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Irish Gravestone Inscriptions, Tracing your Irish Ancestors: Townlands recorded on memorials
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Templecorran Graveyard

Townlands recorded on memorials


Many of the gravestones also mention townlands or other place names, among them Muttonburn, Cairnbrock, Bellahill, and Broadisland (the old name for the area). Examples provided here detail the name of the person commemorated on the stone and the location they were from, as well as the year in which they died (although this does not always signify the year in which the stone was erected):


John Armstrong, Muttonburn, 1891

Jane Arthurs, Cairnbrock, 1870

Abraham Caldwell, Bellahill, 1845

Mary Callwell, Bellahill, 1848

William Callwell, Broadisland, 1845

Alexander Carson, Broadisland, 1871

William Connor, Bellahill, 1876

James Davison, Bellahill, 1822

Thomas Davison, Broad Island, 1860

Mary Graham, Beltoy, 1878

Robert & Isabella Hay, Ballyhill, 1869 and 1915

Edward McAlpin, Broadisland, 1839

John McGiffin, Broadisland, 1867

Elizabeth McKee, Forthill, 1841

William McKee, Plantation Head, 1863

Ellen McKee, Broadisland, 1864

James Nelson, Blackhill, 1913

Sarah Orr, Muttonburn, 1862

James Orr, Forthill, 1870

Jane Ridges, Muttonburn, 1854

John Robinson, Beltoy, 1825

Mary Agnes Service, Bentra, 1891

William Hugh Snoddy, Bellahill, 1862

William Steele, Broadisland, 1827

Samuel and Ellen Steele, Broadisland, erected by Andrew Steele, who died in 1872

Maria Stuart, Broadisland, 1836

James Thompson, Lockstown, 1872

Mary Wallace, Altahammond, 1862

John Wallace, Altahammond, 1887

James Wisnom, Scoutbush, 1873

William Wisnom, Cairnbrock, 1887


It is clear from a survey of gravestones with place names that the insertion of townland or other names was mainly a 19th-century trend, and thus those stones with such names are generally found in the older sections of the graveyard.

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