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Banagher Presbyterian

The Graveyard


The Banagher graveyard surrounds the Church erected in the early 1830s and appears to have been consecrated at the same time. Banagher Presbyterian Church has no Burial Registers but a record is kept on a vellum sheet about 6 x 3 6 which is used from home by one of the Church Elders to record burials and plots in the graveyard. When I first saw this vellum in about 1982 it was complete. However in the last 15 years or so, white out and other office accessories have been used to paint out very old records and to allow the recording of later information in dense areas of activity in the older family plots.


The Banagher Presbyterian graveyard is still in use. It is managed by the Church Elders under the direction of the incumbent Minister and the Session Clerk. The Church grounds and graveyard are regularly mowed and edges trimmed and all graves are beautifully kept and maintained. The shrubs and trees are shaped and pruned. The graveyard is bounded by a stone boundary fence along Ballyhanedin Road and Glenshane Road with a wire fence along the western boundary (church rural property) and the Manse fence on the western boundary.

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