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Map of Ulster
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If you click on the different denominations on the right, you will see the map plotted with the distribution of graveyards for the denomination chosen. All the dots are linked to additional information about that graveyard. You can also view the map for the different counties by clicking on the counties above or the counties in the image on the right. Below each map is a list of all the graveyards plotted on that map (except on the maps plotted for 'all denominations').

Acton Old Aghagallon Aghalee Old Aghalurcher Old Aghanloo Old Aghanloo Old Agherton Old Agivey Old Ahoghill Old Antrim New Cemetery Antrim NSP Arboe Old Ardclinis Old Ardkeen Ardquin Ardstraw New Cemetery Ardstraw Old Armagh (Fairview) New Cemetery Augher Cemetery Baileysmill RP Ballaghanery Ballee NSP Ballenon RP Ballinascreen Old Ballinderry Lower Moravian Ballinderry Middle Church Ballinderry Old Balloo House Vault Ballycarry NSP Ballyclare Cemetery Ballyclare RP Ballyclog Old Ballyclug Old Ballycor Old Ballyhalbert Ballyhemlin NSP Ballykeel Ballylaggan RP Ballylane RP Ballylinny Old Ballymacaldrack Ballymacashen RP Ballymartin Ballymartin Old Ballymena New Cemetery Ballymena Old Ballymoney Cemetery Ballymoney Old Ballymoney RP Ballymoyer Old Ballynabrack Ballynalargy Quaker Ballynanny Meth Ballynure Old Ballypriormore Ballytrustan Ballyvallagh gravestone Ballywillin Old Balmoral Cemetery Balmoral Friends Balteagh Old Banagher Old Banbridge Cemetery Bangor Abbey Belfast City Cemetery Bessbrook Friends Blaris Bonamargy Friary Bovevagh Old Breandrum Cemetery Breda Bridge St, Glenarm Brookeborough Cemetery Bully's Acre Cairncastle NSP Caldragh Callowhill Camlin Old Camlough Old Camus Camus Old Cappagh Old Carmavy Carnteel Old Carrick Carrickfergus Congregational Carrickmore Castle Park Castlecaulfield Castlederg New Cemetery Church Hill Churchhill City Cemetery Clandeboye House Clare RP Cleenish Old Clifton Street Clogh Mills RP Clonduff Old Clonfeacle Old Clonlea Clough NSP Cloughmills RP Cookstown Cemetery Copeland Island Graveyard Corrick Craigarogan Craigavole Cranagill Meth Cranfield Crevenish Crozier Monument Banbridge Crumlin New Crumlin NSP Cuffie Gravestone Culfeightrin Old Cullybackey Old Methodist Cullybackey RP Cumber Old Deehommed Dergbruagh Derrybrusk Derrygonnelly Derrykeighan Old Derryloran Old Derrynoose Old Derryvullan Old Desertlynn Old Desertmartin Old Desertoghill Old Devenish Diseart Doagh Donacavey Old Donagh Donaghanie Donaghcloney Donagheady Old Donaghenry Old Donaghey Congregational Donaghmore Old Donaghrisk Old Down Cathedral Downpatrick NSP Downshire Rd. NSP Dromain Dromara RP Dromore Cathedral Dromore NSP Dromore Old Drumachose Drumachose Old Drumadonnell Drumadoon Drumenagh (Lower Eglish) Drumglass Old Drummaul Old Drummully Old Drumnakeel Drumragh Old Dunaghy Old Dunboe Old Dungiven Priory Dunluce Old Dunmurry NSP Edenclaw Edenderry House Eglish Eglish Eglish Eglish Old Enagh Enniskillen Convent Enniskillen Meth Errigal Old Errigal Old Faughan RP Faughanvale Old Fintona Old Friar's Bush Galloon Old Garvagh Congregational Garvaghy Gillespie Monument Glenarm Cemetery Glenarm NSP Glendermot Old Glore Glynn Old Gorestown Gracefield Gracehill Moravian Grange Grange RP Greyabbey Graveyard Greyabbey Grounds Hillsborough Hillsborough Friends Holywell or Templerushin Holywood Inch old Inishargy Inishmacsaint Iniskeen Old Irvinestown Old Island Magee New Cemetery Keenaghan Kells Abbey Kellswater RP Kilbride Old Kilbroney Old Kilclooney Kilcoo Old Kilcronaghan Old Kildress Old Kildrum Kilkeel Moravian Kilkeel Old Killaney Old Killaresy Killea Killesher Old Killevy Old Killinakin Killinchy NSP Killybawn Killygartan Killylea Meth Killyleagh Old Killysuggan Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Old