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Banagher Presbyterian

Church benefactors


Dr David Thompson presented a pipe organ in 1930 and a hydro-electric scheme to provide electric power for its use. He was the medical doctor for the community. His family inscription follows:


[Red speckled granite vault with ‘burning bush’ on the end “Ardens sed virens”].
THOMPSON In memory of Martha Thompson, Fincairn, Feeny, died 2nd July 1938, aged 92 years. She was a generous supporter of the Church and a Loyal Friend. In Memory of Dr. David Thompson, B.A., L.R.C.S., J.P., Fincairn, Feeny. Died 9th February 1936, aged 87 years. He was a lifelong generous supporter of Banagher Presbyterian Church, and by his will left the endowments which perpetuate his memory. “The Memory of the Just is Blessed”.

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