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Historian & Bird Lover


James Horner Eakin was a great historian and researched and published studies of the tenure and history of the Fishmongers Company in County Londonderry. He was regular correspondent in the local newspaper. He penned articles on local birds for the ‘Bird Lovers’ Guild in Belfast and they published an obituary after his death in 1917.


[White granite (stained)].
EAKIN Florence D. Eakin, Aughlish, 1876-1900. Also her mother Dorothea M. Eakin, Drumcovitt, 1850-1877. James Horner Eakin, Drumcovitt, 1847-1917. Also his sister Maria WITHEROW, (nee Eakin), Aughlish, died at Cloughmills, Co. Antrim on 9th February 1918.
{J. Haslett, Derry}.

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