Kilmoyle Kilraughts Old Kilraughts RP Kilrea Old Kilroot Kilrush Cemetery Kilskeery Old Kiltierney Kilwarlin Moravian Kilwaughter New Kilwaughter Old Kinawley Kirkinriola Knock Knockans Knockbracken RP Knockconny Bapt Knox gravestone Langfield Old Larne NSP Layd Old Leckpatrick Old Legar Hill Limavady RP Lisbellaw Lisbellaw New Cemetery Lisburn Cathedral Lisburn Cemetery Lisnagleer Bapt Lisnarick Lisserboy Loughbrickland RP Loughgall Old Loughguile Old Loughinisland Lurgan Convent Lurgan New Cemetery Lurgan Qu Lurgantarry Maghera Old Magheracross Old Magheradrool Magherafelt Old Magherakeel Magheralin Old Magherally Old Magheranagaw Maguiresbridge Meth Malison Bridge, Leckpatrick Mallusk McGarel Cemetery Middletown Convent Millquarter Quaker Milltown Moira NSP Moneymore Old Moneyrea NSP Monkstown Mount St Columb Convent Mountcastle Mourne Abbey Movilla Moyallan Friends Muckamore Muckamore Mullagh Old Mullaghglass Old Nappan Newtownards Priory North Road Cemetery Old Congregation Ouley Patrick Street Portadown Convent Portmore Pubble Pubble Racavan Old Rademan NSP Raloo Raloo NSP Ramoan Old Randalstown Meth Rasharkin Old Rashee New Cemetery Rashee Old Rathfriland R.P. Ravara NSP Rosbeg Rossorry Old Savalmore Scarvagherin Seagoe Old Seapatrick Old Shane's Castle Shankill Shankill Old Skerry Old Slanes Slawin Springfield Meth St Macartan's cathedral St Mark's St Michael's St Patrick's Cathedral Strabane Cemetery Strabane Convent Straid Con Straidarran Sydare Cemetery Tamlaght Tamlaght Old Tamlaghtard Old Tandragee Bapt Tassagh Templastragh Templecormac Templecorran Old Templecraney or Ballyphilip Templegowran Templemoyle Templenaffrin Templepatrick Templepatrick Old Terryhoogan Terwinney Meth Togherdo Meth Trummery Tullylish Old Tullynakill Tullyrusk Tullyvallan Old Tullyvallan RP Umgall Urney New Urney Old Uttony Victoria Cemetery Vow Warrenpoint Cemetery Warrenpoint NSP Wheathill Whitechurch

Dot number Graveyard DenominationGrid Ref
1 No name given J12-88-
2 No name given Municipal D110050
3 No name given J073286
4 No name given H974946
5 No name given Not plotted
6 No name given Not plotted
7 No name given Not plotted
8 Acton Old J055407
9 Aghabog Not plotted
10 Aghagallon J123643
11 Aghalee Old J128654
12 Aghalurcher Old H365314
13 Aghanloo Old C679279
14 Aghanloo Old H663549
15 Agherton Old C822365
16 Agivey Old C903222
17 Ahoghill Old D050016
18 Antrim New Cemetery J167860
19 Antrim NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J151864
20 Arboe Old H966756
21 Ardclinis Old D272250
22 Ardkeen J593570
23 Ardquin J586545
24 Ardstraw New Cemetery H368868
25 Ardstraw Old H349875
26 Armagh (Fairview) New Cemetery H864433
27 Aughalane Not plotted
28 Augher Cemetery H559533
29 Baileysmill RP Reformed Presbyterian J325594
30 Ballaghanery J389268
31 Ballee NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J536413
32 Ballenon RP Reformed Presbyterian J031368
33 Ballinascreen Old H730907
34 Ballinderry Lower Moravian Moravian J128677
35 Ballinderry Middle Church J152672
36 Ballinderry Old H933804
37 Balloo House Vault J508795
38 Ballycarry NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J447938
39 Ballyclare Cemetery J275904
40 Ballyclare RP Reformed Presbyterian J288914
41 Ballyclog Old H866737
42 Ballyclug Old D125010
43 Ballycor Old J298934
44 Ballyhalbert J648635
45 Ballyhemlin NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J628647
46 Ballykeel J471955
47 Ballylaggan RP Reformed Presbyterian C884254
48 Ballylane RP Reformed Presbyterian H969357
49 Ballylinny Old J290893
50 Ballymacaldrack D018187
51 Ballymacashen RP Reformed Presbyterian J474605
52 Ballymartin J249859
53 Ballymartin Old J248858
54 Ballymena New Cemetery J110050
55 Ballymena Old D106035
56 Ballymoney Cemetery Municipal D948266
57 Ballymoney Old C949258
58 Ballymoney RP Reformed Presbyterian C945257
