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If you click on the different denominations on the right, you will see the map plotted with the distribution of graveyards for the denomination chosen. All the dots are linked to additional information about that graveyard. You can also view the map for the different counties by clicking on the counties above or the counties in the image on the right. Below each map is a list of all the graveyards plotted on that map (except on the maps plotted for 'all denominations').

Aghanloo Old Arboe Old Ardstraw New Cemetery Ardstraw Old Augher Cemetery Ballyclog Old Ballynanny Meth Bully's Acre Camus Old Cappagh Old Carnteel Old Carrickmore Castlecaulfield Castlederg New Cemetery Clonfeacle Old Cookstown Cemetery Corrick Derryloran Old Donacavey Old Donaghanie Donagheady Old Donaghenry Old Donaghey Congregational Donaghmore Old Donaghrisk Old Dromore Old Drumglass Old Drumragh Old Eglish Eglish Errigal Old Fintona Old Garvagh Congregational Gorestown Grange Grange RP Kildress Old Kildrum Kilskeery Old Knockconny Bapt Langfield Old Leckpatrick Old Lisnagleer Bapt Magherakeel Malison Bridge, Leckpatrick Mountcastle Patrick Street Pubble Scarvagherin St Michael's Strabane Cemetery Strabane Convent Togherdo Meth Urney New Urney Old

Dot number Graveyard DenominationGrid Ref
1 No name given Not plotted
2 No name given Not plotted
3 Aghanloo Old H663549
4 Arboe Old H966756
5 Ardstraw New Cemetery H368868
6 Ardstraw Old H349875
7 Aughalane Not plotted
8 Augher Cemetery H559533
9 Ballyclog Old H866737
10 Ballynanny Meth Methodist H616553
11 Bully's Acre H540523
12 Camus Old H347915
13 Cappagh Old H450802
14 Carnteel Old H694546
15 Carrickmore H616728
16 Castlecaulfield H754628
17 Castlederg New Cemetery H264837
18 Clonfeacle Old H838515
19 Cookstown Cemetery Municipal H805772
20 Corrick H452882
21 Derryloran Old H805768
22 Donacavey Old H446630
23 Donaghanie H504682
24 Donagheady Old C454045
25 Donaghenry Old H837720
26 Donaghey Congregational Congregational H809717
27 Donaghmore Old H768653
28 Donaghrisk Old H821739
29 Dromore Old H349627
30 Drumcoo Not plotted
31 Drumglass Old H797647
32 Drumragh New Not plotted
33 Drumragh Old H457698
34 Dungannon Convent Not plotted
35 Dungannon New Cemetery Not plotted
36 Eglish H939787
37 Eglish H782565
38 Errigal Old H585570
39 Fintona Old H445614
40 Garvagh Congregational Congregational H765658
41 Gorestown H839561
42 Grange C370064
43 Grange Friends Society of Friends (Quakers) Not plotted
44 Grange RP Reformed Presbyterian H832750
45 Kildress Old H768781
46 Kildrum H373628
47 Kilskeery Old H298549
48 Knockconny Bapt Baptist H648589
49 Langfield Old H313743
50 Leckpatrick Old C371023
51 Lisnagleer Bapt Baptist H785685
52 Magherakeel H184797
53 Malison Bridge, Leckpatrick C382011
54 Mountcastle Municipal C414054
55 Omagh Cemetery Not plotted
56 Omagh Convent Not plotted
57 Patrick Street H347978
58 Pubble H397864
59 Scarvagherin H307851
60 St Michael's C451037
61 Stewartstown Meth Methodist Not plotted
62 Strabane Cemetery H352969
63 Strabane Convent H352974
64 Togherdo Meth Methodist H344600
65 Urney New H304950
66 Urney Old H303949
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