoy Pres Fivemiletown CI Fivemiletown RC Forkhill CI Fourtowns PR Friar's Bush Galbally RC Galloon CI Galloon Old Gargory RC Garrison CI Garrison RC Garryduff Pres Gartree CI Garvagh Congregational Garvaghy Garvaghy CI Garvaghy Pres Garvaghy RC Garvary CI Gillespie Monument Gilnahirk Pres Glascar Pres Glasdrumman RC Glassdrummond RC Glastry Pres Glenariffe RC Glenarm Cemetery Glenarm NSP Glenavy CI Glenavy RC Glendermot Old Glendun RC Glenhoy Pres Glenmornan RC Glenock RC Glenravel RC Glenullin RC Glenwhirry Pres Glore Glynn CI Glynn Old Gorestown Gortalowry RC Gortin RC Gortnessy Pres Gracefield Gracehill Moravian Granemore RC Grange Grange CI Grange CI (Salters Grange) Grange PR Grange RP Gransha Pres Greenan CI Greencastle RC Greencastle RC Greyabbey Graveyard Greyabbey Grounds Groomsport CI Groomsport Pres Hannahstown RC Hillhall Pres Hillsborough Hillsborough Friends Hilltown Pres Hilltown RC Holy Trinity RC Holywell or Templerushin Holywell RC Holywood Inch old Inishargy Inishargy CI Inishmacsaint Inishmacsaint CI Iniskeen Old Innishrush (Greenlough) RC Inver CI Irvinestown Old Irvinestown RC Island Magee CI Island Magee New Cemetery Jonesborough CI Katesbridge Pres Keady 1st Pres Keady 2nd Pres Keady CI Keady RC Keenaghan Kells Abbey Kellswater RP Kilbride CI Kilbride Old Kilbroney Old Kilcairn Kilclief CI Kilclief RC Kilclooney Kilclooney CI Kilcoo CI Kilcoo Old Kilcoo RC Kilcronaghan CI Kilcronaghan Old Kildarton CI Kildress CI Kildress Old Kildrum Kilhorne CI Kilkeel CI Kilkeel Moravian Kilkeel Old Kilkinamurry Pres Killadeas CI Killagan CI Killaig Pres Killaney Killaney CI Killaney Old Killaresy Killdollagh CI Killea Killead CI Killead Pres Killeen RC Killeenan RC Killeeshil CI Killeeshil RC? Killelagh CI Killenny RC Killens RC Killesher CI Killesher Old Killesher RC Killeter Pres Killevy (Meigh) CI Killevy Old Killinakin Killinchy CI Killinchy NSP Killinchy Pres Killough CI Killoun RC Killowen CI Killybawn Killyclogher RC Killygartan Killylea CI Killylea Meth Killyleagh CI Killyleagh Old Killyleagh Pres Killyman CI Killyman RC Killymurris 1st Pres Killymurris 2nd Pres Killyneese RC Killysuggan Kilmegan CI Kilmood CI Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore CI Kilmore Old Kilmore Pres Kilmoyle Kilraughts Old Kilraughts Pres Kilraughts RP Kilrea Old Kilroot Kilrush Cemetery Kilskeery CI Kilskeery Old Kiltierney Kilwarlin CI Kilwarlin Moravian Kilwarlin RC Kilwaughter New Kilwaughter Old Kinawley Kingsmills Pres Kircubbin Pres Kirkinriola Kirkinriola CI Knappagh Pres Knock Knockans Knockbracken RP Knockbreda Knockcloghrim Pres Knockconny Bapt Knocknamuckley CI Knox gravestone Lack or Colaghty CI Lambeg CI Langfield Lower CI Langfield Old Langfield Upper CI Largy Pres Larne 1st Pres Larne NSP Larne RC Lavey RC Lawrencetown RC Layd CI Layd Old Learmount CI Leckpatrick CI Leckpatrick Old Leckpatrick Pres Lecumpher Pres Legacurry Pres Legar Hill Leitrim Pres Leitrim RC Limavady RC Limavady RP Lisbane RC Lisbellaw Lisbellaw New Cemetery Lisbellaw Pres Lisburn Cathedral Lisburn Cemetery Lislea RC Lislimnaghan CI Lislooney Pres Lisnadill CI Lisnagade RC Lisnagleer Bapt Lisnarick Lisnaskea CI Lisnaskea RC Lissan CI Lissan RC Lisserboy Lissumon Loanends Pres Long Tower RC Loughaghery Pres Loughbrickland Loughbrickland Pres Loughbrickland RP Loughconnelly RC Loughgall CI Loughgall Old Loughgall Pres Loughgall RC Loughgilly CI Loughguile CI Loughguile Old Loughguile RC Loughinisland Loughinisland CI Loughmacrory RC Loughmourne Pres Loup RC Lurgan 1st Pres Lurgan Convent Lurgan New Cemetery Lurgan Qu Lurgantarry Lurganville RC Macosquin Pres Madden RC Maghera CI Maghera CI Maghera Old Maghera Pres Magheracross CI Magheracross Old Magheraculmoney CI Magheradrool Magheradrool CI Magherafelt 1st Pres Magherafelt CI Magherafelt Old Magherafelt RC Magheragall CI Magheragall Pres Magheragall RC Magherahamlet CI Magherahamlet Pres Magherakeel Magheralin CI Magheralin Old Magherally Old Magherally Pres Magherally RC Magheralough RC Magheranagaw