59 Ballymoyer Old H964307
60 Ballynabrack J056441
61 Ballynalargy Quaker Society of Friends (Quakers) J180637
62 Ballynanny Meth Methodist H616553
63 Ballynure Old J316936
64 Ballypriormore D452008
65 Ballytrustan J612498
66 Ballyvallagh gravestone J386951
67 Ballywillin Old C870386
68 Balmoral Cemetery J305709
69 Balmoral Friends Society of Friends (Quakers) J317707
70 Balteagh Old C707209
71 Banagher Old C675066
72 Banbridge Cemetery J120448
73 Bangor Abbey J501811
74 Belfast City Cemetery J310730
75 Belleek Old Not plotted
76 Bessbrook Friends Society of Friends (Quakers) J053283
77 Bessbrook Meth Methodist Not plotted
78 Blaris Municipal J249627
79 Bonamargy Friary D127408
80 Bovevagh Old C667141
81 Breandrum Cemetery H245439
82 Breda Municipal J344698
83 Bridge St, Glenarm D311151
84 Brookeborough Cemetery H394408
85 Bully's Acre H540523
86 Cairncastle NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J360075
87 Caldragh H085620
88 Callowhill H279264
89 Camlin Old J160767
90 Camlough Old J039268
91 Camus C870290
92 Camus Old H347915
93 Cappagh Old H450802
94 Carmavy J212809
95 Carn Old Not plotted
96 Carnteel Old H694546
97 Carrick Municipal H095539
98 Carrickfergus Congregational Congregational J411875
99 Carrickmore H616728
100 Castle Park J502810
101 Castlecaulfield H754628
102 Castlederg New Cemetery H264837
103 Church Hill H113558
104 Churchhill H891603
105 City Cemetery Municipal J
106 City Cemetery Municipal C423164
107 Clandeboye House J480793/J474795
108 Clare RP Reformed Presbyterian J012430
109 Cleenish Old H255396
110 Clifton Street J335752
111 Clogh Mills RP Reformed Presbyterian D070174
112 Cloncha Old Not plotted
113 Clonduff Old J228294
114 Clones Abbey Not plotted
115 Clones CI, St Tighernach Not plotted
116 Clones Round Tower Not plotted
117 Clonfeacle Old H838515
118 Clonlea J118222
119 Clontibret Old Not plotted
120 Clough NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J407400
121 Cloughmills RP Reformed Presbyterian D069174
122 Coleraine Cemetery Not plotted
123 Cookstown Cemetery Municipal H805772
124 Copeland Island Graveyard J591835
125 Corrick H452882
126 Craigarogan J269841
127 Craigavole C857103
128 Cranagill Meth Methodist H924562
129 Cranfield J055853
130 Crevenish H166627
131 Crozier Monument Banbridge J127461
132 Crumlin New J150774
133 Crumlin NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J154760
134 Cuffie Gravestone J516545
135 Culfeightrin Old D139398
136 Cullybackey Old Methodist Methodist D054058
137 Cullybackey RP Reformed Presbyterian D060056
138 Cumber Old C538068
139 Deehommed J258407
140 Dergbruagh C461197
141 Derrybrusk H277392
142 Derrygonnelly H121524
143 Derrykeighan Old C963337
144 Derryloran Old H805768
145 Derrynoose Old H973322
146 Derryvullan Old H276404
147 Desertlynn Old H842845
148 Desertmartin Old H855921
149 Desertoghill Old C851147
150 Devenish H224469
151 Diseart D166169
152 Doagh J262893
153 Doe Old Not plotted
154 Donacavey Old H446630
155 Donagh H398299
156 Donagh Not plotted
157 Donaghanie H504682
158 Donaghcloney J131535
159 Donagheady Old C454045
160 Donaghenry Old H837720
161 Donaghey Congregational Congregational H809717
162 Donaghmore Old H768653
163 Donaghrisk Old H821739
164 Down Cathedral J482445
165 Downpatrick NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J490443
166 Downshire Rd. NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J126462
167 Dromain D373044
168 Dromara RP J267497
169 Dromore Cathedral J200533
170 Dromore NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J200532
171 Dromore Old H349627
172 Drumachose C672234
173 Drumachose Old C693231
174 Drumadonnell J244392
175 Drumadoon D172404
176 Drumcoo Not plotted
177 Drumenagh (Lower Eglish) H935881
178 Drumgath Old J
179 Drumglass Old H797647
180 Drummaul Old J076943
181 Drummully Old H442201
182 Drumnakeel D161401