Maghery RC Magilligan Pres Maguiresbridge CI Maguiresbridge Meth Maguiresbridge Pres Maguiresbridge RC Malison Bridge, Leckpatrick Mallusk Malone Pres Markethill RC Mayobridge RC Maze Pres McGarel Cemetery Meigh RC Melmount RC Middletown CI Middletown Convent Middletown Pres Middletown RC Millisle Pres Millquarter Quaker Milltown Milltown CI Milltown RC Minterburn Pres Moira CI Moira NSP Moira Pres Monea RC Moneydig Pres Moneyglass RC Moneymore Old Moneymore RC Moneyneany RC Moneyrea NSP Monkstown Moortown RC Mosside PR Mount St Columb Convent Mountcastle Mountjoy Pres Mountnorris Pres Mourne Abbey Mourne Pres Movilla Moy CI Moy RC Moyallan Friends Muckamore Muckamore Muckamore CI Muckross CI Mullagh Old Mullaghbawn RC Mullaghbrack CI Mullaghdun CI Mullaghdun RC Mullaghfad CI Mullaghglass CI Mullaghglass Old Mullavilly CI Mulleek RC Mullinahoe RC Myroe CI Myroe Pres Nappan Newmills Pres Newmills Pres Newry Pres Newtown Crommelin CI Newtown Crommelin Pres Newtownards CI Newtownards Priory Newtownbutler RC Newtownhamilton 1st Pres Newtownhamilton 2nd Pres Newtownhamilton CI Newtownhamilton RC Newtownsaville CI North Road Cemetery Old Congregation Old Meeting House Green Oldcourt CI Chapel Orritor Pres Ouley Patrick Street Plumbridge RC Pomeroy CI Pomeroy Pres Pomeroy RC Portadown Convent Portaferry RC Portclare CI Portglenone 1st Pres Portglenone 3rd Pres (Townhill) Portglenone CI Portglenone RC Portmore Poyntzpass Pres Poyntzpass RC Prospect Cemetery Pubble Pubble Racavan Old Rademan NSP Raffrey Pres Raloo Raloo CI Raloo NSP Raloo Pres Ramoan CI Ramoan Old Ramoan Pres Randalstown Meth Randalstown Old PR Randalstown RC Rasharkin Old Rasharkin Pres Rasharkin RC Rashee New Cemetery Rashee Old Rathfriland 1st Pres Rathfriland 2nd Pres Rathfriland R.P. Rathfriland RC Rathlin CI Rathmullan CI Ravara NSP Redrock Pres Richhill Pres Ringsend Pres Rock RC Rosbeg Roseyards Pres Rossglass RC Rosslea RC Rossorry CI Rossorry Old Rostrevor RC Rousky RC Ryans Pres Sacred Heart RC Saintfield 1st Pres Saintfield 2nd Presb Saintfield CI Sallaghy CI Saltersland Pres Sandholes Pres Sandy Hill Saul Saul RC Savalmore Scarva CI Scarva Pres Scarva St. Pres Scarvagherin Seagoe CI Seagoe Old Seapatrick CI Seapatrick Old Seskinore CI Seskinore Pres Seskinore RC Shane's Castle Shankill Shankill Old Sheeptown RC Shinn RC Sion Mills CI Sionmills RC Sixmilecross CI Sixtowns CI Skerry & Racavan CI Skerry Old Slanes Slatequarry RC Slavin CI Slawin Springfield Meth St Augustine's CI St Canice's St Columb's CI St George's CI St Macartan's cathedral St Macartan's Rc, Clogher St Mark's St Michael's St Patrick's Cathedral St Patrick's Graveyard Downpatrick RC St Patrick's RC St Patrick's RC Cathedral St Patrick's RC, Clogher St. Marys St. Marys St. Patricks Stewartstown Pres Stewartstown RC Stoneyford CI Strabane Cemetery Strabane Convent Straid Con Straidarran Straw RC Swatragh Pres Swatragh RC Sydare Cemetery Tamlaght Tamlaght CI Tamlaght Finlagan CI Tamlaght O'Crilly Lower CI Tamlaght O'Crilly Upper CI Tamlaght Old Tamlaghtard CI Tamlaghtard Old Tandragee Bapt Tandragee Pres Tartaraghan CI Tartaraghan Pres Tartaraghan RC Tassagh Tassagh Pres Teemore RC Templastragh Templecormac Templecorran CI Templecorran Old Templecraney or Ballyphilip Templegowran Templemoyle Templenaffrin Templepatrick Templepatrick CI Templepatrick Old Tempo CI Termonamongan CI Termoneeny CI Termonmagurk CI Terryhoogan Terwinney Meth Tickmacrevan CI Toberdoney Pres Toberkeigh Pres Togherdo Meth Toura RC Trinity Pres Trory CI Trummery Tullyallen Pres Tullybrick RC Tullydonnell RC Tullylish Old Tullylish Pres Tullynakill Tullyniskan CI Tullyrusk Tullysaran RC Tullyvallan Old Tullyvallan RP Tynan CI Tynan RC Tyrone's Ditches PR Umgall Upper Clonaneese Pres Urney New Urney Old Urney Pres Uttony Victoria Cemetery Vinecash Pres Vow Waringstown Pres Warrenpoint Cemetery Warrenpoint NSP Warrenpoint Pres Wheathill Whitechurch Whitehill RC Woods Chapel CI
County Ulster map

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