183 Drumragh New Not plotted
184 Drumragh Old H457698
185 Drumsnat Not plotted
186 Drumswords Not plotted
187 Dunaghy Old D094143
188 Dunboe Old C758354
189 Dungannon Convent Not plotted
190 Dungannon New Cemetery Not plotted
191 Dungiven Priory C692083
192 Dunluce Old C905409
193 Dunmurry NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J291689
194 Edenclaw H234650
195 Edenderry House J325674
196 Eglish H939787
197 Eglish H782565
198 Eglish H939566
199 Eglish Old H806502
200 Enagh C468194
201 Enniskillen Convent H238442
202 Enniskillen Meth Methodist H233442
203 Enniskillen Workhouse Not plotted
204 Errigal Old C811149
205 Errigal Old H585570
206 Errigal Old Not plotted
207 Eskaheen Old Not plotted
208 Faughan RP Reformed Presbyterian C464150
209 Faughanvale Old C580209
210 Fintona Old H445614
211 Friar's Bush J335724
212 Galloon Old H391226
213 Garvagh Congregational Congregational H765658
214 Garvaghy C985030
215 Gillespie Monument J460692
216 Glassdrummand, Killygoney Not plotted
217 Glenarm Cemetery D306156
218 Glenarm NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian D308155
219 Glendermot Old C445129
220 Glore D296132
221 Glynn Old J408997
222 Gorestown H839561
223 Gracefield Moravian H938894
224 Gracehill Moravian Moravian D074019
225 Grange C370064
226 Grange Friends Society of Friends (Quakers) Not plotted
227 Grange RP Reformed Presbyterian H832750
228 Greyabbey Graveyard J582681
229 Greyabbey Grounds J583682
230 Hillsborough J245587
231 Hillsborough Friends Society of Friends (Quakers) J242585
232 Hillsborough Hill Monument Not plotted
233 Hollymount Not plotted
234 Holywell or Templerushin H075396
235 Holywood J401794
236 Inch old J476456
237 Inishargy J604648
238 Inishmacsaint H165541
239 Iniskeen Old H247413
240 Irvinestown Old H238581
241 Island Magee New Cemetery J465975
242 Keenaghan G978598
243 Kells Abbey J141971
244 Kellswater RP Reformed Presbyterian J129980
245 Kilbride Old J248914
246 Kilbroney Old J188195
247 Kilclooney H966376
248 Kilcoo Old J282338
249 Kilcronaghan Old H815948
250 Kildress Old H768781
251 Kildrum H373628
252 Kilkeel Moravian Moravian J308145
253 Kilkeel Old J307146
254 Killaney Old J357580
255 Killanny Old Not plotted
256 Killaresy J513570
257 Killea C384147
258 Killeevan Not plotted
259 Killeevan CI, St Luke Not plotted
260 Killesher Old H122358
261 Killevy Old J040220
262 Killinakin J517615
263 Killinchy NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J496610
264 Killybawn J447564
265 Killybegs Old Not plotted
266 Killygartan J423537
267 Killylea Meth Methodist H794450
268 Killyleagh Old J524534
269 Killymard Old Not plotted
270 Killysuggan J472747
271 Kilmore D226237
272 Kilmore H942511
273 Kilmore Church of Ireland Not plotted
274 Kilmore Old J439512
275 Kilmoyle D043367
276 Kilraughts Old D017258
277 Kilraughts RP Reformed Presbyterian D016258
278 Kilrea Old C927122
279 Kilroot J452896
280 Kilrush Cemetery J273645
281 Kilskeery Old H298549
282 Kiltierney H222626
283 Kilwarlin Moravian Moravian J210589
284 Kilwaughter New D357006
285 Kilwaughter Old D356015
286 Kinawley H229308
287 Kirkinriola D114068
288 Knock J382729
289 Knockans C952191
290 Knockbracken RP J369682
291 Knockconny Bapt Baptist H648589
292 Knox gravestone J349950
293 Langfield Old H313743
294 Larne NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian D395025
295 Layd Old D245289
296 Leckpatrick Old C371023
297 Legar Hill H848553
298 Limavady RP Reformed Presbyterian C676224
299 Lisbellaw H302411
300 Lisbellaw New Cemetery H303415
301 Lisburn Cathedral J262643
302 Lisburn Cemetery J264635
303 Lisburn Friends Society of Friends (Quakers) Not plotted
304 Lisnagleer Bapt Baptist H785685
305 Lisnarick H197586
306 Lisserboy J102340
307 Loughbrickland RP Reformed Presbyterian J106419
308 Loughgall Old H907521
309 Loughguile Old D068241
310 Loughinisland J424454
311 Lurgan Convent J079583
312 Lurgan New Cemetery J074568
313 Lurgan Qu Society of Friends (Quakers) J085581
314 Lurgantarry J087602
315 Maghera Old C855002
316 Magheracross Old H285538
317 Magheradrool J379513
318 Magherafelt Old H897906
319 Magherakeel H184797
320 Magheralin Old J128588
321 Magherally Old J167475
322 Magheranagaw J083646
323 Magheross Old Not plotted
324 Maghery Not plotted
325 Maguiresbridge Meth Methodist H347388
326 Malison Bridge, Leckpatrick C382011
327 Mallusk J286833
328 McGarel Cemetery D402033
329 Middletown Convent H752386
330 Millquarter Quaker Society of Friends (Quakers) J011953
331 Milltown J307724
332 Milltown? Not plotted
333 Moira NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J153604
334 Monbrief Municipal Not plotted
335 Money Not plotted
336 Moneymore Old C857837
337 Moneyrea NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J406668
338 Monkstown J344857
339 Mount St Columb Convent J153185
340 Mountcastle Municipal C414054
341 Mourne Abbey J299143
342 Movilla J503744
343 Moyallan Friends Society of Friends (Quakers) J049504
344 Moyraverty Quaker Society of Friends (Quakers) Not plotted
345 Muckamore Society of Friends (Quakers) J166857
346 Muckamore J165848
347 Mullagh Old H857993
348 Mullaghglass Old J065299
349 Nappan D296227
350 Newtownards Priory J493739
351 North Road Cemetery J414878
352 Old Congregation Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J078909
353 Omagh Cemetery Not plotted
354 Omagh Convent Not plotted
355 Ouley J145361
356 Patrick Street H347978
357 Portadown Convent J012534
358 Portmore J117682
359 Pubble H332464
360 Pubble H397864
361 Racavan Old D199054
362 Rackwallace Not plotted
363 Rademan NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J423531
364 Raloo J385963
365 Raloo NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J382963
366 Ramoan Old D101402
367 Randalstown Meth J081902
368 Rasharkin Old C974127
369 Rashee New Cemetery J272933
370 Rashee Old J273931
371 Rathfriland R.P. J200338
372 Ravara NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J426630
373 Richhill Qu Society of Friends (Quakers) Not plotted
374 Rosbeg H013603
375 Rossorry Old H231429
376 Savalmore J121312
377 Scarvagherin H307851
378 Seagoe Cemetery Not plotted
379 Seagoe Old J023554
380 Seapatrick Old J119477
381 Shane's Castle J106883
382 Shankill J320750
383 Shankill Old J075587
384 Skerry Old D189089
385 Slanes J638552
386 Slawin G998575
387 Springfield Meth Methodist H173466
388 St Macartan's cathedral H234443
389 St Mark's H882454
390 St Michael's C451037
391 St Patrick's Cathedral H874452
392 Stewartstown Meth Methodist Not plotted
393 Strabane Cemetery H352969
394 Strabane Convent H352974
395 Straid Con J336918
396 Straidarran C587906
397 Sydare Cemetery H244532
398 Tamlaght J244146
399 Tamlaght Old C652219
400 Tamlaghtard Old C678313
401 Tandragee Bapt Baptist J034460
402 Tassagh H864378
403 Templastragh D005442
404 Templecormac J173682
405 Templecorran Old J448936
406 Templecraney or Ballyphilip J594512
407 Templegowran J128265
408 Templemoyle J029953
409 Templenaffrin H101388
410 Templepatrick J594775
411 Templepatrick Old J228859
412 Terryhoogan J045442
413 Terwinney Meth Methodist H242678
414 Togherdo Meth Methodist H344600
415 Trummery J171623
416 Tullylish Old J082486
417 Tullymacnous Graveyard Not plotted
418 Tullynageeran Not plotted
419 Tullynakill J502645
420 Tullyrusk J213734
421 Tullyvallan Old H928252
422 Tullyvallan RP Reformed Presbyterian H902278
423 Tydavnet Old Not plotted
424 Umgall J253803
425 Urney New H304950
426 Urney Old H303949
427 Uttony H465276
428 Victoria Cemetery J420887
429 Vow C915174
430 Warrenpoint Cemetery Municipal J138195
431 Warrenpoint NSP Non-Subscribing Presbyterian J144188
432 Wheathill H143349
433 Whitechurch J622699
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